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  1. by   CelticNurse
    You know you are a nurse if.............

    ........somebody complains of an ache and you reply with the words "describe the pain".......
  2. by   P_RN
    OMG, I just finished watching ER,
    used the spray on bandaid from the vet on my hubby's hand cut, masked off the kitchen cabinet with micropore tape,
    and was thinking how long it is before I will HAVE to go to the BR and leave the computer.....oooops no one here to get on the puter and use delete my charting anymore.

    OMG I must be a Nurse!!
  3. by   nana kathy
    You might be a nurse if:

    You try and use your ID badge to pay for your gasoline after working a 12 - 16 hour shift......

    You go to appointments right after work, visit the school, pick up the kids, stop at the mall, and buy groceries, gas, or pick up the dry cleaning dressed in SCRUBS!!!!!!

    You can visualize the med cabinet contents more than you can remember the contents in the refridgerator..........
  4. by   DAB
    . . . . if you sign DAB, RN on your checks.

    . . . if you initial your children's homework.

    . . . if your nieces and nephews come running into a family reunion and say we need you to come quick, someone got hurt and you immediately start barking orders (and people actually do what you ask) and preparing a med kit for all possible scenarios. (actually happened!!)
  5. by   kaycee
    DAB, I have done the check thing LOL. I have also signed RN after my name on excuses and field trip notes for my kids for school.

    I have also answered my home phone in a rush, emergency dept can I help you.(haven't done it for a long time though)
    Anyone else?
  6. by   DAB

    Just today I grabbed my phone, introduced myself and said may I help you. Maybe I've been working too much.
  7. by   nicola
    How about you might be a HH nurse if your bag for work and your bag for personal stuff (pocketbooks are just too dang small!) are similarly stocked.

    I've been fussed at for palpating my boyfriends' veins (they are beautiful and I've told him so!) in church when I wasn't listening to Father's preaching...
  8. by   KatWright
    You can look at a pale person and calculate their H&H
    Your kids know that they have to go to school unless they are bleeding profusely, have a temp of 106 AND seize for 10 minutes or longer while incont of P & Poo
    You know that Goobers are not necessarily referring to candy.
    You know that a Code Brown is not an event that you want to be a part of.
    You have a pair of hemostats in every room of the house, each car, the sewing basket, the first aid kit, the garage, the laundry room...............
    You don't recognize people that you took care of for 6 weeks because they are fully dressed.
    These are fun!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   ryaninmtv
    You've ever practice getting pediatric VS on your cat.
    You know that hemostats can be drug paraphenalia.
    You have made an adjoining table vomit over lunch.
    You've come home from work wondering what that hideous smell is only to realize it's you.

    We are a sick group.