You're working HOW MANY shifts?!

  1. I'm an agency nurse full time. I also work part time on a private duty case. I'm overall happy with my choice of a career track because as a mother of four and a full time student in a dual major program I need flexibility. (And the increased pay isn't bad either!) While at a facility the other night I was on break and was going over my schedule with my husband over the phone so we could coordinate child care. I mentioned that I my next day off was Friday, September 8th and during this 10 day stretch I was working one twelve hour shift and the rest were eights. Then I have the 8th off and go back to work on Saturday the 9th for an evening/night double. The nurse in the break room asked me when I got off the phone: "You're working HOW MANY shifts?!" like I had said something unheard of. I was contemplating explaining that I only had 5 hours overtime with the agency and the rest was private duty but thought otherwise. One of the reason I like agency is the lack of personal attachments (and detachments). It's funny. I've heard of nurses working full time for a facility and then picking up nearly fourty hours with the agency on top of that. So my question for you is; How many shifts have you worked in one stretch without a day off?
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  3. by   catlady
    I live for my days off but I've known a nurse or two who'd go a couple of months without a day off. They each had an agenda which motivated them--buying a house, etc. It didn't see to bother them but it would have made me go nuts.
  4. by   RobCPhT
    I worked 8-8 for about 2 months no days off earlier this year.
  5. by   anc33
    31. Yes, one month straight. Mostly eights, some tens but also some days when I had to work 0700-1530 then come back 1900-2100 for special procedures. Overtime is great but not that great. My second longest run was 25. There are many times when I have worked two weeks straight.
  6. by   Otessa
    The most I have worked is 5 -12 hour shifts in a row in my 14 year career(and that was within my 1st 5 years of career) as an RN. I believe there should be a limit as they do in the airline industry for pilots-fatigue could play a roll in errors.....
  7. by   rknauber
    I worked for 18 weeks straight. 11p-7a monday to friday and 7p-7a saturday and sundays. I was in my first year out of college doing a job I loved and I was desperatly needed to fill in. There were big bills from school to be paid and a lot of personal issues in my home life at the time. Working was an answer to the $ issues and an escape from a bad marriage. I will never work that way again!
  8. by   nurse_clown
    [font="comic sans ms"][color="dimgray"]my record is 15 shifts in a row between my two part time jobs. i just finished nine nights in a row. before that, it was ten nights in a row with one day off. but, my motivation was getting a new car, babysitting, school supplies, new clothes.... and the list goes on.
    but i think i'll stop for a while and just stick to my part time schedules. i'm getting way too tired for this....
  9. by   NurseCard
    The most shifts in a row that I have ever worked in my life is 14, and I wasn't even a nurse then. I was a cashier in a convenience store, and those were night shifts.

    My current position is so NON-demanding physically, that I could stand to probably work quite a few nights in a row. I could really use the overtime, that's for sure!

    My last position was med/surge, working 12 hour shifts, and I'm telling ya, they were LUCKY if they were able to get me to work any overtime. Such a grueling job, mentally and physically. I just couldn't stand to work much more than my three twelves a week.
  10. by   Tweety
    I'd tell you, but that's personal and I like personal detachment on a message board. hehehe........

    To the average Joe like myself what you're doing is rather unusal and I probably would have looked at you askance the same as that person did. Lately I can barely handle 2 in a row, sometimes 3 like recently right before my vacation. I had a financial goal of moving from NC to FL and I worked 8 12-hour shifts in a row, 3 day shifts and 5 night shifts.
  11. by   dorrybnursing
    I work M-F 11-7 at a NH, and I do Private Duty Sat 7-7 and Sunday 11-7. I have done this since March. I did take a week of vacation in July.

    I work with some nurses that have worked 16 hours per day for weeks at a time.
  12. by   MarySunshine
    Not me! The most I've ever worked is 5 twelves in a row and that just about killed me! My job is really demanding, both physically and mentally (I think most nursing jobs are, though) -- I just couldn't hack it. I'd have a breakdown at the end of such a long stretch and never be able to work another nursing shift for the rest of my life!
  13. by   anc33
    Well I guess I will never again complain about working for a month. Months on end? How does one survive that?
  14. by   weirdRN
    I can NOT even begin to imagine working for weeks or months on end with out a day off.

    Right now the longest I work is nine days. 7-3.