Anyone have a nursing site or diary?

  1. I was wanting to make a webpage that I could keep a journal of my nursing school experiences and maybe post my notes on. Do any of you have a personal site for that purpose?
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  3. by   glascow
    check out
    It's not my site, but it's a good site.
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    Check out Nilepoc's blog. He's a SRNA at Georgetown. I love reading it. then click on "SRNA"
  6. by   essarge
    Since starting clinicals, I've been journaling. It is a great stress reliever and when I read back on it, I realize that my goal is an important one and cannot give up on it!
  7. by   nicudaynurse
    I think that journaling is a great idea for all nursing students. I was required to keep a journal in my OB/GYN rotation and I love to go back and read it. I think that journaling helps you to look back and see how much you have learned.

    I think that it is especially important to journal your first year and you never know you may be able to contribute to a "nursing stories" type book someday.

    Good luck to all of you!!
  8. by   det01
    I am working on one - going to try and start the diary this week.

    Be sure to sign my guestbook!
  9. by   manna
    I have a online journal (blog), but I'm not actually in nursing school yet, so not writing anything about nursing/school in it at the moment... regardless, the link is

    You can get a page at for free if you can find someone to send you a passcode (sorry I only had one and already sent it out).... or you can buy an account there.

    There are other blog/software/sites out there, but LJ is the only one I'm familiar with.
  10. by   allthingsbright
    I have a journal too-linked at my signature. I havent been updating it but will start back up when school starts. Amy
  11. by   agent
    I have a fantasy based site that lets its users keep a journal..

    not nursing based but some ppl might be interested..
  12. by   allthingsbright
    Oh, has weblogging for free.