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  1. Remember in the 70’s when we were arguing among ourselves about: ADN vs BSN entry to practice? Caps or not? Whites: skirts or pants? White dresses? White Polo shirts? Any color Tops? White scrubs? Any color scrubs? Only nurses can wear white warm up jackets? Do I have to wear this cap? All floor nursing staff can wear scrubs? now we are unrecognizable to the general population. but another bigger threat is raising its ugly head: facility/employer mandated scrub colors per floor/department for everyone on duty! yes, every one from the RN supervisor to the CNA, ward clerk, etc wears The same colored scrub set. No patient or family can tell who is an RN & who is a respiratory tech or transportation or radiology! is this to “disguise the actual staffing ratio or RNs per patient? patients are in the hospital less than 4 days & ill don’t have the resources to learn what department wears what color scrubs! looking back: I think we shot ourselves in the foot. how do you tell who is an RN in your facility? or can you tell?
  2. Yep, Me

    Shoplifting Charge

    The only valid answer to this question will be from the Board. Apply with them for a special case exception. & with the Fingerprinting board also. You will always have to answer that you have been arrested & charged. Never lie to the Board!
  3. Yep, Me

    Are Home Health RNs really paid what they are worth??

    I work HH in the 90's: RN admission paid $100 & then $65/visit.
  4. Yep, Me

    Fired from my first RN job after only 2 weeks.

    There's lots of places where the Charge or DON exercise "displacement". Seriously, thank your lucky stars, say a prayer, take a deep breath, & apply for somewhere that cares about their nurses. Do a "shadow" shift before making a decision. Don't tell _anyone_ you are just taking this job to get experience for another! We work as a team & it's hard to build a team when you know the players are just going to leave. We depend on each other so very much. Get in there & support the new team. Keep an eye out for an opening to another unit, if: 1. You know what the climate is there & 2. You have enough experience (2 years or more) so you feel comfortable in your own job. I've worked a lot of places: been floor & admin: I would never even hire someone who was "getting experience here before I go elsewhere". I want someone to get on our team. & who knows?: you may love your new team & never want to move out from there. Support of your team is a jewel that can never be undervalued.
  5. Yep, Me

    Fired from my first RN job after only 2 weeks.

    I can believe
  6. Thank you so very much. I certainly want to respond "as a decent human being". However, my license goes wherever I go, so it is always involved. & I've worked too long to put it in jeopardy by lack of planning at this point in time.
  7. Yes, that was one of my most pressing questions: Who is designated to do what? Who documents qualifications? Who outlines processes? How does the ERT leadership management verify qualifications, training, & competency? In the case of an Emergency during church services, who is assigns responsibilities & directs the response? I fear that without that type of oversight, this does only open doors to litigation, without enhancing anyone's chance of survival.
  8. This is a ERT for the within the church & only for services. This is not for community disaster response.
  9. This is not disaster response. This is emergency response within the church during service & activities only.
  10. I still need to talk with the organizers of this, which I have requested. Without clear written guidelines, expectations can be interpreted in different ways by different people.
  11. A church is starting a designated "Emergency Response Team" for each service, & of course, they are asking all the nurses, doctors, EMTs etc to join. My questions are: the legal ramifications for nursing volunteers. Obviously we won't be covered by the Good Samaritan Law, since we have accepted a volunteer position. Every question about "policy, procedures, & training requirements/tracking" is met with blank stares. I stated to some people who are arranging this that I would certainly like to discuss the organization of this with those who are doing the organizing, not to assist in organization, but to make sure that everything that is set up will properly safeguard our professional licenses. Don't think that I'm heartless: but I've been a nurse for nearly 40 years & I've seen what people are capable of in their grief & loss (& also out of avarice). I've assisted with some emergencies as a Good Samaritan in church, but completely on an individual basis, & every one that has happened when I was attending. I emailed the State Board & their response was "we can't tell you if this fits within your scope or the legalities of your license, but if there is a complaint re: a nurse volunteering on a formal emergency response team, we will investigate it & take action as necessary", which certainly does NOT make me feel secure in the slightest.