Anyone starting classes in FL in the fall ?

  1. Hi,
    Although I'll just be taking pre-req's... I like to compare how different and similar classes will be across the State.
    I will attend Barry University in North Miami. So far I've heard great reviews about them. If anyone has heard or attended this school let me know...
    I wanna hear about other schools as well! Maybe we might end working alongside each other one day
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  3. by   ashse
    Me, me! I'm about as far away from you as possible without leaving the state though. I'm going to Pensacola Junior College. What classes are you taking in the fall?
  4. by   nursing 101
    I'm taking Anatomy, Chem, theology class...
    What about you? PM me if you want...
  5. by   nurseintraining
    I will be in my first semester at PBCC next week! Can't wait!!!!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by nurseintraining
    i will be in my first semester at pbcc next week! can't wait!!!!
    welcome to the board!
  7. by   ashse
    Where is PBCC? And what classes do you take there for the first semester?
  8. by   nurseintraining
    It is Palm Beach Community College located in Lake Worth. I have already taken pharm last term ahead of schedule. This term I have Clinicals at Palm Beach Medical Center, Nursing 1, skills lab, and a wellness class. Classes start next Wednesday.
  9. by   RodeoLP
    I am currently on the waiting list at Broward Community College for their ADN program, God willing I will start in January. I also applied at Miami Dade Community College for Jan. Whomever I hear from first is where I will be attending, as I am done with all of my prerequisites. I thought about PBCC but that would be an hour drive one way. Goodluck on your upcoming semester.

  10. by   nursing 101
    Hey Rodeo,
    Let me know when you get into either one. As for me I had too many previous credits thats why I didn't go the ADN route. I heard that Broward has a year waiting list... Miami Dade has soo many pre entrance test did you take them all?
    Welcome everyone and I hope this will be a great semester. I heard that FL is one of the hardest States to get licenced in... How true is this?
  11. by   Unequaledbeauty
    Hello All,

    Congrats to those starting in the Fall. I live in Florida and was accepted into Florida Atlantic University's nursing program for this fall... However, because I didn't pass one of my finals this summer I can not continue in the program and have to petition to begin next fall

    Just to clarify... In addition to the basic pre-reqs you have to complete ( Micro, AP 1& 2, Chem, etc...) there are 3 other pre-reqs that have to be completed in the spring or summer before starting in the fall. The courses are Intro to Nursing as a Discipline & Profession, Modes of Helping I with lab, and a Clinical Skills lab ( that is taught at Palm Beach Community College). By the way, Nurseintraining, you will love the instructors at PBCC they are so cool

    Anyhoo, I didn't pass the final for Modes of Helping and I got the boot. I am still upset that I lost my spot in the program... I cried for days. Right now I am debating if I am going to petition to go back next August or try to start the nursing program at a community college in January.

    Best of wishes to you all

  12. by   nursing 101
    Hi Unequaled,
    Sorry to hear you didn't pass the test... Did you have to take a bunch of pre-screening test like TABE and the NET? Will you have to pass the class you failed first in order to get back in? Is there a waiting list at FAU? Don't give up... PM me if you want...
  13. by   KristinWW
    I'm looking at PBCC now - any advice or thoughts? PM me - THANKS!!!!
  14. by   giftedRN

    I am on the alternate list at the hillsborough community college. I am begging them to take me because I want to work as soon as possible. They are looking into my situation and there is a good chance that i will be accepted for the fall. I would be very happy because I am very anxious to start the clinicals. I have all my prequisites for the BSN program but was not accepted at USF. Now I am happy to have an ooportunity to do the ADN program.

    I wish you guys luck!

    Ann. :kiss