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  1. oops I bradyed again

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I used to work retail and wished I had gloves! Money is filthy and people (especially some who don't seem to have great hygiene) will pull it out from unmentionable places. People would carry the dressing room number cards in their mouths before handing them to me. The metal hangers would stain my hands and make them smell gross. I've also found old used shoes, a dirty diaper, and a needle under racks. So yea...nothing wrong with wearing gloves.
  2. oops I bradyed again

    Outrageous Complaints

    Patient wanted to know if we had a hot tub they could use. Patient asked if I would go to a specific fast food restaurant and get a milkshake for them. (There is no fast food remotely near our hospital.) Patient was upset that I wouldn't feed them because their "hands didn't work well." Left the room, came back a short time later, and the meal was completely gone.
  3. oops I bradyed again

    Bathing and Showering Systems in Hospitals

    We don't have showers or bathrooms in our ICUs either. CHG or regular bed baths for everyone.
  4. oops I bradyed again

    Critical thinking

    Critical thinking is something you will continue to develop even after graduating from nursing school. How far along are you in your program? You can use the nursing process to help you think through issues. Each school teaches this differently, but in general the steps include; assessing, diagnosing (nurse dx), planning, implementing, and evaluation. Nursing diagnosis handbooks can also help you think through these steps. Lastly, if you have a strong understanding of A&P and pathophysiology you will be better able to think through things, so brush up on those subjects if you need to.
  5. oops I bradyed again

    It will take me 7 years just for a bsn.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with taking your time if that's your only option or suits your needs best! It took me about 3 years to finish my prereqs because I only took 1-2 classes every term in order to be able to afford it, maintain a 4.0, work part-time, and help support some family members. It then took me another 3 years to finish my BSN. I know it seems like a long path and can be discouraging, but I promise the times flies by! You are still young and have plenty of time to work after graduation, even if it takes you 6 years to get there!
  6. oops I bradyed again

    Timetable for residency hiring

    In my area it seems that most applications open in April/May, interviews and hiring decision take place in June/July, and new grads start their residencies in August.
  7. oops I bradyed again

    Linfield Good Samaritan School of Nursing Review

    I'm familiar with nursing programs in the Portland area and that's why I commented...so students/applicants won't expect any other program to be drastically different, better, or worse! Again, the information you and your classmates were unaware of before attending orientation is pretty common. I attended a 3 year program, but also had classes with accelerated students. Regardless of our backgrounds, we were all surprised by the amount of busy work required. Because clinical placements can be difficult for schools to coordinate, we often didn't know our schedule until shortly before the term started. Many students had to be flexible with work schedules, child care, and commute long distances. Pretty typical nursing school problems that any student will likely come across in most programs and be unaware of when just starting out, unless they know someone who is already living it!
  8. oops I bradyed again

    How long it takes to get License number?

    I live in another state, but I received my license number 3 days after taking the NCLEX. You can always contact the BON to get an update.
  9. oops I bradyed again

    Linfield Good Samaritan School of Nursing Review

    With the exception of the dropout rate, it sounds like a typical nursing program.
  10. oops I bradyed again

    Long island fellowships

    You should be able to find this information on their website. Some of your instructors may be able to give you an idea as well.
  11. oops I bradyed again


    See if you can get in touch with any students who are getting ready to graduate or recently graduated. I know in my program many students or new grads were willing to sell their books super cheap or even give them away.
  12. oops I bradyed again

    drug testing for nursing school

    We were drug tested as part of the admissions process before the first semester even started. It takes so much dedication and hard work to, not only get into nursing school, but also get through it. Why risk it all!?
  13. oops I bradyed again

    Wishing to finish my prerequisites online

    I've never come across an accredited online A&P course and wouldn't recommend it anyway. Even if you excel academically, I just think A&P is one of those classes where it's important to get the full hands-on experience. How would you complete the lab portion in an online class? A strong foundation in A&P is critical if you want to be prepared for, and do well, in nursing school. Plus, it's knowledge you will use throughout your career. There are community colleges across the country that offer microbiology online, but be prepared to buy a lab kit and a microscope, unless you somehow have access to a microscope through a friend or your local college. Also, make sure the nursing schools you are applying to will accept credits from an online micro class.
  14. oops I bradyed again


    My exam was very similar and I passed in 76 questions!
  15. oops I bradyed again

    How far in advance do you get your class/clinical schedule?

    I don't remember exactly how long we had to wait for our clinical schedule each semester, but I do remember it was usually pretty short notice. Many of my classmates complained about not being able to plan work schedules or child care in advance.
  16. oops I bradyed again

    Can med surg nurse go into ICU?

    I think it all depends on your hospital and area. Where I work, you can transition to the CVICU with only med surg experience, although I think PCU definitely helps! Nurses are trained on both days and nights during their orientation, but will ultimately work nights. Usually nights are a slower pace with less changes happening, which makes it easier to learn and get your bearings when you are new to the ICU setting.

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