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Okay, this is such a weird question, but I'm giving it a shot. Remember in nursing school how your hair had to be tied back, in a ponytail etc? It always seemed to be a practical thing to do, but... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    I don't mind wearing my hair up, but I really prefer it down. I have very nice shiny, long, black hair (now that haircut from hell is growing out). Part of my problem is that I just don't know how to make a decent ponytail or do the cute clippy thing. Plus, I have chubby cheeks that already make me look young, so when I pull my hair up, I look about 17 or 18. But, despite my complaints of always wearing hair up for clinicals, I do think it is better to wear up when caring for patients. I once wore my hair part up and part down to clinicals and my hair just irritated the h*ll out of me.
  2. by   catrn10
    I have long hair down to the middle of my back. I always either french braid it, or put it up in a bun. I can't imagine wearing caps again, those things got dirty and mine had a tendency to fall off. Getting blue dyed poop out of a white hat leaves a lot to be desired. We are supposed to be Nurses, not fashion models, and our job is dirty at times. I wear my hair down only on special occasions, even at home I keep it up. It may be my hair, but I still don't want to find it in a salad.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by Babe
    I think nursing caps should be worn and white uniforms as well, what happened to those student nurse uniforms, I know most don't agree but it has really gotten to the point that a nurse looks like a housekeeper in most places around here, untill lately that is when nurses were told to put their scrubs and cartoon tops away and dress like nurses again. I'd like to have a cap to hide and hold my hair up if I ever get out of nursing school that is!!!! There really were good reasons behind most of the maddness! The question was hair , mine is getting longer and I wear it up most of the time, lots safer out of the way!
    SO have the housekeepers wear HOUSEKEEPER uniforms that identify them as such. I dont' think cause we don't wear white uniforms (that in a bloody place like OB would be laughable, we would look horrible in the 1st hour) and those silly hats make the NURSE. We can look professional in scrubs and w/o those hats. You will find "out there" it is impractical to try to keep a cap in your hair when you are working 12-14 hours a day. With my thick, curly hair, try IMPOSSIBLE. Besides, what MALE would wear all white and a cap? If we would have to, why not them? I think male nurses in all white remind me of the Good Humor man (sorry...but it's just what I saw in nursing school!)
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  4. by   BuffaloLPN
    THANK YOU everybody! well, except that one difficult person who even thinks false nails are okay .

    WALMART_ADN- I work at Children's on the adolescent floor.
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    I had fake nails twice, couldn't stand it.
    As for hair, I used to have it short. It is now to the middle of my back, hair clips don't stay in my hair. Can't find any strong or big enough to hold it all. I ALWAYS wear my hair up at work. Either in a high pony or a twisty pony bun.
    When I am home & have my hair down, or go out somewhere, you can bet that in about an hour, it's going back up. I should just have it cut short, but that adds an extra 30 minutes of beauty time in the morning, to blow dry, curl, & get it just right. That is 30 extra of sleep I would be sacrificing. So I keep it long, wash it, put it up, & I am ready to rock.
    BOOOOO to caps. When I was in LPN school, 11 years ago, I had to wear one. It was nuts. I had to use so many bobby pins just to get it to stick to my head, it was constantly crooked or falling off. IKKKK
  6. by   alwaysthere
    I have long dark wavey hair...and keep it up even out side of work..@ work usually wear it in a bun..or twist or braide it a then twist it up...on rare occasions i braid it and leave it down
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    My hair is short now but when it was longer, down to my shoulders, I always pulled it up into a ponytail or into one of those clipy things. I think that having your hair swinging all over the place is unprofessional.
  8. by   MrsK1223
    Just my take on the uniform situation. I do think that housekeeping should have a specific kind of uniform that says one way or another "housekeeper or janitor" as should nurses aids. Nurses work too hard to be confused with non-healthcare professionals and we need to differentiated for safety purposes. But I would die if I had to wear white can usually see thru some of the whites, you can't keep them clean, they often yellow, and its plain boring. I do think nurse should wear pins that are readable. I think all staff should wear identification tags with their titles or jobs listed so patients and family know who they need to get.
    And my hair is shoulder length or an inch above and I wear it down but I work in an physician's office. I used to wear it up alot but got used to it being down. But if it was much longer would certainly wear it up in any other setting.
  9. by   NurseyNursey
    My hair is collar length. I will usually pull it back into a ponytail or just the front into a clip or a barrette. It depends also what is going on at work.

    Whites and caps are a laughable notion. Get Housekeeping some uniforms!
  10. by   NurseShell
    OH PULEEZ NO WHITE CAPS!! Ick!! The hospital I'm at has specific uniforms for specific employees:
    Nurses wear scurbs of their choice
    CNAs wear navy blue scrubs
    Housekeeping wears black pants and lightblue striped shirts.
    Transport wears that standard bluish scrub
    My school has us wearing hunter green scrubs with our school name embroidered on the shirt in white so it stands out..

    Everyone wears photo name badges that must be visible and readable at all times.
  11. by   Jamesdotter
    I have fine, thin hair (as I get older, it gets finer and thinner). Our caps kind of sat on top of our heads and were held on with a couple of bobby pins. I had a heck of a time keeping mine on, especially after graduation, when I was working in OB. We used fetoscopes, the kind you put over your head (for bone conduction of sound). Between the darned thing falling off and having to take it off for checking FHTs, I was SO happy to quit wearing it.
  12. by   WalMart_ADN
    cool buffalo, i did my clinicals on Variety-9....loved it. that's the rotation that sent me running towards pediatrics after i graduated.