Would you live here

  1. A medium sized , older, established city on the water front.
    Highest taxes in the country, highest rate of asthma, especially in the city's hispanic population that makes up 20% of the overall population. Highest incidence of CVA's, MS, DM. They are laying off police officers and talking about going to one man patrols. In a city where there is at least 4 fires per week big enough to make the news, they closed firehouses and are laying off fireman. 400 teachers in the states 2nd worst acedemic school system were layed off becasue of a $15 million budget deficiet. The 8 floor childrens' hospital which isthe only around for 100 miles is being moved to 2 floors of a decrepit old hospital thats part of the hospitals system. MD's are leaving by the dozens. There is no longer a ENT residency program from the university. Surgeries are cancelled for lack of anestiologists. Stat CT scans done at night must be faxed to NY city to be read, there are few Radiologists left. If you are a new nurse or just moved to the area (not likely) and wamt to work in the hospital you'll start off at $10-12 for lpn's and $15-17 for RN's if you can find a job in the hospital, even though they are severly understaffed. You can do home care for one of the many agencies, RN's make about $14/hour, no bennies. How about the weather, 100" of snow so far and it's only february. Lot's of construction, mostly striop mall that go unfilled, but make the coners they are onlook nice. Why don't you open a resturant, you'll probably be out of business in 6 months. Want to convert an old empty building downtown into somthing useful? You'll be wating abotu 5 years for the permits. What a great place to live, Buffalo NY.
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  3. by   Cubby
    The folks who run the 'welcome wagon' are kinda bored huh? Doesn't sound like the place I would want to live!
    Oklahoma is pretty cool!
  4. by   mustangsheba
    So, Kewl, when are you going to move. I would never accept those wages unless the cost of living were commensurate. Like, how much is a one-bedroom apartment?
  5. by   hoolahan
    Kewl, can you commute a little for better wages? How about in Canada? Any local hospitals?

    You sound bummed. I would be too, but it usually is about the gloomiest time of the year now, esp with all that snow. Hate to tell ya we had a 50 degree day here in joisey! It snowed yesterday, and is gone today. That's the way I like snow, pretty to watch, glad to see it go and go quickly!

    Sounds like you need a change! Hang in there, winter will be gone soon, and maybe things will look a little brighter.
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Can it really be that bad!? In New York? Are there all boarded up businesses too. That is a sign that a community is going belly up. There are communities that exist for retirees only. Many places down South are like that...a retiree economy...and I can get into the politics of them, but will spare us.
    Just move out; Don't mess around, if it brings you down. I used to think Portland, OR was kind dull until I realized the SAD (seasonal affective disorders) which can explain why some people can get all dull and lackluster during rainy months (years?). Ya gotta hang tough, if you like living where you are. You'll be all right :-)
  7. by   P_RN
    Nope wouldn't like to live there. How about South Carolina....Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places and.........

    NO SNOW.

    SO KEWL.......C'MON DOWN.....!!! :roll
  8. by   aimeee
    No thanks, Kewl. So what's keeping you there?
  9. by   zumalong
    Kewl--I live near Rochester and things are bad, but no where near that bad. We have lost so many jobs from cutbacks at Kodak and Xerox. We lost Corning. BUt nursing jobs are plentiful. We are starting to see better incentives. Why dont you commute to here? Strong has a great childrens hospital. (and we have only had 35" snow all year!!)
  10. by   kewlnurse
    Stuck here because the wife won't move therefore my son and daughter won't move. When I do get laid off, which is probably inevitable with in the next year or so, I'm not even sending out resumes in this area, it's a waste of a stamp. I'll either take a travelling gig or head to SC where i want to go anyway

    Mustang a 1 bedroom apartment in the city is about $300-$400 bucks, in the burbs it's $400 and up, i think neer really priced a 1 bedroom, people say it's cheap to live here but they don't look at all the numbers. You can buy a house in the city (not recomended) from about $50,000 and up for somplace almost not a slum. The burbs you can get a 1000 sq ft house for about $75,000. BUT on that $75000 house you will pay about $2400 in taxes, $360 for water, about $150/month for gas (in the winter) and another $75 for electric, which i don't get since we live 10 minutes away from one of the largest hydroelectric plants in N. America (Niagra Falls).
    Hoolahan- the wages are horrible in canada, worse than here
    Mario, yes it is that bad, don't confuse us with NY city, were 500 miles west, although thats where all our tax dollars go.
  11. by   prmenrs
    I sure wouldn't live there!!! Why is the wife not wanting to go? Guess that's probably none of my business, so don't answer if you don't want to. ? $360 for water? WOW!!!

    I live in overpriced San Diego (at least for real estate), I have probably one of the cheapest condo's in town ~$140K now, 72K when I bought it in 1985, but my mortgage is under $600, and I couldn't RENT cheaper than this. Gas & Electric is about $70-80/mo, water ~ $50/mo.

    Don't think we'll be neighbors anytime soon!!
  12. by   VickyRN
    God's a Tarheel,
    Yes, it's true. Otherwise, why'd He make the sky CAROLINA BLUE!!!
    Live in sunny North Carolina. Bought a small 3 bedroom house back in '87, mortgage is $250/month. Taxes, utlilities equally cheap. Have a wood stove, don't pay much for heat. Good-paying jobs are scarce, but nursing jobs are plentiful--hospitals are screaming for nurses--we make some of the best salaries in the area--$19-$20 base pay. Cost of living is low. People are wonderful, nice country folk.
    Come on down! Have the beach to your front, the mountains to your back and the golden Triangle in between!