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I was sitting here looking at my dosage calculations book(& wondering why I decided to go to nursing school:lol2:) &I started thinking. My school requires a 100% on your dosage calculation test and... Read More

  1. by   Pat_Pat RN
    I think 100% is a stretch. That is perfect. Is everyone perfect? No.
    Lots of facilities have dosage calc sheets so you don't have to do the math. Plus in the "real" world, there are other tools available to help. Also you have other nurses to verify if you have a question or are not sure if you calculated right.
    This has always been a pet-peeve of mine (Hypertension r/t Unfair requirements in college AEB Unrealistic test goals; Unrealistic life experiences)

    If I have a question, I'm going to ask someone. THAT is the difference in a math test, and the real workplace.

    I'll end with something that one of my professors said, I don't remember which one....something to remember.
    "In the workplace it doesn't matter if you know the answer, it matters if you know where to go to find the answer."

  2. by   karenrnstudent
    We are expected to memorize the conversion units at my school.
  3. by   nrsx
    At my school, we need 100%. It's all or nothing! We also do NOT get to use calculators. That was fun :icon_roll
  4. by   User123456
    we had to memorize the conversions but it wasent that many i still cant get 8oz. equals a cup 2 cups is a pint 2 pints is a quart lol 1 dram is 4ml 60grains per mg. ahhhhhh the memories LOL we got to use calcs. I cant imagine how paniced id be if not but eewww!
  5. by   Carebear77
    My school requires 100% also.
  6. by   2bLPN_Tiff
    Wow! I am sorry to say our school only requires a 78% which is a low C at my school. Yeah the graading scale is really crazy where I go, but anyway midterms just came up for us and I think we have lost two from the class.
  7. by   trepinCT
    we are 100%, we can use calculators(provided by them) 3 tries by a certain date or your out..our first one is comung up in a couple of weeks..I am scared, but appreciate the higher standards..makes me work harder and study harder..I can see a 90% pass rate..but a 78%..?? way too low of a standard for math meds..scary..just because we have advances in healthcare that do most of teh work for us, does not lessen out LIABILITY if a mistake occurs( computers are people fed..remember that)..a judge doesnt care what teh computer says, or even what teh Dr says..YOU as the nurse are responsible for knowing your ranges and your math to be sure that you are giving the correct dose..not every situation will have the luxury of assistance from other nurses, or the luxury of time either..we need to sometimes think fast on our feet..knowledge is power..if we relied on technology only- then anyone could be a nurse..???
  8. by   eldragon
    we had a calculations test about three weeks ago and I literally blacked out mentally during the test. It was the stress, the anxiety of knowing that I am about to graduate from an LPN program that has been very difficult, and this one test could end it for me. No matter how many A's and B's I have, and the fact that I have made no C's and have perfect attendance: fail the calculations test and you have one make-up try and fail that - you're out.

    Everyone in the class (12 students) thought they failed, but I was the only person who did fail, and by one point.

    So while the rest of the class got to have a five-day break, I got to spend it in a deep depression, studying dosage calculations.

    I took the make-up second-chance test last Friday morning, but my instructor has been ill, and I haven't heard the results. 5 days later, and no news.

    I do think I passed, if I missed anything, I don't know what.

    But the stress!

    WHY WHY WHY do they put the pressure on us like this? And why so often?

    What other programs, besides nursing programs have do or die stakes?
  9. by   riverrose
    My school require >90% and we get 3 chances each semester. Then we are kicked out.
  10. by   Kevin RN08
    My program requires a 76% to pass the drug calculations class in the first semester. BUT, you have 6 dosage tests built into the second semester and at least 4 in all of the subsequent semesters. They don't count toward your grade but, any grade <80% you are disqualified from the program.
    Personally, I wish they were counted toward the grade.
  11. by   tamba
    My University also requires a 100% pass rate with one resit
  12. by   Optimistic :>)
    [Coloradogrl;1985737]I was sitting here looking at my dosage calculations book(& wondering why I decided to go to nursing school) &I started thinking. My school requires a 100% on your dosage calculation test and allows you to take 1 retake test.

    I understand why they require this but I was just wondering if most schools do this[/quote]

    Hello Coloradogrl
    I don't know about all schools, however, my school sure does. I'm in my third semester and in a couple of weeks I will be taking my dosage calc exam. Every semester we take one and my school also only allows one retake I know how you feel, I too some times (many times) ask my self why I decided to go to nursing school I think all nursing students go through the same thing. Good luck on your dosge calc test; you can do it!!
  13. by   webbiedebbie
    I graduated from a Community College in Colorado in 1989. Math has never been my best subject. Yes, we had the requirement for 100 percent. I had to take it twice. Once it was over, things made better sense to me.