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okay forum buddies! I have a very deep and philisophical question to ask of you.... I am becoming convinced, for some unknown reason, that I should pursue a career as a registered nurse, and... Read More

  1. by   AmyLiz
    To nurse or not to nurse...that is the question! :chuckle

    Alexander, I don't have much to add...been reading the posts & it seems to me that you have a fairly realistic view of what you may be getting into, and that you still want to get into it regardless!

    It seems like you've got your head on straight & know what you want to GO FOR IT! I did...jumped in with both feet earlier this year. Just started classes this month & will take the pre-admission exam this summer. So far, so good. And I'm certain that you will do well too!

    I think the stigma of male nurses is slowly changing. I've met quite a few & most of them were straight...not that that matters a fig. All of them were/are fantastic at what they do & I'm sure you'd be a great nurse too!

    You can do it!
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  2. by   GPatty
    I'd like to put my 2 cents in about you becoming a nurse.
    If htat is what you are being felt led to do...then go for it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a male nurse, as long as you are in it fir the right reasons, and many folks would be appreciative to have a kind and caring nurse, no matter what their gender.
    And as far as working 7p-7a, that's what I work. Yes, you will get tired, and your schedule will be off whack for a while till you get used to it, but I am sure you will love it.
    Follow your dreams, ignore what some others think and you will be happier for it.
    God Bless and best of all to you!
  3. by   ksrn2004
    Just adding my 2 cents too! I agree with all the posts here. You sound like you have a realistic idea of what nursing is like & yet you still want to do it!! I say GO FOR IT too! You've already said it "feels right" - that is your answer right there. I'm sure you will do fine! Good luck!
  4. by   maeyken
    The rationale for my questions was to make sure you were fully thinking through this decision, and that your expectations were realistic. From my "expert nursing student analysis of the situation" I think you are, and they are!

    Originally posted by Alexander
    So, no, I'm not looking at nursing as a way to mend a broken heart, though I can understand your making a possible connection.
    Glad to hear it

    How long have I been considering this? Only a few months - why?
    Not trying to offend- just wondering if it was a spur-of-the-moment thought or a thought out decision-making process. Sounds like the latter It's hard to tell from just the posted info, sometimes. Mostly just checking for clarification (one lesson learned in nursing school!) "Always make sure you know what the client means, not just what the patient says". [and yes, they make us call patients "clients"]

    Maybe this is just a phase I'm going through...but why does this feel so right?
    That's exactly what I was trying to address... from your first few posts it wasn't clear to me how long/much you'd been thinking about this. Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this... good!

    From what you've been saying, it sounds like this is something you've put considerable thought and research into. Good for you. One other suggestion I thought of, if you're looking for assistance, would be to see a career counselor. From my understanding, they assist people in changing careers... I dunno... maybe not- you seem to have things figured out on your own!

    So good luck! I hope your dream becomes a reality. And good luck on your placement test. Let us know how it goes!
    ~ maeyken

    ps- no, you're not nutz :wink2:
  5. by   Pab_Meister
    You people are the greatest! I wish I could give everyone of you a great big hug right now!! Okay, have one of these :kiss instead!!

    I'm planning on writing the Placement test in the morning (Sat.) in downtown Buffalo at 9:00 a.m. I had a look at the sample exam at: The English part looks pretty easy, but that algebra! I just don't have much use for anything above + - x '/. in my everyday life!

    Thanks so much to all of you for your thoughtful, candid, and thought provoking input! Thanks also for your kind wishes and support! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning!!
  6. by   javamom
    Hi Alexander, you've rec'd some great advice/support. I really can't add more but did want to let you know that I'm in my first semester of nursing school and we have 8 male students in our class. They range in age from 23 to 54! When we attend clinicals on the med-surg floor, there are 2-3 male nurses on day shift and their are 3 on evening shift when we go in to research our patients on Sunday night.

    My point is, out of 30 students, 8 in my class are males. Not bad and you know, they're all doing AWESOME! I say go for it, especially if healthcare fascinates you! All you have to have is the desire to learn and willing to care for people with all your heart!

    Good luck tomorrow! I bet you'll do just fine!
  7. by   Hidi74
    I just re-read this thread again, and I kept thinking that you have maybe already made your decision and just needed a little affirmation? That is exactly how I felt when I found this site. The more I was here the more I wanted to experience all of what I heard here. The good the bad and the ugly! I just wanted to feel anything again at work. I have done what I do for 9 years and honestly, don't even care any more. And as far as you being a straight male, that works out..... What better place to work than a hospital full of female nurses....hehehehe. Nothing nicer to look at than a man in scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ( or is that just me???)
  8. by   kavi
    Definitely give it a try! Good luck.
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  9. by   Pab_Meister
    Hi Hidi!

    A "little" affirmation? Girlfriend, I needed a ship full of affirmation! I have never, ever, ever in a million years thought that I could ever become a ...dare I say it...(gulp) nurse!!
    So, females like a guy in scrubs, huh? Geez! Maybe I got sumtin' goin' on here! ...hhmmm...

    Hi Javamom!

    The oldest guy was 54? I've read somewhere in my internet travels that the average age of a licensed nurse in Florida is 47. Heck, I'll still look like a baby when I graduate! And almost 1/3 of the class were males! Wow!! I'll say that backwards!! Wow!! It's exactly this kind of stuff that I was hoping to hear!

    Thanks again for all of your support!! You people will forever be in my heart!

  10. by   Pab_Meister
    Hi Kavi!

    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier!

    Your story is very similar to mine. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.

    When a close friend of mine was in a car accident in Feb. 2000, we compared a surgeons job to house reconstruction. His pelvis was broken on both sides, and we joked that either of us could have performed the operations necessary to set his bones.

    Thanks for your story. I'm sure I'll be looking back on this thread for some time to come!

  11. by   LaVorneRN
    Hey Alex-
    I think the fact that you are considering it is brave for this is no piece of cake. I actually have a friend who is in nsg. mgmnt. now but I met him when he was a student and discovered he was a single parent with a pretty similar background as you. Nothing to do with nursing but he wanted a change and something more gratifying. He has been a nurse now for 8yrs. and is great at what he does.
    All that said, yes, IMO, men in scrubs are quite sexy. I even got some for my husband to parade around the house in! Barefoot. Sorry, I begin to digress. Anyhoo, I am not alone in that opinion.
    Also, the assumption isn't that male nurses are not "manly men" to use my own term, unless they are openly gay or pluck their eyebrows severely, wear foundation and lip gloss, and have acrylic nails.(this is actually the discription of a nurse that took care of me recently and it was the most awesome care given!) In my 15yrs. of medical experience it is actually a blessing to work with a man. Any man who is a great nurse is an asset to any unit and patient. They are so layed back and don't get caught up in the drama that occurs between the ladies, it's great when you have a heavy pt. or you have a code strong, and some are just so nice to look at. Can really get you through the toughest day especially is he's a team player and has a sense of humor. A male nurse can really make an 82 year old lady's day!;-D
  12. by   LaVorneRN
    At bath time! heehee!!!!

    Anyway, you're not crazy! Go for it! I dare you! Volunteer at a hospital or take a nurses aide course to see if it's something you want to invest your mula and time in OR just jump right on in! I double dare you!!!!
  13. by   SirJohnny

    - I am 39 yrs old (male) with MS-Computer Science, and have decided to enter the nursing field.

    - Why?

    - I want to try something different. I really think that a nursing career can take me farther in life than the comptuer science one.

    - No, I don't think I want to work in a hospital for the next 30 yrs. Instead, I hope to use that experience as a stepping stone to other areas of the nursing field.

    - In particular, I would like to pursue a CRNA degree (this is a nurse anesthesiologist). I know it will be a lot of work, but figure I should go for it.

    - Another possibility. I had an interview with Johnson & Johnson (drug company) a few months back in New Jersey. This was for a computer software system. Their biggest gripe was that computer science folks don't know the nursing industry and the folks in nursing don't understand computer science. Thus, creating a barrier towards designing a software solution to the problems at hand.

    - They did not tell me what the particlar project was. This was more of a generic over-view type (first round) interview.

    - So perhaps the combination of MS-Computer Science along with ASN / BSN will help me score a position with one of the major drug companies.

    - I talked with Merk (in Lasndale, PA) last year, and walked away with the same feeling, that they were looking for comp sci folks with nursing experience.

    - Another area in nursing that has peaked my interest is this travel nurse thing. Both as a regular W-2 employee of a nursing staff agengy or as an independent consultant.

    - Granted, all of this is new to me, but it's sparked my interestest, and I find it to be exciting.

    - I actually think that I will find the experience of nursing school (while hard work) to be one of the more rewarding (mentally) periods of my life.

    John Coxey