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What is your favorite nursing gadget (can be practical and necessary, like your stethoscope or nursing shoes, or just for fun). I admit that I am a bit of a freak about office supplies in general,... Read More

  1. by   talaxandra
    My penlight torch - essential on night duty for avoiding tripping on things, checking pumps and looking in on patients without waking them up.

    I've also got a mini pulse oximeter I picked up at a conference - I'm just so protective of it that I don't use it as often as I could because some of my patients are festy!

    I also use four-colour pens. I use the green ink for handover, with updates overnight and on subsequent shifts using the other colours so I can track changes.
  2. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from madnurse2b
    I truly am in love with my iPhone - it's sad really.
    It's not sad!!! It's wonderful! Rejoice! For now you know the endless possibilities ....

    Quote from madnurse2b
    I admit I still love doing a BP by hand so I can hear with my own ears (I swear some of those machines are NOT calibrated)
    In my ED, I re-check any abnormal BP manually. I trust my ears and my brain more than I trust machines.

  3. by   JanisM
    My Joey pouch. It's available here in Australia and it was designed by a nurse. It's the best thing ever- everything has it's place and it looks really professional.
  4. by   JanisM
    I am very amused by the amount of pen fanatics here- I feel SO at home!