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Does anyone wear Z-coil shoes or know anything, (good/bad), about them? I did a search for old threads but nothing came up. If they are any good I'll probably spring for some. :)... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    I had Z Coils. The problem I had with them is I do not have a high instep so they were not helpful. Basically, if you can wear heals you can wear Z Coils.

    It is a great concept and helps a lot of aching feet but not mine.

    I hope this helps you in your decision.

  2. by   newgrad2004
    Every nurse I ever saw wearing them swears by them and many had back surgeries and swear the shoes helped them a lot.

    They look so "tiggerish" to me. WHen I see them I want to sing the tigger song.
    "bouncy, trouncy, fun fun fun, the most wonderful thing about tiggers is im the only one!"

    Im sure I will try them eventually. Once I can get over the whole tigger part.
  3. by   TouchRN
    I have worn them (I have three pair!!) for the past year and 1/2 and just love them. Especially if you are on your feet for long periods of time and on hard floors. They made a huge difference for my back and knees which were really hurting from the tile floors I was working on.
    I wear the clogs at work and have the hiking boots which are great in the desert mountains nearby and just bought the sandles for summer!!
    Who cares what they look like? You get to a certain point in your life when comfort far surpasses looks!! (I'm there). Plus I have had the greatest conversations with people that are curious about them.
    They're the best!
  4. by   Shamrock
    Ok, I "sprung" for a pair of the z-coils and they are:


    No left foot pain AT ALL while I have them on. This is like a miracle to me as that darn foot has hurt every day for the last 13 years! Finally some relief. I would highly recommend them to anyone have plantar faschitis problems.
  5. by   bayresident
    I bought Z Coil shoes. They make walking so much easier that I kept them beyond the 2 week return period - they relieve joint and back pain; they really do help you walk with your back in alignment.

    However, they make the balls of my feet and my toes hurt. It begins with my little toes and the longer I wear them begins affecting the toe next to it, and so on. It not only hurts, it creats muscle spasms. I suspect the problem is that while the arch support is good, for some reason these ergonomically designed shoes push the front of your feet upwards instead of allowing them to lie flat (except for the arch support).

    Not everyone has this problem. Some people who have the shoes find joint relief, but foot pain remains.

    The big frustration is that the really great things about this shoe are so great that they can cause you to keep them too long, hoping that the problem can be fixed. Either it cannot, or the Z Coil producers do not care enough to design a fix for people with this problem.
  6. by   KuteNurse

    when my son had his cycling accident last spring, an er nurse had them on. my husband laughed! he thought they were hysterical. i thought they looked silly, but i had a bad case of plantar fascitis and damage to my achilles tendon as a result. i can see how they can be helpful. i still don't know if i would spring for a pair of them however...lol
  7. by   bayresident
    They hurt my feet by pushing the front of my feet and toes upward. In another post I did say that, plus that they don't do that to everyone. I also said that it is hard to return them in time, becuase the great things (ergonomically designed so you walk with your back in alignment and the coils help with joint pain) are so good that it is hard to give up on the idea that they can be made to work. My experience is that the company has not fixed the problem. I don't know where that post went, but it is not below the last post. Maybe posts do not go up right away; this is my first time.
  8. by   NurseKevin
    My wife has a pair and swears by them, and is encouraging me to get a pair as well.
  9. by   Mirai Kangofu
    These are the best darn shoes ever. I paid over $200 for them and they were worth every penny. I no longer have severe calcaneus and ball-of-foot pain from pinching, and my back doesn't hurt anymore. They actually fell better when you walk!
  10. by   NICU_nurse2b
    For those worried about these shoes getting caught on cords and such, I just went to there website and you can get the spring enclosed. I was looking at the work boots for my husband and the spring is enclosed. Looks like a normal pair of work boots. At the bottom of the page it says you can get this done to any pair of their shoes.
  11. by   Mirai Kangofu
    I wear these shoes with an extra pair of insteps, pressurizing knee socks, and an extra pair of thick socks over the pressurizing socks for the best results.
  12. by   Snuffy
    As NICUnurse2B said, the Z-coil shoes do come with an enclosed spring, (and if you're a klutz like me that's helpful!!) I paid about $200.00 for mine and wouldn't trade them for anything. They're not for everyone though, some get better relief than others, but speaking from personal experience, I absolutely LOVE them!! No foot or back pain anymore!!! Sure makes those 12 hours in the ED go by much smoother.