advice on failing a class

  1. i failed my peds/ob rotation by 0.1 point. i have my LPN and this is the first time i ever failed a class. i did try but i think my study habits in the beginning were bad. i went to a readmission class and i did get in but the nursing academic instructor who is over the program said a few things which i do not know how to take. #1 she said any nursing students who fails a class will more than likely fail again. #2 C equals nurse is not true, most students just getting bye fail the NCLEX. she just came off very negative and not sure how to take any of this.
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  3. by   student_nrs
    I'm not sure what kind of advice you're looking for. I don't think your instructor was trying to be negative. She was giving you realistic information about your academic standing so you will understand the gravity of your situation (and hopefully be motivated to do better). Most schools want their students to succeed and pass the NCLEX because it reflects positively on the school.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    What your instructor told you is the truth. Pure. Unvarnished. Truth.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Since when do you let negativity from someone else stop you from doing what you want to do? True or not, she said those things for a reason.
  6. by   forevergreatful
    all you can do is work hard and prove her wrong, believe in yourself. Only you can predict your future so go at it and you will be great.
  7. by   AnLe
    The director of our DPN program is one of the people we need to see for readmission. I had notified her that I had only missed passing the class by 0.12 for medsurg. She stated that if she passed me, I will have issues later on in the program as they build up on the information we have previously learned. It would be beneficial for me to retake the class, get a better understanding of the information and succeed than getting passed along.

    Resilience and persistence is all that is needed. If your previous studying habits weren't that great, get try to find out why it wasn't and improve it. You already know some of the information, you just need to build up on it and pass this class.
  8. by   Here.I.Stand
    You "take it" as a fire under you to do better this time. You "take it" as advice to not simply pass this time -- I mean had you passed by 0.1 point, would you really be in a better place knowledge wise? Of course not. Your goal should be A's, not passing. I've disputed that C=nurse myself, because in my program a C was not a passing grade.

    I wouldn't worry about how positive or negative she came across, but be grateful for this 2nd chance.
  9. by   Yep, Me
    As a seasoned RN, (yes, grilled & fried after some shifts, LOL), please allow me to make a few points: 1.) Raise your standards & your goals. Don't be upset that you barely failed. Set your sights on the very best grade you can possibly earn! Your lack of study habits won't help any of the peda or OB patients you care for in the future. 2.) you want to work with the best nurses you can: so be the best nurse you can be! Someone is going to need you to mentor them when you are seasoned. 3.) your knowledge base for saving lives started on day one. Don't do the best you can do: do better than you ever believed you could do! 4.) in nursing school, you hobby is studying. If you are not eating, going to class, in class, or leaving you last class; you are studying. Your patients need you to saves their lives. You need to be the nurse with the ability to know what to do.