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I was trying to sleep the other day and somebody rang my doorbell at 1130 just as I was gettting there :angryfire. Made me so mad I couldn't go back to sleep for a L O N G time. I called in sick... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from warpster
    lack of sleep was how i lived when i worked night 12s. i was pretty consistently sleep deprived.

    i was rabid when some poor fool rang my doorbell while i was sleeping, and some of them would not go away until i flung open the door and shrieked at them. notes on the bell never deterred them, espcecially the religious proselytizers.

    on the upside, the shrieking worked and i've had few people ring my doorbell in the past few years until late afternoon.

    in any case, something pretty drastic had to be wrong for me to call in sick.
    [font="comic sans ms"]i used to work nights with a 350 pound male respiratory therapist who sleeps in his jockey shorts. (i know this because he told me.) one day, about noon, he was sleeping and his doorbell rang despite the very large, very red sign above the bell reading "day sleeper". his golden retrievers, predictably, started to bark. they went into their usual barking frenzy while jimbob laid in the bedroom (above the front door) and waited for them to stop.

    as the dogs stopped barking, he swears he heard giggling from the front stoop. (bedroom is directly above, window was inexplicably open.) then the doorbell rings again, dogs go into a barking frenzy and jimbob lies in bed contemplating bloody murder.

    dogs stop barking, giggling ensues and the doorbell rings again. by now, jimbob has had enough. he leaps out of bed and, grabbling the big old double barrelled shot gun, runs to the front door and flings it open.

    "what do you want?" he bellows, jacking the shotgun.

    two little religious proselytizers on a mission to convert the heathen day sleepers turn a ghastly shade of white and run in the opposite direction just as fast as they can go.

    jim bob claims he hasn't been bothered by them since. i guess a 350 pound guy wearing nothing but jockey shorts and carrying a shotgun can be a frightening sight!

  2. by   pineapple lump
    am sure most nurses have worked when they were sleep deprived...goes with the territory at times. being professionals we should be able to exercise our right to know when to protect ourselves and our patients without guilt.
  3. by   rjeitabs
    I would call in sick if I really need to. but I wouldn't let myself not getting enough sleep that I need to function well. I don't trust my judgment when I'm a bit drowsy.
  4. by   Nur_1996
    I thought of this post today. I had a dental appointment for a toothache. Had the appointment at 9:30 after working nights/ 12 hour shift, by the time I got out of there, got my prescriptions, and went to bed, I had around 3 hours sleep. (I have had less before) But here I am. Oh, by the way, I still have the toothache, the dentist will extract it on Tuesday. I will get through tonight, because, I am off the weekend!!
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  6. by   Galvatron1
    not while I was on probation, but now that I'm not...maybe![EVIL][/EVIL]
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    The question was "didn't get ANY sleep"

    I've worked after getting less than a full nights sleep, maybe take a nap at lunch, but never up the whole night.

    Working a shift while seriously sleep deprived may be hazardous to your patients' health.
  8. by   caliotter3
    In another line of work I was a shift worker and have had bad sleep practices reinforced due to full time school and multiple jobs. I have rarely called in sick for any reason. Have gone ages with perfect attendance records. But have had severe bouts of insomnia in the past. A couple of times I had to call off because of no sleep, I knew I was dangerous behind the wheel. Another incentive: I had attracted the attention of law enforcement when I was falling asleep at the wheel, clearly impaired to be driving. They started to "put it to me" whenever I would go to work. I had to start being careful, just like someone who habitually drinks and drives. This all stopped when I got super sick and lost all my jobs.
  9. by   Nurse Smiley
    Good Morning Nurses, :smiletea2:

    It is interesting reading your posts on this important topic!

    I am a new one month nurse and I can remember one of my nursing instructors periodically telling us that "THE HEALTHY NURSE HAS SIX HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT"! I say six hours is functional but seven plus hours is great!

    Yes, I would call in sick because I would not want to jeopardize a client's life.

    Happy Nurses Week,
    Nurse Smiley :spin:
  10. by   crissrn27
    I have a coworker that was in a MVA after working 12 hours and staying over for a meeting. She broke 2 cervical vertebrae. Nuff said. You need sleep.
  11. by   Male_UT_RN
    It would depend on the circumstances, such as personal problems as well as not getting enough sleep. If I was distracted due to personal problems and lack of ENOUGH sleep sur I would call in. otherwise I would go in as long as I had 4 to 6 hours of sleep. I usually work nights 12h shifts, therefore if I can get to REM sleep or deep sleep I do ok with 4 -5 hours, but if I do not get to REM or deep sleep I need 6 hours minium to function.
  12. by   KellNY
    Yeah, not trying to start a shift war, but there's a BIG difference bewtween...let's say a part time 3-11 worker getting 3 hours of night sleep and coming in next day at 1500 and a FT 1900-0730 worker getting 3 hours of day sleep before returning that night at 1900 for their 3rd or 4th night in a row.

    All special circumstances not withstanding, the shift and amt of hours worked per week (in any capacity) have to be taken into account before you make the judgement call of whether or not it's warrented or excusable or whatever.
  13. by   care.inc
    Quote from Arwen_U
    I was trying to sleep the other day and somebody rang my doorbell at 1130 just as I was gettting there :angryfire. Made me so mad I couldn't go back to sleep for a L O N G time. I called in sick because I wouldn't go to work on no sleep. Turns out I finally DID go to sleep so I called back & said I'd come in if they needed me.

    So I got curious: Have you called in sick (or would you) because you hadn't gotten any sleep (after trying, of course) by the time you're required to call in for your shift?

    No, I would not call in sick. Where I work it is often difficult to find a replacement nurse. I would tough it out .The shift is only eight hours long ,and if I keep busy it will go by in a flash.
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