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  1. RobCPhT

    Throwing out Med Bottles, What else can I do?

    You can slap a colored sticker over it. Such as common ones found at Staples.
  2. RobCPhT

    UM/CM Interqual Fraud

    I apologize for not being more informative. I work for an insurance company that has way too many cases. Here is what is happening: To save time the director over the UM department is advising staff members to not run interqual for requests, but to "just wing it". On the documentation that is sent to the department of insurance and to our providers the denials state that Interqual criteria was used, when in fact is was not. This directive was hush hush, and I found a few of these when I was reviewing cases for medication compliance. I asked around a few individualss said they didn't like the idea, but did it anyway. I want to challenge it because its unethical, but I need something to back my case up.
  3. RobCPhT

    UM/CM Interqual Fraud

    Can someone help me with a "Scenario"? Let's say that a Utilization Management department of a health plan decides to not run Interqual on a breast reduction request and they deny the service, but in the denial they state they used Interqual guidelines when in fact none were used and when Interqual is later checked the surgery actually does meet and should have been approved. Now let's say this trend has been going on quite a bit to "save time". I think it's false documentation. Can anyone provide me with objective information (Interqual policy, regs, etc.) against this practice?
  4. RobCPhT

    Removing needle from syringe

    It's an OSHA reg and often state board reg that health care providers use safety products. Sooooooooo DO NOT USE NON SAFETY NEEDLES!
  5. RobCPhT

    Med error could cost my job? Need help!

    Honey when you said error I thought maybe you gave the wrong blood pressure pill to someone or something. 1 vicodin tablet is silly! It would be different if a whole box of oxycontin went missing. Just tell them you don't know what happened to it, and have them drug test you. Do you have a union?
  6. RobCPhT

    Generic Zoloft Anyone?

    You can check pharmacy regs but for something to be generic is has to have the same active ingredients. In LTC we switched all patients to it last month.
  7. RobCPhT

    How much notice to give?

    I always say make sure you have another lined up if you need the money. If not give a two week notice of resignation and search for another.
  8. RobCPhT

    canker sores

    Are any of the patients on proton pump inhibitors? If not lying down and acid reflux will cause this. Especially with meds that affect stomach acid. Something like prilosec or prevacaid would help this.
  9. RobCPhT

    Two year RN degree online?

    Chamberlain is all online, you do have to travel to St. Lois once a quarter for practical validations, but I think that is as close as it will get. http://www.chamberlain.edu/introducing.html
  10. RobCPhT

    Computer MARs, Tars, Charting?

  11. Why do people lie anyway? You can word things better than being blunt if they are afraid of that. Are people not skilled in rhetoric lol??
  12. RobCPhT

    Charting and documenting

    I grabbed an excellent one called ChartSmart. Has all kinds of little tables and boxes, and it has everything you would need. Ladies can't have all the answers
  13. RobCPhT

    OUCH!!!! Ampule issues. Anyone else have problems?

    Call the pharmacy or suppy department and request that they order disposable ampule breakers. They cover the ampule and shield your hand from nasty cuts. I order mine from healthcare logistics but you can find them anywhere. I hope this helps!
  14. RobCPhT

    What kind of pill crushers are you using?

    Silent Night is what all of my facilities use. It really gets the job done without the mess.
  15. RobCPhT

    How do you stop bad habits?

    Chantix is the new med that is growing in popularity. We have had great results in LTC. If you have medical insurance with your employer they usually have cessation programs for you.
  16. RobCPhT

    Ever Been Fired?

    Personally I would fill out applications say it wasn't a good fit. In many states the only thing they can tell prospective employers is your employment dates and what your pay was. Even though it's honesty, it's still taboo to tell employers you were fired. You will be able to find another job with ease. Check out this link and keep your head up! AskMen.com - Getting fired Good Luck!

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