You wont believe this!

  1. Some of you may remember me posting a couple of weeks ago about me having a low platelet count. Well I had repeat bloods and it is still low - gone up a bit from 104,000 to 114,000. So when I rang I was told I need to see the Doctor. The 1st appointment they could give me was 9th september!!!!! Then she said 29th August.

    So I played hell with them and told them I could be dead by then! She wouldnt budge - I have to ring on monday for an appointment on tuesday!!!

    As I am in work on monday my hubby will ring up for me!

    So after all that waiting (2 weeks) - I am still none the wiser!

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  3. by   GAstudent
    try a diff doc.
  4. by   suehp
    Not as easy as that GAStudent!!! My local Doctors are the only ones in our area and one that is 4 miles up the road that I deal with in work dont cover our area! It stinks but thats life!
  5. by   Tweety
    That's obscene, but that's the way it is here too. I'm restricted by my insurance plan who to go to. Some of them aren't even taking new patients. A four or more week wait for nonemergent appointments is not unheard of. For emergent ones they say just go to the ER, duh.

    Good luck.
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Maybe if you just go to your doctor's office, and faint on the floor ? Just a suggestion, but one that I think packs a wallop! It really bugs me! They think they are the all-important ones, and we're all just peons. I don't think so.
  7. by   tonchitoRN
    this is an example that there is a shortage of doctors. the whole medical system is crashing right before our eyes.
  8. by   glascow
    I wouldn't recommend anyone do this.
    But.....this is what many people do. Present to the ER with complaints of .....make something up that would warrant them to admit you. Maybe you could c/o CP or something, then they would admit you for observation. When the results of the CBC come back, demand that you see a Dr. about the thrombocytopenia before being discharged.
  9. by   suehp
    LOL - like it!!! But I am not a very good liar!!!!
  10. by   caroladybelle
    She needs something more specific to Hemo for that.

    But I will also tell you that many hemos do not do much unless you are 50,000 or below, or symptomatic. I have seen a number of people that run that low (100, 000 - 125,000)routinely. Unless you are having major surgery soon or very symptomatic or you have other hemo abnormalities (low RBCs/WBCs), there are limits as to what they do initially ( checking the microscopics or bone marrow) unless other abnormals are present

    Yes, it needs to be checked up on but there are generally not a lot of hemo/oncos out there and they can be booked up and pricey to boot, and they taking emergencies first. And while that count sounds scary, their major worries are going to be with the 10-50,000, or the highly symptomatic, or those with other altered counts. Are WBC's or RBC's low or abnormal on smear? Are you having rectal bleeding, Hematuria, abnormal bruising, nose bleeds, gastric ulcers, bleeding gums, sudden onset abnormal headaches? Playing up those may help. Many of my onco/hem pts do not get transfused unless PLTs<10,000/or symptomatic.

    Yes, it is scary but try to look at the overall picture.

    Also, be aware some herbals, and some diet pills have been linked to lower plt counts.

    PM me if you wish.

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  11. by   suehp
    Thanks for that Carolina.

    I was bruising easily a few months ago and even if I scratched myself I would bruise - but I havent bruised for ages now - I will probrably will now I have said this!

    I am not bleeding anywher I shouldnt be either - although my period was heavy again a few months ago which now I think about it was when I was bruising easily!! I have had the odd headache too.

    Apart from feeling constantly tired - which could be :
    work 45 hours a week
    have 2 boys(7yrs and 16 months)
    Hubby with ME
    studying to do my NCLEX so I can get my License to nurse in US
    etc etc.

    I am not overly worried and as your post has clarified things too - that has helped.

    I would just like to know what my Doc is going to do especially as they want to see me - they dont often offer like that over here!!!

    I am just disgusted at the way I was treated on the phone by the receptionist. I had to be careful to as i was ringing from work!!

    Anyway thanks again Carolina for sharing your knowledge.

  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    Here are some links that might be helpful:

    Bruising-bleeding into the skin:

    Thrombocytopenia-Low platelet count:

    Hope you get to see the doctor soon do your fears/concerns can be addressed. Let us know how things turn out.
  13. by   Rocknurse
    Sue, just ring up your surgery and ask for an emergency appointment. They may give you some grief but they should try to fit you in the next day. Stick to your guns and stand up for yourself. Just say you feel ill and it's not geting any better.
  14. by   suehp

    I finally got to see a doctor today and she is referring me to a Hematologist - she said my platelets arent too low but she will refer me anyway as I have other symptoms. She said it could be Thrombocytopenia and also said that sometimes they never find the cause too.

    So more waiting..................

    Sue xx