would like your opinions on this one

  1. [FONT=century gothic]HI..Listen to this one..Setting..LTC..25 PTS...supposed Muliple Sclerosis Adult floor...some pts true to format..others just there for various reasons....Very needy demanding group..An older pt ..60 yr old white female..private pay ..diabetic..one assist..does alot herself asks if I'm married..No I'm not. Asks if I have any children living with me..Yes I do.. a 13 yr old daughter..Did I have any pets..Yes..I have a Pug and A older cat...She then proceeds to "OFFER" me a wonderful opportunity for employment..She would like me to accompany her to Florida.. Her brother also lives in the house but will not help her with any care...There is also a husband somewhere in the picture..and a son and a grandson....they seem to live here in Ohio and spend alot of time in Florida at the house too..But none of these people can help her..She offers me a small bedroom..to share with my daughter..It has a double bed in it and she thinks it might have room for 2 twin beds ...but I would have to buy those if I wanted them..and comes with a shower and toilet ..no tub..That would be OUR room..She would provide the food and pay the utilities(Thats got to be done already since the brother lives there permantly)The family room is sort of the brothers computer room..he has 4 set up in there..But we could swim in the pool..that the cats have been using as a drinking bowl since her brother won't give them water..I could cook meals for all of us...breakfast lunch and dinner..but she likes to eat at the CHINESE Buffet once a week and she would pay for my daughter and me when we went to that!!!..all you can eat for $8.95.She would like to do some traveling and it would't be too hard for me to get her in and out of the van into her power wheelchair...She is continent but req.Freq Potty breaks..like Q1 hr at the facility now... She could pay me a small monthly STIPEND but not too much since she was providing room and board for my daughter and myself..so I could go work a few evenings at a nearby hospital for extra money and some health insurance..as long as my daughter was there to cook and help her..Oh and if she were to die I could still live there for a month or so until I found something else..Oh Boy!!She's been spending about 4 thousand a month on the LTC private pay..and any assisted living would be as much since she is not independent..can piviot from chair to bed with assist..needs help with insulin ect..A set up something like a 24 hour on call on demand servant plus medical needs to be met with some crappy food and less than minimum wage..plus still having to work a second job for any spending money..to meet my bills..Oh and the son told me I'd absolutely have to drive my vehicle down so I'd have something to drive because they freq.use the van..but I could follow them down so I could find the way..oh and I should be ready to go in a week or so....I HOPE THIS IS SOME WIERD FAMILY AND NOT SOME NEW PERCEPTION OF HOW LITTLE NURSES ARE VALUED.....This is even worse than managements perception of staff...WELL........WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK OF MY EXCITING LITTLE EMPLOYMENT OFFER?????/COLOR]
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  3. by   live4today
    Mopsi, I hope you told them where to stick their "employment idea"!
  4. by   JANRN
    oh my goodness!!??....you mean you had time to post....thought you'd rushing off to pack......sad....hope she wont be toooo upset when she gets turned down....sheesh!!! the nerve!!
  5. by   P_RN
    I think that's sad that her brother won't help her.

    She is mainly listing what she wants to be able to do. Be normal again. She probably realizes that you aren't going to accept it, but let her verbalize and if you can make some suggestions to guide her toward a more realistic scenario.

    I have a friend with post polio syndrome who has been greatly independent all her life.....went everywhere did everything.....Now no more. Without a companion she is only able to stay home or go out if she has someone with her.

    She offered me a similar deal. I had to say no, but I do believe it kind of cooled our relationship. She really needed someone and I wasn't able to help.
  6. by   NurseDennie
    Wow - she wants a cinderellanursey, doesn't she? Sounds like NO days off.

    It is sad that she needs to hire help to do what her family should be doing for her, but you have to wonder why people don't step up to what she needs. Maybe she's been a drain on them all along, or something. There is a member of my family who was in a position to do something that would have made a big difference in the lives of several people. Not "no." "HELL NO" Okay, there you go. You can't get angry at people (okay you *Can - like your friend P_RN but it's not fair) for not doing you a favor. But it's hard to put yourself out later on down the road.


  7. by   mopsi
    OOPS.....bad writing on my part ..This women dosen't have MS..Thats just the floor the facility could provide her with a private room...She is a non compliant diabetic..who had a MILD CVA...she into the being sick thing..not a hypochondriac..she just revels in her illness and has to have special things..like her own hospital bed special matress. Two power wheelchairs..her own fridge in her room to hold TRUFFLES and other goodies for he TREATS..room for her computer..room for the #3 wheelchair..extra wide...room for her personal bedside commode..that is extra wide..oh and her insurance will pay for none of this because they've detrimed its not necessary...all elective...Oh and somehow she gets a disability check too..she did mention that thats what she plans on using to pay her "HELP" with....
  8. by   sharann
    Wow, she would even allow your 13 yr old to stay home and cook for her when you were out at a second job? How gracious. I think that some people really believe that room and board is really high in the benefits and substitue for money. Unfortunately, many nurses from other countries WOULD take jobs such as this one, and be a slave, and act grateful. This is part of the problem of how we are percieved by some folks.
    So, when do you start......ha ha.
  9. by   thisnurse
    id tell her that i considered taking that position but i just didnt feel right unless i paid rent....id tell her i dont like taking advantage of people...lmao
  10. by   Agnus
    I'd say no thank you and leave it at that.
  11. by   PhantomRN
    Not only must you insist that you pay for the rent, but since you will be living in her house you must pay for all the food and utilities. LMAO

    I think we can guess why her family won't do much for her.
  12. by   night owl
    That's exactly what I would say, "No thank you." Sounds like you'd be getting into something you'd regret for sure. Your 13 y/o cooking for her? Your 13 y/o in the house with her brother? Hey things happen. You don't know these people. Tell them "no thanks." You'd be doing yourself and your daughter a favor.
  13. by   kids
    I'd be LMAO to hard to be insulted.

    I'll probably get my head bit off for this but in MHO...this lady doesn't need a Nurse, she needs an unskilled BUT trainable caregiver...if a family member can be taught to do diabetic care, transfers, etc so can a non-family member. I would politely decline and suggest she find herself a companion.

  14. by   Cubby
    RUN do not walk. As fast as you can!!