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  1. Fitzgerald Review..

    I thought it was an excellent review, definitely worth what I paid for it.
  2. For the position I took it's 20 days/year. The other one was only 2 weeks.
  3. I had two offers, both were salary for full time work, M-F, no call, similar benefits: one was for $100k and one was for $120k. I ended up taking the one that paid more because it was a better fit overall.
  4. I'm a PMHNP in the Boston area, graduated in May 2013. There were a couple people in my program that had jobs secured prior to graduation and a few more that had started interviewing, for the most part they had started pursing this on their own. I di...
  5. NP Programs that Provide Preceptors

    Northeastern University does. They also worked with us to make sure it was a good fit (if you were interested in inpatient or outpatient, etc.) and paid attention to location preferences. I was in their PMNHP program.
  6. UMASS Boston RN-BSN Online

    I'm also interested in the responses as I'm looking at this program (hoping to start it next year, I just started working and want to get settled in at my job first). I'd like to hear about how much time per week you spend doing class work and if it...
  7. Any MassBay Night ADN Students/Grads?

    I just graduated from the Evening ADN program at MassBay. Overall I felt it prepared me well for the NCLEX, I passed on the first try and it seems like many others did also. You will want to have all your pre-reqs done before you start if possible,...
  8. The most grueling? Not even close. I can't believe someone would even want to start things off by making a statment like that, like you aren't nervous enough already! It does take up a lot of your time, and there are stressful events when you have ...
  9. Needing information about CLEP

    I took the Psychology CLEP. The college board website had a practice test for the subject and a study guide that you could buy for I think about $10. I used the practice questions as an outline for what material to study. Also, the study guide gav...
  10. Accepted, but then rejected - Illinois

    Ugh, that's too bad. When we apply, we have to specify either evening or day, and when you are accepted it it into the one that you chose. If you chose evening and it was full, they would not put you in days, you would be on the standby list for th...
  11. Accepted, but then rejected - Illinois

    Our school must be run differently, because if you receive a letter saying you are in, your spot is gauranteed unless you decline it. Is it the norm for schools to accept more applicants to a program than they have spots for? I'd be pretty upset t...
  12. Spring Break...what are you doing???

    I'm going to Mexico with the boyfriend - we can't take much more of this snow and nasty cold weather we're getting in New England. -Kate
  13. CPR cert. cost?

    The CPR for Professional Rescuers that I had to take was $65 (through Red Cross). The refresher course was also about that, although it was only 4 hours. My college offered classes through the American Heart Assoc. that were slightly cheaper, which...
  14. Does anyone have a nursing student blog?

    It's an old thread, but I just recently started a blog - it's about being a nursing student but also about what's going on with me. The link is in my user profile if anyone is interested. New students - feel free to ask questions in the comments sec...
  15. Day clinical vs. Night clinical

    I'm in an evening program so our clinicals are mostly at night, but we have a few on the weekends during the day. The day clinicals may be a little busier, but I've found I get a little more time with my patient at night because they're not going ou...

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