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Hi all! I am new to this site and I am a brand new nursing student. I am a retired NYC police officer and a single mom of 4 (2 at home, 2 on their own.) I am excited and terrified all at once!! I am... Read More

  1. by   2banurse
    Ya know what camkib? In 9 years, you'll be 40 anyway...good luck to you!
    I'll be 38 this weekend and after going to my community college for two years (minus one class for an AA in accounting), I have switched gears back to my original career goal, nursing. So this next semester I'll be knee deep in prereqs. Although I have a very good GPA, I am worried that I will not be able to get into the ADN because I'll only be taking the prereqs like A&PI in spring 03. If I don't get in for next fall, I am going to go for the LPN at the technical college and transfer into the transitional ADN program after that.
  2. by   ZORYA
    Hey bronxbaby....I'm rooting 4 ya'!!! I'm down here in Sierra Vista hoping to start the nursing program in Aug. I just finished with 12 credits of prereq's and will be tkng chem, a&p 201, ENG102 and psy101 nxt semester....(hoping to get in as many prereq's as possible b4 Aug.)[SIZE=3]Anyway, just enjoy school and know we are all here for you:kiss
  3. by   ZORYA
    In case you didn't know, Sierra Vista is about 1.5 hrs SE of Tucson..It's about 40 miles away from the Mexico border of Nogales and/or Auga Prieta....
  4. by   ZORYA
    Hey Danielle.....are you in SV as well?
  5. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by lostinthedesert
    I am going on 52 and just finished my first ADN semester. When I started, I was very scared because I didn't know what to expect and everyone in my class was so much younger. Everyone was very accepting and I made some good friends. The semester passed much faster than I thought it would, and now I know for sure that I can do anything I put my mind to.

    :roll :kiss
  6. by   NurseShell
    I'm 32 (I'll be turning 34 about a month after I graduate) and I'm in the "older" group in my class. It's my experience that older students are more grounded and willing to "do the work" and succeed. There are some "kids" in my class that I don't think "deserve" the seat they are in - there's a waiting list for our program. They whine about everything and they aren't focused....we "mature" students have our lives together and are focused on achieving a DREAM!!! Our chances of success in our respective programs!!!!

    Any other thoughts???
  7. by   Danielle4
    ZORYA, I live in the Phoenix area.
    Not too far away though.
  8. by   kimtab
    I'm 35. At least half of my class is 30's and up. Of the younger ones there are still only a few "traditional" college students.

  9. by   Gromit
    Just turned 37 2 days ago, and on Jan. 6 will start my second year in the RN program. I'm the second oldest in my class, and while the class has segregated a bit (youngest crowd vs oldest) we still all pull together. Only real problem I've had was a teacher telling me that it was unreasonable to work full time with a full-time student program -this was her comment when I complained about her changing the hours half-way through the class (not a reasonable request to go take back to my boss) because her baby sitter didn't like the late hours of our evening class.

    I told her that I do not live with my parents, I go to school (and pay her salary) on my own dime and efforts. In an idea world, I'd just be a student, but times are not ideal. I work for a living, and am trying to better myself.

    The 'older' crowd banded together (having the same concerns I had) and the class hours stayed as they were.

    Otherwise I'm having a blast. only one other guy in my class, and the fact that I ride a cycle seems to make me the 'odd but fun' guy to be around -I started riding before most of 'em could walk, or were even born!
  10. by   Gabbybird
    Hey, don't worry about your age. I'm 42, changing careers and just graduated and got the job of my dreams in the ER. I was even a student ambassador at my college!!! They wanted to show the diversity and my grades were good enough, so I did it! I was not the oldest in my class, either. Nursing is the perfect career choice if you love science, helping people and can handle stress. The older students did the best in the class, because they were more motivated and were able to focus better. One big advantage you have as an older student nurse - the patients assume you know what you are doing, and don't give you the third degree like some of my younger classmates. Hang in there, and if you have trouble, just yell for help on the internet!!! We have all been there!
  11. by   Dublin37
    Yes, I just got my grade in the mail, and I passed A & P with a whopping "C". Wahooooo! OK, it's not the highest grade, when I really was trying for an "A", but heck, from an F to a C is great to me. Now I can move on to even more challenging classes! Like I need to be more challenged!:imbar Anyway, I hope to get into Adv. Physio next semester if any seats open up. I already spoke to the teacher, and she told me I'd do fine, even be ahead of some of the students, so heck, why not?
  12. by   2amigos
    I just got my A&P1 grade and it wasn't the D I was so sure I had, it was a C!!! Not wonderful, but will do. I learned a good lesson throughout all of this, never give up.....keep chugging along, you just never know.
  13. by   Gabbybird
    Remeber the old nursing math formula: C = RN !!!!!!!