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Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   mrscurtwkids4
    I graduated with my Bachelor's at 33 years old this past May '07
  2. by   momathoner09
    I 'll be 27 when I finish (god willing) in May of 2008!!!
  3. by   L&D_2b
    I'll be 33 when I graduate from my part time Lpn program in 2009.
  4. by   Monica D
    I will be 36, close to 37, when I graduate in May '09
  5. by   karlita
    I graduate just 2mo after my 24th birthday in March 09. TOO LONG! :P
  6. by   dana7582
    I'm 25 now, so I will be 27 years and 5 months when I graduate in December 2009 with my BSN. I'm a double major (Biology & Nursing).
  7. by   eandgsma
    I will be 2 mos shy of 33 when I graduate in December as an RN. Its taken me 6 years to get my ADN! But that's because I went part time for my pre-reqs (two small kids) and had to wait for 2 years to get in to RN school. I can't wait to be done with school. But then there is BSN.....hmmmmmm!
  8. by   Blove86
    If I had known when I first entered college (Fall 04) I would be graduating this Spring 08. But as repeated earlier sometimes life has a different plan then you do, so I will be graduating in Spring 10 with a BSN and RN behind the name!!!!
  9. by   beth66335
    Quote from Kim O'Therapy
    May 2009 = I'll be 42 (and a 1/2)
    I will turn 42 about 3 weeks after graduation, so I'm going to say 41!
  10. by   texas2007
    I will graduate next month and I'm 22. Had I graduated on time, I would have been 21.
  11. by   LesMonsterRN
    I will be 44 graduating from an ADN program.
  12. by   elisabeth
    I'll be almost 32. The youngest person in our class just turned 21 and most are in their mid to late 30s.
  13. by   Tweety
    I graduated with an ADN at 32, a BSN at 48.......the MSN has yet to happen.