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  1. Why Do People Bully Me?

    Wow, thank you ever so much for writing this article. I had no idea that there were so many other nurses going through the same experiences. All of these comments are so valid. I have been told that I possess the traits listed above and have been ...
  2. Going to Nursing School at an Older Age

    I am glad that your co-worker is not in HR! The nursing shortage would be more severe with such a philosophy. Most of the students in my nursing class were ages 30 - 65 and all of us excelerated very well with A/B averages. We asked questions in cla...
  3. (not)Another LVN or RN post!

    Hi Kenrb27, Congratulations on your ambitious goals. You might want to sit down with good old fashion paper and pen and write your realistic goals with priorities. All of your choicies are admirable and are certainly attainable, however, you need ...
  4. "Nurses Eating Their Young"

    Hi eriksoln, You are fortunate to have worked with nurse leaders with a committment to change this phenomenon. In the book there are analogies to tribal group behavior, professional tradition, and examples of overt and covert hostilities with v...
  5. "Nurses Eating Their Young"

    Hi KelRN24, Great! I hope that you really enjoy it! Please let me know your feelings and perspectives once you have read and finished it. Happy TGIF, Nurse Smiley
  6. Nurses, Interview Your Prospective Manager!

    Wow, thank you everyone! As a newer nurse, I have been afraid to ask an interviewer about turn over for fear of being seen as too inquisitive and not minding my own business. I read on a website not to ask about it because if it is a sore spot for ...
  7. "Nurses Eating Their Young"

    I recently finished this book, Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility, Why Nurses Eat Their Young and Each Other, by Kathleen Bartholomew and it has some great insights that might help numerous nurses on both sides of this experience. As a four year nurse, ...
  8. Stand At Attention!!

    Welcome cbj73, It is unfortunate that you quit the program at that time but I am glad that you are with us now; congratulations. It is my opinion that most of your co-workers and supervisors will be somewhat reasonable but you may still run into so...
  9. I need your advice please - Please read

    Hi Tiffany 311, You have taken your stand in your right to defend yourself. Remember, that the instructors can have frustrations and moods too. It is unfair that you were the object of such a caddy remark, however, let this be a lesson for you in ...
  10. Petition the boards

    Hi Akkrite909, Your CNA/LVN goals are admirable and ambitious! However, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do all of your clinical hours before challengning the Boards! I am a two year LVN, graduated from an excellerated 18 month program, and am...
  11. C'mon, let's play!! Real-World NCLEX Practice Questions

    Hey Angie O' Plasty, That was really a funny one! :rotfl: I was ready to contribute on the "serious side" too! Thanks so much for the hearty laugh! :roll Power to All Nurses, Nurse Smiley
  12. retention bonus for RN's and LPN's

    Hi kizzykatlove, Please explain "What is a retention bonus?" I am a first year nurse and I have not yet heard of this bonus plan. Thank you, Nurse Smiley
  13. hocus pocus

    ebear, Best of luck to you in your new adventure! Power to all Nurses, Nurse Smiley
  14. hocus pocus

    RN1989, Thank you for the excellent career advice. We will see what the future will bring to our unit. There is current communication regarding hiring additional nurses. "Let us pray"! Nurse Smiley
  15. hocus pocus

    I love the title of this seminar and I totally agree with ebear! I cannot stop laughing at the name. I was told last week that I will soon be alone to take care of 35 residents in a SNF and without a Unit Coordinator. Half of these residents have ...