Am I the only one that hates clinical? - page 5

Im a nursing I student just finishing up the semester. I DREAD going to clinical. Absolutely hate it. Our student teacher ratio is10:1, and have not lost any students in that area. Meanwhile other... Read More

  1. by   PiperLPN
    timothy, (zashagalka)
    i love your post, thank you so much. i will keep all you have said in mind when i start clinicals on 1/8/07. elena
  2. by   abbythetabby
    We had an 11:1 student to CI ratio. Trying to find the instructor to pass meds or ask a question was very frustrating. And I am so not a morning person. But I loved clinicals. While waiting for my instructor, I'd read other patient's charts, help other students, offer to help other nurses, talk with my patient...anything that could give me a chance of learning something new. If I didn't the day would just drag on endlessly. Take whatever you don't like about clinicals and turn it into a personal challenge to increase your patience, raise the level of frustration you're able to tolerate, etc.
    And if you can get your hands on a palm pilot with some medical software, you will never be bored in clinical. The things you can look up are limitless.
  3. by   djkmc1998
    To me clinicals are exausting. Either they are super busy, or not so much, and it is boring. I would chose being busy over not, I love to learn. I dont look forward to clinicals at all. I hate to even admit it, because I want to be positive about this whole experience. But it is frusterating when there is one instructor & 10 of us. I can only imagine the stress of being an instructor, that would be stressful as well. Anyway, lets keep our heads up fellow nursing students, this is ONLY TEMPORARY!!!!
  4. by   ok2bme
    This is an old thread, I revived it instead of starting a similar new one. I absolutely d r e a d clinicals and I am relieved to see some others do too. I'm in Med/Surg clinical, and my clinical instructor is also my Med/Surg lecture professor, talk about pressure! I am an auditory learner, so I am academically strong, but when it comes to skills I am a slow learner. Last semester we were in LTC and I dreaded that as well. It makes me question whether or not nursing is for me.