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I know there have been many of these threads before but I have to vent! I am usually quiet in class, keep to myself, get my work done and do well in the class. Somehow some of the students in my... Read More

  1. by   bigmona
    I apologize for causing such a stir- that wasn't my intention. Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this and how I can react to someone politely/constructively if they are rude to me without being rude back.

    Anyway, it doesn't bother me that people think I "can't reach out" or help others in my class. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I have stayed late in classes helping others go over anatomy many times- not because I know them well, but they approached me kindly and asked in a nice way, and actually said hello to me outside the classroom.

    I feel I shouldn't have to defend my character here. It's pointless because you can't know me from however many posts I've made what I'm like and what I do with my time.

    This has always seemed like a place where we could empathize with one another and give constructive help. Thanks for the people who have reinforced that notion.
  2. by   Averykat
    Quote from hopefully
    Yes, there are some people who just cannot handle the course work at school but how about the others who have the potential to understand but just need a little help? Not all people who ask questions are stupid.
    I do agree with you, but it sounded to me like people were just asking her for the answers. If you just get an answer to something, you're not really learning how to solve the problem. It didn't sound as if they were asking her for help in understanding how to do it.

    I've had this happen to me too. I don't mind helping someone out if they've tried to work on the question but just didn't get it. I DO mind helping someone that didn't even try and now their assingnment is due and they just want to put in an answer. And I agree with whoever it was that said these people will be weeded out.

  3. by   kellilou3
    "Give a man a fish, and he will eat it for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat forever."

    Although technically you can't "teach" them, but if you constantly give quick, easy answers to their questions, they won't learn anything. Except that they can always get answers without having to do the research or use their brains to find the answer themselves.
  4. by   Mom2kids
    Just want to put in a quick 2 cents....

    I think for the most part, students can 'sense' the slackers..based on their productivity in classroom/clinicals, etc.

    It's obvious that based from previous posts, some people are going to be more protective over their hard work, which is completely understandable! While others might be willing to help another student out by sharing their answer or how they came to their conclusion.

    In general, I try to weed out the slackers and help those who REALLY truly are looking for my help and not just the answers.

    Just go with whatever feels right to you. That's all....
  5. by   MryRose
    I try to help out my classmates when I can. If I know the subject well enough to show someone how I did it, then it still is a useful thing for me to do as it helps cement the info for myself.

    Keep in mind that you may encounter the same people in future classes and by sharing info now you have established a line of communication should you need something from them later.

    As far as the folks who are not interested in "learning" but just "smooching" info.... I have pat answers for them ..... "Sorry I skipped over #23 to do later" or " I think I need to reread the section on _______ before I do that problem... maybe someone else has that info now for you".

  6. by   groovynurse73
    I can understand completely what you mean. After reading through the threads, there are points that I can agree with, and some that I don't. One of the main key points one of my instructors point out is that there is a lot of teamwork in nursing, and it should start in class. However, I found myself being rude to a young 19 yr. old girl in my lab class. We had a five page worksheet to fill out in two days time. All but her had done this. I am 30 years old, mother of seven, married, with a full time job. I managed to get this paperwork done on my own time. As did the other students who have a family/work life outside of school. She had just got done "bragging" about her "awesome" weekend with her boyfriend at some party she had attended. Five minutes before class was to begin, she pulls out this sheet, turns around to me and asks to see my work so that she can fill in hers. Needless to say, I spoke my mind, as politely as I thought I could, and ended up offending her...aww. Anyway, I did get a lot of "right ons" from other students in my same predictament, (except without all these kids,) that she has done this to. I was just the only one that did not hand my work over.

    There is a wide line between me helping someone, to me doing the work for them. I am not here to brag about my situation, but as I said before....I have a very FULL life, and I am managing to maintain a B average in all my studies. Although I think that this is a very cheesy statement, it is very true...IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN! I am all for helping others that ask for it. I did not know anyone from adam when I started this class. I started a study group outside of class that alot of us get together when we can. If not in person, there is the phone, and of course, the wide world web. It is very difficult, but very rewarding, nonetheless.

    By the way, my intention is to be a NICU RN. I think that I could have a lot to do with babies. One of my children was in NICU for three months. If it wasn't for the nurses and staff there, I do not know if I could have made it through. For those of you reading this that are presently working NICU, I say thank you.
  7. by   squeakykitty
    I had one. She would want to copy off of other peoples homework, and didn't study. One day, I even told her which pages she could find the answers on, then I hid out before class so she wouldn't be able to ask to see my homework. Sink or swim. Come to find out later she got the answers from someone else and didn't even try to look it up. She failed the first semester. She complained about the CNA instructor was against her the year before, and managed to get in to the LVN program.
  8. by   squeakykitty
    She also said once, "Oh well I guess I'm just lazy". She also wanted to transfer to another nursing program in another town. Not going to help her if she won't study.
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  9. by   smurfy
    [quote=bigmona;674207]excuse me, but as I explained, this happens to me a LOT and these people have their own formed cliques in the class whom they could ask, and if none of their 4-5 friends get it they can ask the teacher. I DID offer help at first but once I realized that all they wanted was the answer and then they'd leave me alone and never speak to me again until they wanted something else from me, I began brushing them off and getting fed up.

    I know what you are going through. I am in nursing school about to start my third semester and this is exactly what my classmates do. they do not even try to be nice or anything before asking for questions. (ex: made lunch plans inviting almost everyone but me-right in front of my face- and then had the b**** to ask for my answers. Just tell them to shove it or tell them the wrong answers!! usually these people are to dumb to know right from wrong answers.
  10. by   smurfy
    Quote from pcat
    I had a feeling it was a pre-req type class. Those type of students are slowly weeded out. =)

    unfortunatly no, like roaches they always seem to survive.
  11. by   NeosynephRN thing is for sure, no one will be there to tell them the answers on their NCLEX..
  12. by   scholar
    I am too usually seen as the smart guy in the classroom. Life is not fair.... I try to be a nice person. You can ask me about any question. Its not a big problem. If I have the answer to a question, I'll give it to you. I draw the line at cheating, b/c im not risking getting kicked out of school for you.

    I dont mind feeling used b/c although im the guy you run to for answers I will be that same guy to ask you for pencils, scantron, pens, paper, notes, change for snacks out of the vending machine, gum, mints, audiotapes, or copies of any important worksheets. The way I get people to stop bothering me is to delegate tasks. If one person out of a clique refuses to do anything for me, I shut out the whole clique from asking me anything. And I can really be an itch if you know what I mean.
  13. by   nurse4theplanet
    I will go to the ends of the earth to help out my friends. Friends being defined as a mutual helping, sharing, supporting relationship.

    But when it comes to slackers that only want to interact with me in hopes of getting help with their work, and at no other time....i don't think so.

    My work is my work. I am not getting paid to provide you with an education. There are plenty of instructors and study guides to do that job. If you hate me for it, think I am arrogant, or selfish....or just plain get your panties in a wad about it...OH FREAKING WELL.

    Next time, just smile and say that you think the question should be directed towards the instructor, and leave it at that.