After a great clinical rotation

  1. do you all thank your nurses in some way (besides verbally, which of course I do every day)? I have probably 4 more days on this floor, and it's been a wonderful first clinical experience for me. I've had 4 different preceptors, and each one has been kind and eager to teach. I'd like to bring something my last morning to say thanks, and wondered if that was expected/appropriate/weird. I was just thinking of something simple, like a basket of candy and snacks or something, and maybe a card. Is that normal for those of you who stay on one floor for several weeks? Also, if it's common, do you still do it if your rotation is less than pleasant? I know I've read threads about getting gifts for clinical instructors, but I can't remember seeing this topic on here before. We keep the same CI throughout the program, and we stay at the same hospital, but we'll each be on a different floor each time. Thanks!
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  3. by   llg
    Big gifts, etc. are not necessary, especially for the routine clinical rotation. However, I don't see anything wrong with bringing in a little treat for the staff, etc.

    If someone did something special for you and you wish to give them a special "thank you," ... plesase consider helping them in their career as they have helped you in your career. Write a note to the person's supervisor, praising their good work. The note can be placed in the person's personnel file and may help them in futuer performance evaluations, earning a promotion, etc.

    It seems that we often forget to support each other's careers in nursing. We may say "thank you" or even buy a little gift ... but we forget that we could return the favor and help someone's career. Such a gesture brings attention to the positive behavior you are grateful for and reinforces it. The "good people" get credit for their good works ... and some help to continue doing good things. That's one way to help not only the particular nurse who helped you, but to encourage an improved environment for other nursing students in the future.
  4. by   APBT mom
    Everytime we leave a clinical site we tell all of the nurses thanks for eveything. We also get a thank you card that we have all the students sign for each floor we've worked on that we give them and they'll display it or give it to their DON. We usually don't bring in anything because we're there during a shift change and we're worried about running out of it before the next shift gets their.
  5. by   KrisVance
    Last semester we were on the same floor for our clinical for 8 weeks. Every clinical group took a "Baylor Basket" that we prepared. It had popcorn and snacks in a basket decorated in green and gold. We were all at Baylor hospital and we go to Baylor Nursing School-- so it just kind of made sense. We also signed a card that is still hanging up at the nurses' station. They deserved it for putting up with our silly questions all semester!:wink2:
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    We always brought breakfast and a card signed by all the students on our last day of our clinical rotations. We all chipped in, and usually brought donuts, or bagels, coffee, etc, etc.
  7. by   MB37
    Thanks! There's only 2 of us on our floor, but I was going to ask if he wanted to split the cost of something with me. I was thinking food too - either donuts or a basket of candy or something.
  8. by   ChristineN
    Last semester I was on an ortho floor that was hands down the best floor I'd ever been on as far as staff and my entire clinical group agreed. We brought in bagels and juice. This semester the staff on the oncology floor was not as great, so when I had a good one, I decided to write note to her supervisor (they call it an "Above and Beyond" at the hospital, don't know if anyone else has this system). Both measures were met with appreciation.
  9. by   AnnaN5
    For our clinicals about every 6-7 weeks we change floors. At the end of each rotation we do some sort of food or potluck for the floor nurses & other staff. We have done things like bagels & muffins, baked goods, lasagna & garlic bread, or just a big basket of candy. The staff is always very appreciative of the food. We also change clinical instructors every 6-7 weeks and we usually all chip in and get a gift certificate to a restaurant.
  10. by   danh3190
    We usually bring in donuts or something similar for the floor nurses.

    Our school recently banned giving gifts to the clinical instructors, though a thank you card is always good.
  11. by   lisabeth
    I have had two awesome clinical rotations. I love the clinicals. Some people bring lunch, and some bring snacks. So far, pizza is the big thing. Sometimes we cook and bring stuff from home. We have a great clinical group. I dread next semester when we will change.
  12. by   CT Pixie
    I've always sent a letter to the supervisor of a nurse that was good to me. Of course, I've also sincerely thanked the nurse personally. I know from working with people that I'd much rather them let my boss know that I was appreciated. Too often people are quick to write a letter of complaint, its nice to get one of compliment