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Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you... Read More

  1. by   Lisa CCU RN
    H E double hockey sticks NO.
  2. by   GingerSue
    no, I would not work for $11/hour

    23 years ago I was being paid around $12/hour and
    ten years later I was being paid $20/hour
    so by now it should be around $35/hour

    considering the responsibilities involved in nursing and the education involved, I wouldn't accept less

    I can get a job telemarketing (which requires no significant education, just accuracy and good customer sales & service abilities) for $10/hour right now {and for that I can just do the job and forget it for the rest of the day}
  3. by   lysh7777
    sorry to say...I don't think I'd be a nurse for $11 and hour. I would make $11/hr babysitting. I just recently got married, and I live in the NE and there is no way I'd be able to keep up w/all my bills at $11/hr.
    Right now I'm making $27 and I'm a fairly new grad (May)
    Don't get me wrong I love nursing....but....
  4. by   solvey123
    In 2002-2005 I worked at a hospital for 23.95 a hr as a med surg rn. Went into private duty Home Care, at this time I recieve 65.00 for 1 hr. opener, 58.00 for a discharge, 59.00 for a reg. visit (35-40 min) I work at an average o 52.00 an hr., set my own schedule, see approx 4-6 pts. a day, takes about an hour at home for paper work. Wouldn't trade it for the world and love what I do. Home care is the way to go, but only if its private duty. and you work contingent. To put it short, I laugh at 11.00 an hour considering the responsibility that an rn must accept
  5. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    Yup, I have wanted to be a nurse forever, and I never knew what the salaries ranged until I was deep into nursing school. :-)
  6. by   Jokerhill
    Get rid of all the school, license requirements, codes, dressing changes, Iv's, anything that causes stress or pain to a patient, the whole death and dying thing, and the legal issues. As well as there be no life threatening risk factors for infections we have no cure for. Well then still no as it is not nursing as we know it.
  7. by   moodyhotrod
    I live in East Texas and they are starting out new grads at $18.35 with a $7000 bonus. With all of the stress and having to worry with all of the meds people are on these days. We have peoples' lives in our hands, that is worth a lot more than $11.00. Just to pay the gas to and from your work and if you have child care, you would be better off at home doing nothing. If of course this was a second income. I seriously wonder if nurses get paid enough as it is. We are responsible for soooo much it just blows my mind. I dont think as much responsbility was on the shoulders of an RN several years ago. Also, with the law suits now you almost have to have your own insurance policy besides what an employers has on you.

    Just my opinion.
  8. by   Spritenurse1210
    Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you to consider the field?. Ill start it off by saying no I would not at $11 hr (to much risk, slave wage for the type of job it is etc) and even though our starting pay around here is $27 hr for new grads I would work for about $20 hr. Be honest with you answers

    i make more than 11 dollars an hour as a CNA for an hourly wage. I suppose if i was really really desperate and NEEDED that job , and had nothing else and no other options, then I would take it. I would definately look for another position QUICK!!!
  9. by   Ginger35
    Absolutely NOT!!! The risks do not outweigh the benefits as I see it now. Here in Ohio, I am making just shy of $23.00 / hour. Though, this is at a rural hospital that doesn't see as much volume and we do not have an ICU.

    We should be paid a heck of a lot more considering that we do everything that the docs should be doing or participating with.
  10. by   nursemike
    No, but at my facility, that's almost what LPNs are doing. Their starting pay is a bit over 12/hr, and the differences in our job description are pretty slight. Come to think of it, next time I'm getting into Pyxis and looking for a witness to waste so I can push 0.2mg of dilaudid, Q2H PRN, I should probably remind myself that I'm getting an extra 10-12 an hour for doing it (and a few other things).
    I do believe CNA--LPN--RN is a great track to enter nursing, but I wouldn't advise anyone--at least in hospital nursing--to stay an LPN any longer than it took to get an RN license.
  11. by   TNNurse92
    That was my starting salary in 92'. I thought I was rich. If offered that now, I would laugh. It would cost me to work; quality childcare and transportation costs would be too high. Saying that, I do love being a nurse--I am glad I do not have to face that salary/option.
  12. by   MS._Jen_RN
    Only if I lived in an area with a comparably low cost of living(Probably another country) and didn't have loans to repay. In my current residence, no way! I made more than that as an aide.
  13. by   ex1140
    I agree with some of the posters that stated that they were either making $11 or just under it before becoming a nurse. I wouldn't go to school to make what I could make without an education. And nursing can be tedious and demanding...it would not be worth it.