Anyone else?

  1. Anyone else having nearing-end-of-semester anxiety? My lovely instructors, who normally I love to death, decided to spring 2 more projects on us last Thursday, on top of the other 4 we have due before the first of May. Not that they eased up on our tests or anything, either. I know I can do it, but I just wish I'd had some more warning. When they told us about the projects, we just about had 29 MI's in that room. *sigh*

    I am SO ready for summer. Maybe I won't have clinical nightmares every night.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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  3. by   essarge
    I know what you mean. Seems like you feel like you are finally caught up and WHAM...they spring something else on you!!

    I can't wait for summer either. I've been going full time for three years now (including summer) and I am definetly ready for a break. I do have to take two classes this summer but neither one is hard and they will both be done the end of June. Then I have until August off...gee what will I do?????
  4. by   Mithrah
    What exactly do your projects entail? I am in an associates degree program and we haven't had to do any reports or projects.

    I am glad the semester is almost over. Just 4 more weeks! Then I go through the whole summer because I am in an accelerated program.
  5. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Oh, I have this horrible Cranial nerves exam on Monday along with filling in the names of 285 blanks on various diagrams of the nervous system, special senses and brain. We have to have everything correct to the letter, including anything in parentheses. The exam is worth 350 points... probably about 1/4 our grade. Along with that we have a 180 blank diagram fill-in on the reproductive organs, a take home test with 120 questions and an exam with 160 all due within the next 3 weeks. On the 2nd of May we have to turn in our Physiology journal and he said it needs to be very detailed... BP's, ECG's, respiration experiments... Then I also have my other classes... biochem and math.
    I do feel overwhelmed at times! I am starting an abnormal psych class tomorrow night and I am excited about that. It will be fun to actually do some reading and writing... not just memorizing and filling in blanks! Our A&P instructor believes in 'brute memory'... I'm too old for this!

    I just have a stats class to take in the summer... and then I'm off to CA for a 2 week VACATION!!! My university will start later than my community college has, so I'll get a little break there too! Yea!
  6. by   vaughanmk
    I have so much to do in the next week it's not even funny. I graduate in early May. Next week is the last week of class (lecture that is), I have my last test in all my classes. Then I have a few days off for Easter, it's a Catholic university. After that it's internship until finals week, which is just presentation after senior theisis. Then finally graduation. But at least that's there at the end. Now all I have to do is get a job.

    Good luck to all of you. I am right there with you.
  7. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Yikes, NursetobeSandy, I think you topped me. Scary stuff.
    Well, we had an exam this morning and I got a 77!!! That's the lowest grade I've gotten on a test so far. My last 2 test grades in that class were a 97 and a 93! I seriously think some of the answers were keyed in wrong (the test was on the computer) because EVERYONE scored lower than normal and we all thought we did better than we scored. That grade brought my average down from a solid A to an 89. *sigh* Oh well. It could be worse. (Knock on wood.)

    Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I just keep telling myself, "It's almost over, it's almost over..."

  8. by   javamom
    Aimee, if you weren't in TX, I'd think we were going to the same university :chuckle

    We just had a cultural project sprung on us Thursday in class on top of the gazillion things that are due by May 8th, along with 4 final exams I have! EEK!

    Good luck to you all with the hectic schedules. I do feel better seeing that everyone has the same work load. I felt kind of alone in my misery until now!
  9. by   LeesieBug
    Remember everyone..One day at a time. I try to remind myself to take it one task at a time and not think about the huge load of work hanging over my head.

    The other day amidst having to take a chem test and study for microbiology, trying to remember names like Camphilobacter junii and pseudomonas, while trying to finish a research paper, I kept humming happy songs to myself trying to convince myself I was not stressed. It ALMOST worked!:chuckle

    We're almost there!
  10. by   RNIAM
    I am looking forward to my three week break so much. All that keeps me going is three more papers to write!