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Has anyone taken 3 science classes together... I plan to do it next semester... Physiology, chemistry and Micro... Please advise if "do-able"....:confused: :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    Yes, you can do it. Just set your mind on the prize. Study and work hard, you'll do great.
  2. by   hobbes
    Originally posted by Swiftee

    So that makes me feel depressed, but this makes me feel mad: "weeding" students out before they even get to nursing school???? ***** I understand it's a hard field, but I thought college was for LEARNING the material and training people. Why can't they just do what they were hired to do and TEACH? If students wanted to be treated that way, they would have gone to boot camp. If they are just going to "weed" everybody out, why don't we just shoot the students that didn't graduate with honors in high school or send them off to run cash registers for minimum wage at Kmart for the rest of their lives?

    College is not vocational school. It's not, in general, for training students. It is for teaching and and providing a setting for students to learn. Especially learning how to think. If you can't apply the knowledge you learned in a context outside of what was presented in the textbook then you may not truly understand the material. "Weed" out classes separate those how take the time to learn and understand the material from those that don't. IMHO, it's better to get that rude awakening/reality check before you've progressed to far down the path. Just my 2 cents.
  3. by   nursing 101
    Well this is what i'm gonna try and do... I'm gonna see if I can add physiology this semester... So I'll have to go school on Tuesday and see if they will let me in a classe. If not I will take all three of them next semester. I'm taking chem prep now and I'm taking anatomy as well so the real foreign course will be microbiology. I'll only take those 3 classes since it will add up to 13 credits. I don't work and I have a 3 year old. I don't think I'll "get by" as I'm having the foundation now for both chem and anatomy. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. I'm not a brainiac I just study hard (since I have no life apart from my 3 year old) I just moved to Fl and I have no friends down here. Since I have you guys (my comp buddies) I Don't really plan on making any for the next 2 years that's what got me in trouble and here I am with no degree... lol! : )
    Now my thing is that if people can do an accelerated program at my school (instead of 2 years of nursing classses they will only have a year of intensive courses) My friend is doing it and she'll have 21 credits the first semester! Of course they don't let just anyone in the program because you have to have at least over 60 credits (which I have) and a 3.00 GPA. I would never go that route but I applaud people who do... Sorry this was lenghty!
  4. by   cawsn
    good luck! It is hard enough to be asingle mom. You should be proud of yourself for going back to school and doing great. Don't let anything stand in the way. I know exactly what you mean about not having any friends for the next two years.(except my friends at school) I am in a similar situation. I'm almost 35 a single mom . and went back to study nursing last year. One more year to go-will graduate next fall.
    It is good that you don't have to work It is a full time job having a child. Just keep focused and you will do it . just think how great you are going to feel when you have that degree.Good luck !
  5. by   Nurses_Only
    3 science courses altogether can be somewhat overwhelming.....(for me!!!) You really have to concentrate and do a lot of memorizations....
    but...if there's no way you could get away with it..just wanna wish you goodluck!
  6. by   Swiftee
    I agree with you, for the most part, Chris, but I wanted to clarify what I meant. "I understand it's a hard field, but I thought college was for LEARNING the material", which I believe qualifies as "training." The dictionary defines the word "train" as "to make or become proficient with specialized instruction and practice". The definition of "learn" is to "gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery of through experience or study". They go together.

    I'm not against losing people who really aren't ready for the field. My issue is when instuctors make the course so difficult that they "weed out" the people who would be perfect for nursing, if that makes sense. A good example of this would be a class where only 30% of the students pass when under the instuction of one professor, but 70% of all students with different professor pass the same class. I definatly agree that you should be able to take the context of knowledge learned and apply to IRL situations. But it seems to me that those people who can't do it will probably fall off on their own, and that is part of what the application process is for when applying to nursing school. They want to make sure you can handle it and do (hopefully) well.

    Anyways, sorry to make this long, but I felt like you had misunderstood me or perhaps not read all of my post. Good luck in your studies!
  7. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    Hey Nursing 101 - I'm in FL too...I took A&P I w/ Micro got A's in both. Took chemistry over the summer - BARELY made an A - it's very good you're in a prep course...

    My girlfriend that took CHM w/ me barely got a C and worked very hard - SO everybody is different!

    Is there any chance you could take CHM at a community college - it may be easier w/ smaller classes, level of diffculty...:spin:

    Where in Florida are you...if you don't mind my asking...

  8. by   KernieRN
    OK....i took Micro, A&P, and a math class in one semester. i was the same as you and had to take these to start the program this fall. I did it. I did not get the "great grades" that i had hoped for but i passed. Yes, it was a difficult semester. There were other things going on a home that just added to the stress. Dont let anything get in your way. Just set your mind to passing these courses. ( Hey.....who said that everyone needs 8 hrs. of sleep????? )
  9. by   giftedRN
    I took Anatomy 1, chemistry, microbiology, and antropology during the summer and have gotten just A's and B's. You can do it if you are a bookworm like myself.

    good luck!

  10. by   studentOH
    If there's a will there's a way, but it won't be easy. Have fun with micro, it can be interesting!

  11. by   allthingsbright
    Well, I have heard from lots of people NOT to do this! I am taking one science per semester-along with some other core classes, and my load is pretty tough as it is. Good luck whatever you decide!

  12. by   Jackie_FutureRN
    Last year I had A&P and Micro in the same semester. Yes, they were both tough classes, but totally do-able. We don't have to take chem at my school, so I don't know how that would be thrown in there. Good luck with them all!
  13. by   nursing 101
    Hi BeaRn,
    I'm in Miami and I go to Barry U. Which part of FL are you in and which college you go to? Sorry I haven't been able to answer earlier but I was of course studying... lol!

    Cawsn, I'm not a single mom, I have a DH that's why I have the small luxury of not working for the moment. But having a 3 year old and school is a full time job... I definately applaud all full time working and going to school single moms! I know I'd probably go crazy if I had to do it that way.