Anyone taken Online A&P Course?

  1. Hello. I am wanting to start taking some prerequisite courses right now before I get into the nursing program. Recently my hubby wrecked my car, so we only have 1 car now and my insurance premiums went sky how so since I am not working at the moment, I am left at home without a car most days therefore I want to take a few ONLINE courses and I noticed at St Pete College that Anatomy & Physiology Class I and II as well as the Labs are offerred online.

    Have any of you taken these A&P courses online and how did it work out for you? Starting Aug 23rd, I plan on enrolling in only 2 classes which are the Online Critical Reading class for Nursing and the Medical Terminology class. Then, the 2nd term I hope to take only the A&P I with lab, because I know it will be a handful and I have been out of college for some time now.

    I hope to hear back from any of you re: this. Thanks so much!
    Sincerely, April
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  3. by   bigwavedave
    online a&p...that's interesting. sorry though- mine was in class. i had never heard of a&p offered online. how are labs handled? i could see the lecture portion being available via distance learning or something of the sort, but honestly, i don't know how the labs can be handled through an online course. out of curiosity- do you have more info regarding it?
  4. by   Pride of July28
    I am currently taking A&P 1 online with a lab and it is going fine. There is realy amazing software that gives you 3d images of the body's various layers. It''s throug Rio Salado College and it's pretty convenient. You have 2 in person tests but they are proctored so just call your closest library adn ask about proctoring svcs. library will be free-- c.colleges and universities may charge you. A new class starts like every month and they are accredited. . . no dissections which if it's a req for your particular school, you nay want to think about but I called around and asked if it would be accepted where I was applying and all schools said yes so. .. check it out
    Hope this helps
  5. by   NightAngel
    I'm currently taking a&pI with lab online with no problems. Just like the previous post, it is only a couple in person tests and the software available is pretty awesome. If you haven't had any type of a&p before or if you had some problems with body systems before, I would advise you talk to a counselor before signing up so you can get an idea of what is involved. Good luck.
  6. by   NICURNtobe
    I am currently taking A&P online through CC of Denver. Everything is done online and I love it! Labs are handled by looking at pictures of slides and other ways.
  7. by   nekhismom
    We had A&P I and II in class, but our labs were considered online. We used A.D.A.M. software and lab book to complete our labs. We did not have to dissect anything, which is good considering that our school could never afford the lab space!! LOL The lab questions were pretty hard, but not impossible. I came out with an A in both parts and I enjoyed the labs being online.
  8. by   Carolanne
    Cool! I wish I had known about that a couple of years ago when I took A&P on campus and it was not a pleasant experience! I love the on line courses ... anything to make the process more enjoyable and convenient. I remember driving in all kinds of weather to go study the various prominences and landmarks on bones and muscles at the college lab - extra time in on weekends, etc. - yuck. It's amazing how technology can make these courses more tolerable - best of luck with it, sounds really interesting!
  9. by   Dixen81
    A & P online? Wow! Wish I had known and done that, too! Best of luck!
  10. by   tonicareer
    Be careful some states don't allow online A and P on a license. Or some colleges don't accept it. Don't waste money if you can help it.
  11. by   nursebucky
    I took A & P online but had to go in for the lecture. It was a lot of work, but I did it.
  12. by   Tilleycs
    For those of you who are taking (or have taken) A&P online, how much do they charge for the course? And how much were your books?
  13. by   NICURNtobe
    Mine costs $135.25/credit - 4 credits
  14. by   RN2007
    I am taking the A&P Online Course but without the Lab because I have changed majors and am now in Health Information Management and Medical Coding. My course is VERY detailed and cost $ 58.00 per credit hr and this is a 3 hr course, plus there is an additional $ 20 fee per online course that you take, but all in all you save money by not driving etc, and do not have to take tests at exact times like classroom students do. I am also taking right now Medical Terminology for Health Professionals and Wowsa-how detailed this course is. Anyway, online courses are same cost as regular courses at my school,with the exception of the extra $ 20 online course fee. Oh, and this is an accredited college I am going to and transferring these creditswill not be a problem. Luckily, I will be able to take almost my whole degree program online with the exception of the extrernships that I will work at hospitals to gain experience. So, good luck to all of you with your courses. Isn't it great that we have options?