Am I being a baby???

  1. Hey I just wanted your all's opinion.
    Presently I'm a single mom (son is 12), I work a full-time (40 hrs) job, a part-time (15 hrs) job, go to school (3 classes), have a b/f, and don't have a car!
    At school (keep in mind it's summer quarter) I'm taking A&P I (never had any kind of biology) - with all the normal stuff to learn, life span psychology (doing it at home) - have to answer a question at the end of each chapter (25 in all) and the answer has to be 1-2 pages, find and write 1 page for 5 different articles and write a 10-15 page research paper, and college algebra - 5 tests, 9-14 sections to study per test. And all this has to be completed by the middle of August.
    And nobody seems to think I should be tired or stressed out, except my b/f (he's pretty supportive, but I think he's getting tired of me being stressed).
    Am I being a baby or would you all be freaking out too????? Last night I was just kinda in a daze and chuckling to my b/f about all the stuff I had to do and the short amount of time I had to do it, and a little later he said you sound like you're behind on your studies. I felt like saying give me a break, you try to do all of this!!!!!
    I have no life - all I ever do is work and study, then my mom's wanting me to go have a picnic this weekend. Great... more people who could care less about me and what I'm doing!!!
    And to top it off - my b/f picks me up from school on Monday and Wednesday nights (he really is sweet and helps me a lot) and he's always wanting to come in for a couple of hours. It's like I want to see him, but I have to study. Also, I have Tuesday nights off, so he wants to come over! What to do, what to do. The only way I stay awake is od'ing on caffeine. ** Side note - if you have too much caffeine, does it make your stomach hurt? **
    Thanks a bunch for reading my whining and crying and complaing!!! :imbar
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  3. by   suzy253
    I've been known to get real nervous and stressed when the work seems overwhelming at times--but I don't think I would really call it freaking out.
    I think you need to have some downtime--give yourself some time to spend with the b/f and family. You really need to take a break from all the studying and give time for all that info to sink in.
    And yes, caffeine does upset my stomach too--especially when I've had nothing to eat yet---as I'm downing my third cup this a.m. on an empty stomach! :chuckle
  4. by   CCU NRS
    Sounds like you are behind on your studies! Just kidding Yeah summer semester is short and it is usally best to try to avoid difficult or big load classes during this semester. You have three pretty big load classes, do they all have to be completed this semester for the requirements to be able to continue? If not I would probably drop algebra and take it at a later date. the Psych is a lot of work but depending on your writing skills and the Prof. you may be able to sort of BS your way through it. Biology A & P is a lot of work are you having lab as well?

    I will not even try to give advice on BF issues those are pretty much your discretion only if he is able you might just have him assist you in studying when you do have him over after class night on your day off you should try to take some time for yourself if at all possible.

    Family outing your family should understand if you have too much on your plate maybe just do a pop in and then make excuses and get back to the books.

    Good Luck

    I would definately feel overwhelmed and freaked out this is a pretty serious workload for a short semester.
  5. by   cns48
    I don't think you are being a baby, but you are doing a lot of things. I do not know why we put so much on ourselves. Try to stay up on your studies, so all this hard work will pay off. After the summer session is over make sure you make some special time for you to relax and not have to worry about anything. Even if its an entire weekend to yourself without your kid, boyfriend, mother, work, or school.

    Also, we all need to know when to say no, especially to those who are most important to us. They will understand if we tell them gently and stress why it is important to work so hard. There is no way you should be expected to put on a picnic with the load you are carrying.

    So work hard, make time for you and learn to say NO! Good luck!
  6. by   Deb123j
    Quote from CCU NRS
    Sounds like you are behind on your studies!
    You kinda threw me for a minute! Thanks for your responses - it's nice to know that somebody knows how I'm feeling. It's very hard for me to say no - to anybody, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I just gotta keep telling myself it'll be over in 7 weeks - but until then !!!!! I wish I didn't have to sleep, :chuckle then I'd have time to do everything!!! Oh I'm also trying to lose weight :imbar hmmmmm...but for some reason can't find the time to exercise! :chuckle
    Thanks for reading my post, it feels good just to vent sometimes.
    It was funny last night when I was telling my b/f how I have so much to do and was chuckling - I felt kinda empty (not really stressed for about 3 minutes) and was just like, "WOW!!!" (Did that make any sense? I'm so high on caffeine right now!)
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    I don't think you are being a baby. I get sick of everyone not being supportive when I am mega stressed as well. And soon you will see me on here c/o exactly what you are!!! LOL!
  8. by   jnette
    Sheesh, Deb... what a BABY !!!

    Can't ya study, work, study,work, and please everybody at the same time? What a loser !

    Hey... I so totally understand.

    When I did this, I had both kids out on their own already, worked my 40 hours, and everything else... and I do mean EVERYTHING was put on HOLD... for THREE years ! Yes, I took ONE vavcation each year to go see Mom and Sis in Az. each January, but even then, I studied while DH drove, and I studied a half day each day out there, spent the other half day doing things with them.

    I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad all that is behind me now. But it was a must. I had to devote myself to it completely.

    You have seven little weeks... you WILL get through it ! People just really have no clue what is involved.

    Get through this, then dote on those who are feeling neglected... including YOURSELF !!!
  9. by   shel_wny
    Hi Deb.
    Is there any possible way you could just slow things down a bit next time around?
    I'm guessing that the full-time and part-time jobs are here to stay, but is it possible to cut down hours per semester in the future? I work full-time and because I know that I want to maintain somewhere near a 4.0 GPA I max the hours I take per semester at 12 or 13. If I do decide to take a summer course it's only one course.
    This allows me some time to myself, room to breathe, and I feel like it is feasible.
    Yes it might take me an extra semester to earn my degree but I'm not going to burn out or short circuit.
    Sometimes I even *gasp* enjoy it.
    Remember...slow and steady wins the race.
    Hang in there girl.

  10. by   Deb123j
    There is actually a light at the end of the tunnel. The 3rd week of August, when I'm done w/ this quarter, I get to get to quit my full-time job. The reason I'm doing all these classes now is because I'm switching to another college in the fall. I'll be going there full time and will have student loans so I only have to work part-time. Sometimes it seems sooooo close (and that totally freaks me out) and other times it seems sooooooooooooo far away (which freaks me out even more)! :chuckle I just keep telling myself, "kill yourself for 7 more weeks then you'll be on easy street!" Well not exactly not on easy street, but at least not on a one way ticket to a heart attack!!! :chuckle

    Thanks for all of your encouragement! Now if you all could just learn the bones for me, I'd be set!!!
  11. by   lisamc1RN
    Holy Moly, Deb! Um, yeah, you big baby! Didn't you know that you are supposed to be superwoman? I think you are doing AMAZING right now! Push through it. Tell everyone to BACK OFF for 7 more weeks, and let you do this thing! I'm glad that you will be quitting the full time job, though. I bow down to you, oh superwoman!
  12. by   Deb123j
    Quote from lisamc1
    Holy Moly, Deb! Um, yeah, you big baby! Didn't you know that you are supposed to be superwoman? I think you are doing AMAZING right now! Push through it. Tell everyone to BACK OFF for 7 more weeks, and let you do this thing! I'm glad that you will be quitting the full time job, though. I bow down to you, oh superwoman!

    You guys are the best!!! Thanks for your encouragement!!!
  13. by   canoehead
    Just A&P or just algebra plus work would have been enough to put ME out of commission, and I've taken them both before. If you can do all that and get passing grades (not even A's) you are a better, smarter person than me.
  14. by   IamRN
    Quote from lisamc1
    I think you are doing AMAZING right now! Push through it. Tell everyone to BACK OFF for 7 more weeks, and let you do this thing!
    My thoughts exactly! It sure is a lot of work, but anything that is worth it is You could set aside an hour here an hour there for b/f. If he really loves you, like it sounds he does, he will be more than understanding. Make plans right now w/fam/friends for the time that you will be free.