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  1. I am a new nurse. Been working a a hospital as an RN for 3 months now. My significant other works 5p-5a sunday thru thursday. I have to work every other friday and saturday 7p-7a. So that means we only get to spend time together every other weekend. It's only been three months, but i am sick of it. I miss him. Another thing.... like everyone else, I LOVE the holidays. I started my Xmas shopping 2 weeks ago. Today I am getting somewhat depressed because I know I will be working 7p-7a on both xmas eve and xmas day.

    I guess I am just curious... What types of nursing jobs (other than doctor offices) are out there where I would work striaght weekdays, weekends off, and holidays off. I am new to nursing, so i really don't know. I don't think I am going to run out and apply to these jobs, but it would just be nice to know I DO have the option ... especially when I am feeling depressed about not seeing my honey, or being with family on holidays.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   EmmaG
    Our radiation therapy nurses work that schedule; they are still considered hospital employees and get all the benefits, etc., that we all have. School nursing comes to mind, too. Had a friend leave the bedside to do school nursing, and she loves it. Never looked back.
  4. by   RNperdiem
    With enough experience(at least a year, although more is better) per diem positions allow maximum flexibility of schedule. Your hospital might have a few rules for the per diem employees about holidays(one summer and one winter).
    The downside is you have no benefits, vacation, retirement, or other benefits and your hours are not guaranteed. If you are financially able, you could buy your own health insurance and fund your own retirement accounts, and set aside savings for sick and vacation days. Not many people have that level of financial savvy though.
  5. by   Zookeeper3
    clinics, gi lab, special procedures, interventional radiology, same day surgery, minor treatment centers.
  6. by   agent66
    Personally I love working some holidays and weekends, nothing like grocery shopping during the week and if you don't feel like going to inlaws for a get together then , "so sorry i have to work " is always a good one.
  7. by   SarasotaRN2b
    I would just grin and bear it for now, and once you have some more experience you'll have more options.

    BTW, I too have a cat named your black?

  8. by   miko014
    If your SO is working 5p-5a, have you considered switching to nights and doing 7p-7a? That would at least make your schedules more compatible.

    As for the holidays, all I can say is, sorry, but you have to suck it up if you're going to stay at bedside. I know you said you are considering other options, but for the time being, you're going to have to do it. And honestly, sometimes working the holiday isn't bad. It's usually a fairly low census day (my unit usually has between 30 -35 pts and last year we had 14), and at least you'll be making good money for doing it. I am working on the holiday schedule for my unit now, and eveyone is being pretty good about working where we need them. Nobody likes to work the holidays, and nobody wants to work them. Can't you figure out a way to rearrange your plans so that you do your celebration on a different day? Also, on my unit, we try to not make someone work both the eve and the day of the holiday. Are you the only one who is expected tio work both? If I were you, I'd talk to the manager and say that it's important for you to have one of those days off. See if S/he can work it out for you. If not, sorry, but remember, we're all working the holidays too!
  9. by   TazziRN
    Part of being a bedside nurse is working the weird schedules. My family is used to celebrating holidays and birthdays and other celebrations a day or two late or early.
  10. by   EmmaG
    Quote from TazziRN
    Part of being a bedside nurse is working the weird schedules. My family is used to celebrating holidays and birthdays and other celebrations a day or two late or early.
    Our rule was everyone, regardless of seniority, had to work either the 'eve' or the holiday itself at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years'. We alternated it from year to year. I'd volunteer to work both nights in return for a chunk of time (3-5 days) off before or after the holiday. It was great
  11. by   bltfam
    you can always do home care so you can pick your days and hours I have worked on and off since were kids were born 12-13 years and i staserted in a hospital then went to private duty you have one patient and really can work as much as you want if you are good i only work during the time my kids are in school do 2-3 days a month during the summer and really dont work the holidays that i dont want to I will work mew years day or labor da. :spin:
  12. by   simbawicz

    Teaching, administrative type jobs such as case management, etc. I loved working weekends only--worked 48/52 weekends, but my hubby didn't love it. I got paid full time wages, had full time bennies. The up side for holidays? Only holidays falling on Sat/Sun qualified. So, once you got through Christmas Eve/Christmas, New Years' Eve/Day you had 6 years off holiday rotation unless you wanted to pick it up.

    Most weekday only positions are not available to new grads. Like others have posted, our hospital tries to be fair and rotate the holidays whenever possible; it was not seniority based, and often we can negotiate which holidays we work (we have to work 2 summer, 2 winter).

    Sadly, nursing can be tough on relationships, especially until you get enough experience to feel comfortable with independent options like agency nursing. Good luck with the struggle. It was a lot for me at first, too.
  13. by   mycatmax
    Thanks for all of the wonderful responses! I guess I was just feeling a little depressed about everything yesterday. I missed my honey.... and the thought of working on Xmas just made me sad! I have never in my life had to work on Xmas. I know that is a part of bedside nursing. I know I am going to have to deal with it. Just the whole thought of missing the family get together made me sad. But I do know that I NEED this experience! Also I am currently working on a BSN. I guess I will have more options later down the road. Thanks again everyone!!
  14. by   mycatmax
    p.s. My cat Max IS black. I named him Maxwell.... I drink my coffee black. :spin: