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twice this week, I've mentioned to acquaintences of mine that I plan to get into nursing, and the reponse has been a joking "Don't you have to be gay to do that?" sort of response. Does that... Read More

  1. by   Megsd
    My grandma was a psych nurse and an army nurse (alongside her stepmother) for years and years, and one of my dad's first jobs was an orderly or something in his mom's psych unit. When he went to college he majored in nursing (in the late 60's!) and was the only male in his class. Though he never told me quite why, he ended up changing his major about 4 times and wound up as an engineer, but I still admire him for going for nursing to start with especially since we're much more open nowadays to breaking down stereotypes of male vs. female jobs.

  2. by   RN-BamaStudent
    A guy in my class told his dad that he was going to be a nurse, and his dad immediately asked him if he were gay! More and more men are going into the nursing profession, and hopefully that will change the narrow minded thinking!
  3. by   janleb
    I have been a heterosexual female nurse for three yrs now. My husband is a nurse. I think people don't have a clue all that nursing involves. Not just holding someones hand, being compassionate but also some very critical thinking is involved. I think people think of nurses as a motherly figure. So therefore femine, so any man who dares enter the world of nursing is compassionate, feminine, and therefore gay hmmmmmmmmm. My husband has been an RN for 12 yrs. In that time I have a whole shoebox of letters from families thanking him for the care he has given their loveones. So if my hubby is gay he has been fooling me for many years. So if you hear any more of such comments just consider the source. Because they don't have a clue. Janice
  4. by   mariedoreen
    LOL, you go girl!

    Tell them "Yes, you have to be gay, and I'm going to do my best to pull it off so I'll get a job". :chuckle[/QUOTE]
  5. by   manna
    Isn't that what us women often say we want, a sensitive man? :chuckle
  6. by   Michelleroth1
    Male Nurse = Gay This sadly kept me from nursing for many years Now Im a lowly CNA and studing for my M.A. But now if someone thinks Im gay so be it Im in good company There are alot of wonderful male nurses gay and straight who cares
  7. by   Farkinott
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    I take turns being charge on my unit w/ a male RN. We have discussed the "male nurse=gay" thing, and he has never been accused pf being gay. It would come as a big shock to his wife and all his kids if he were!

    I have another guy RN friend. He has a good comeback for when pts/acquantances/etc say to him "You're a male nurse?"
    He replies "Well, I'm a nurse, but I don't deliver the mail."
    He gets a kick out the confused looks he gets using that line.

    I enjoy working with male RNs, and glad that men now feel comfortable pursuing nursing as a career.
    My usual reply to "so you're a male nurse then....." is " Am I wearing a f**king dress?!"
    Shuts 'em up every time!
  8. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    My usual reply to "so you're a male nurse then....." is " Am I wearing a f**king dress?!" Shuts 'em up every time!
    This seems an unduly harsh reaction to what is probably an innocent question.

    Perhaps you have some unaddressed issues with being a male in a predominantly female profession?

    Perhaps, considering you are dealing with patients, you might come up with a creative response that soothes your feelings without assaulting the feelings of others.

    (Where has "caring" gone?)
  9. by   Cherish
    Originally Posted by Benton
    I've known a lot more lesbian nurses than gay male nurses, but you don't hear much about that. I bet women in construction hear comments about being lesbians, probably from the same people who think of male nurses as gay. And there are probably more gay male construction workers than lesbian construction workers. From simple minds come simple thoughts! I bet if a simpleton is seriously ill they won't care if their nurse or doctor is homosexual.

    I grew up in a military town and it was presumed the females were all lesbian. Horrible myth to perpetuate. Made it hard on the single females.

    I know exactly what you mean. I was a female mechanic in the army. Everyone thought I was gay, once I told them I was a female mechanic. Even some females in my company, since I was the only female mechanic. The guys never thought this only females, I guess there were afraid, LOL. I am not gay, and VERY straight. I picked being a mechanic for 3 reasons. 1. Army offered me $50K for college and a $10K dollar cash bonus, 2. I LOVE males so being in a basically ALL male field (its only 5% female) had its advantages, plus most of my friends are males 3. I can't stand gossip (one thing I might not like about nursing) which usually happens around females who work together. As you see these stereotypes are just that sterotypes, they do not make it real, in fact most of the 'lesbians' were in the mostly female jobs, like administration, finance. Just like there are gay police, firemen, soldiers, and construction workers. Sexual preference has nothing to do with someones capabilities of performing their job very well.
  10. by   1guy2pups
    I make it easy to understand - 94% of Nurses are female. Do you have the same opportunity to meet women at your job??

    I'll have to change my tune when I marry again....
  11. by   Ollie Bear
    I'm three months into my VN (PN) program and have had just a couple a people try that one on me. So far it has not gotten on my nerves and it's humor is still fresh. I usually just explain than any idiot can harm but it takes a truly courageous person to heal....besides there are 40 people in my class only seven of which are guys. "I'm sure you'll have much better luck getting to know 33 intelligent, motivated, caring, attractive, and often times lonley women at your job."

    If I'd have known then what I know now...I qould have been a male cheerleader instead of playing football.

  12. by   alexsb1116
    Never heard that joke personally. Hmmm. Maybe it's the Martial Arts T-Shirts.

    Quote from ChrisA
    twice this week, I've mentioned to acquaintences of mine that I plan to get into nursing, and the reponse has been a joking "Don't you have to be gay to do that?" sort of response.

    Does that stereotype actually still exist? Sheesh. I'll have to let my girlfriend know the bad news. :chuckle
  13. by   RNPATL
    Here is a funny story .... when my son was 11 (he is 13 now) .... his class was having a career day. Being involved in his class, his teacher asked me if I would come in and discuss nursing as a career. Of course, I was excited about the issue and said yes ..... well, the teacher also informed my son that I would be coming to class and presenting my profession for career day. I can only imgaine him holding in his embarrassment for the entire day, because when he got home, he was freaked. He begged me not to do it and said that all the kids would think I was gay and then also think that he was too.

    Being the kind of dad that does not want to promote problems for my son, I declined the offer. Fortunately today, he thinks differently of nursing and has actually talked about the possibilities of becoming a CRNA.