"Please don't discourage me!"

  1. Today while I was volunteering at the hospital, one of the male nurses came up to me and told me that I don't want to be a nurse! He said that I would have to take a bunch of !@#$ from men who aren't my husband. I'm already not that great in school and if you tell me that this is something that I don't want to do, then I might not even try! But nursing is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I love just being at the hospital (my family thinks I'm crazy!) . Why would this nurse say something like that to me? It seems that nurses are very short these days and they would want to encourage all the help that they can get...

    I just thought it was a little strange. *sigh*

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  3. by   fergus51
    You will find a lot of nurses don't like their jobs because of the conditions and the stress and they will try to encourage you to go for a better job. If nursing is what you want you will just have to learn to ignore it like I did. I've been a nurse for a few years and I still love it despite the stress, so it isn't all bad
  4. by   BadBird
    Just keep your eyes open and judge for yourself. Many nurses suffer from burn out, he was probably just trying to warn you against what he thought is a poor career choice. Only you will know if nursing is for you, volunteering is a great way to meet nurses and see how nurses interact with patients. If you truly want to pursue nursing then no ones negative comments will stop you, good luck with your decision. By the way I never regretted becoming a RN, my children are proud of me, I have financial independence, mostly I have a career that I enjoy.
  5. by   nursbee04
    Many people in professions other than nursing don't like their jobs, and they take alot of crap who aren't their husband, too (ie, my boss at the business office i work at!). He may have thought he was helping, but if he was burned out then you can't expect an objective opinion from him. You have to make that decision for yourself. Do what I do -- (there's something I don't say often!! :chuckle) distance yourself from people that discourage you -- you need all the support you can get!
  6. by   tattooednursie
    All of my co-workers know of my goal to be an RN. I have had a few say to me flat out "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't do it!!!" and others have said "Are you sure you want to do that?" and I have had others say "Go for it."

    I know that nursing is what I want to do with my life, and no one can take that away from me. I am my own person, and If I become a nurse and find out that nursing is indeed not for me, then I will quit! I will do something else.

    Don't give up, er we'll have to smack yer butt!! :P :chuckle. Follow your dreams!
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  7. by   renerian
    I would not tell people not to go into nursing but to do so with their eyes open wide knowing it is hard but very rewarding and worthwhile.

  8. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by renerian
    I would not tell people not to go into nursing but to do so with their eyes open wide knowing it is hard but very rewarding and worthwhile.

    Good advice! Emery, you need to follow your own dreams...don't let one person discourage you. Also since this was a male nurse that gave you this "advice" take it with a grain of salt...unfortunately because nursing is still considered a female profession, he may have some gender issues himself. A lot of the BS he gets may be due to his own self-esteem.

    If YOU want to do it...DO IT!

  9. by   farmmom
    my appologies to the male members for this comment
    but in my lifetime I have found that some men are sexist and it is possible that he feels that his job maybe threatened by you
    the two things that you said "he" and taking orders by men that aren't your husband made me come to this conclusion
    I don't think that it has to do with unhappiness in his job just the point that he was marking his territory
  10. by   colleen10
    Hi Emery,

    Been there, done that!!! You are not alone! Lots of people on this board have recieved anything but supprotive remarks from others when they mention that they are going into nursing.

    I would just accept the fact that there are people out there who are not happy in their jobs/careers and so, think it is their duty to warn anyone else that would even consider going into the field. There are always some things that people will not like about their jobs. Some accept that and move one, others make a big deal out of it. You could talk to all kinds of people in all kinds of different careers and I'm sure some of them would say "Trust me, you don't want to...." "be an engineer" "a secretary" "go into sales", etc. etc.

    Renerian, as always, has given excellent advice.

    Don't let comments from one unhappy person scare you or make you change your mind. And who knows, maybe this guy really does like nursing and was just having a bad day and blowing off some steam.

    PS, there are a tons of other career options where you get to be bossed around by men other than your husband. It's not just nursing!

    Take care and good luck,
  11. by   Mito
    Well lets see now who has given this type of negative advice in the past:

    1. Father - don't go into surveying its terrible and your on the road all the time

    2. Friend - don't be an accountant to boring and way to much nit picking going on.

    3. Uncle - farming what are you nuts; there is no money in it and you work all the time

    4. Mother - 16 years ago now - HCA what are you crazy cleaing up after people who can't manage their bowels and bladder, you won't last long at that job.

    5. Mother again - Sept. 2000 - your going into the nursing program well better you than me

    You see the pattern here? LOL, you have some good advice already just ignore comments made by others and persue any goal you have in mind.

  12. by   Jennerizer
    Don't let his comments get to you. I find that people who are negative complain about everything. Chances are, he'd be complaining no matter what type of job he had.

  13. by   KRVRN
    Maybe he was flirting.
  14. by   2banurse
    Okay Kristi, that is pretty sad flirting material...