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  1. by   prison_nurse
    Quote from ChristyRN2009
    But broadly, I don't think you should become a nurse if you don't like people in general. An ability to find good in most people is especially needed.
    I agree, but it's surprising how being a public servant can cause a frequent dislike of people...
  2. by   chicookie
    you like having a social life.
  3. by   Lovely_RN
    If you're incapable of letting verbal and emotional abuse roll off of you like water off a duck's back

    If you don't have extremely thick skin

    If your easily irritated by whining

    If you care a lot about whether people think you're a nice person

    If you're a push over...just can't say no...are timid

    If you anger easily or are highly emotionally reactive in other ways

    If you're disorganized

    If you're only capable of doing things one way

    If you don't have a little MacGyver in you...knowing/learning how to make something out of nothing is almost a must
  4. by   shrimpchips
    ...if you don't like cleaning up blood and poop and urine and other bodily fluids.

    ...if you think you are ALWAYS right and ALWAYS know everything. nursing is an on-going learning profession - it's okay to not know something.

    ...if you do not show love, compassion and empathy to your patients.
  5. by   metal_m0nk
    For most things, it takes all sorts. Certain personality traits are going to prove most valuable in different specialties probably. Some of this stuff is completely unnecessary if you happen to work with at least a few people who have a live and let live philosophy - so long as you do your job and do it well.

    Don't let people tell you that just because you're entering into a field where abuse of human rights is common, that you have to quietly take it if you want to be successful in the profession. As with anything, don't bother compromising yourself beyond your personal, individual boundaries just to get from point A to B.

    Always keep your options (and mind) open whenever you accept a position and don't hesitate to keep looking and/or hit the road if you find yourself in an unworkable situation.

  6. by   metal_m0nk
    Forgot to add...

    Keep in mind that people can only advise you with respect to their specific experiences which are tempered by their own strengths and limitations and in most cases will differ from your own.

    While it's all good food for thought, take it with a grain of salt. And if you have the luxury of being able to read between the lines, consider the source.
  7. by   wonderbee
    You should not become a nurse if you expect logic to prevail.

    You should not become a nurse if you expect your patients to get well.

    You should not become a nurse if you don't like people.

    You should not become a nurse if you take insults from patients personally.

    Among co-workers, you should not expect the golden rule "do unto others" to work in your favor. It's usually pretty one sided.
  8. by   RNKPCE
    Do not become a nurse if..........

    1) You aren't ready to really really work hard to get through nursing school

    2) If you think nursing school is where you will learn the most about nursing................. the reality is what you learn in nursing school is the tip of the iceberg. You learn so much your first few year working at the bedside.

    3) You can't think on your feet, prioritize, assess a situation, or know when to call the doctor.............. at least 75% of nursing is mental( using your brain to make decisions) and the rest is physical(tasks).

    4) You don't realize how much documentation is required of the job.........and growing all the time.

    5) You can't handle taking care of a 95 year old demented patient that the family still wants a full code

    6)You can't understand that death is not always the worse thing to happen to a patient.

    7) Can't stand being stuck in the middle and often blamed when patients, family members, or doctors are mad about something that has nothing to do with you.

    8) Have a bad back or bad feet.
  9. by   RN_Canada
    You should not become a nurse:
    ...if you must have predictability in your life
    ...if you cannot embrace diversity of cultures and abilities
    ...if you cannot work hard through the rigors of university education and clinical practice at the same time.
    ...if you cannot follow rules and regulations or prefer a more "organic" matrix to your work life - read flexibility
    ..if you don't really care about helping people and their families
    ...if you do not want to be part of meaningful human experiences when people enter and leave this world of human experience.
    ...if you want to work in a dull boring job that has no opportunity for advancement and lifelong learning
    ...if you do not care about a starting wage of $29.00 per hour, a 6 -9 step salary scale, pension benefits, sick time, paid education leave, job security, extended medical benefits and more.

    And finally do not become a nurse if you would rather work with things that are concrete, predictable, and never changing rather than working with humans who are vulnerable, unpredictable, and always in a process of growing and learning.

    My name will inform you of the context of my comments as I am in Canada. I am appalled that nurses have posted here that they get yelled at and are not respected.
    A strong labor union movement has adressed most of these issuese in Canada but no workplace is perfect. Even accountants, engineers, and sales clerks get yelled at!
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  10. by   linzz
    1. You want a job where if you are tired that day, you can just coast through your shift. You really need to be tuned in to your patients each day.

    2. You don't think you will have to pay your dues in some way, shape or form.

    3. You don't think that you can learn from your more experienced peers because you have spent lots of time in school.

    4. You don't think that you should have to do anything extra like clean up after yourself or your patient.

    Rant over.
  11. by   ToxicShock
    ...If you let your religious beliefs compromise patient care.
    ...If you have ANY doubts about whether or not you should go to nursing school.
    ...If you can't stand up for yourself or for your patients.
  12. by   zuzi
    ...if your own personality profile is not fitted at all with THE nurse personality profile
    ...if you don't have an adaptable personality and you see too straight to see the all or too twist to see the correct path
    ...if you can't understand the social relations beetwen you, others, society
    ....if ME and my ego is much most important than any others.

    I belive that ANYONE could be THE NURSE IF is able to change and work to change him/her self and are enough introspected to see when him/her behaviors are not appropiate
  13. by   beachbutterfly
    You shoud not become a nurse if you are lazy,disorganized,apathetic and prejudist