With all the negativity in some of these posts...(venting)

  1. I think my focus will be geared towards research when I graduate
    in a few years. I really don't want the hospital experience
    when all I read is mostly negative.

    Ok I'm done venting! I'll probably end up in there anyways.

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  3. by   fedupnurse
    I've been on this BB for a very short time, like a month. I have gotten so many ideas to help improve my workplace from the 'negative posts". It sounds like you haven't worked in a hospital setting yet. It is like no other experience you will ever have in your life. We use this BB to vent, to see how thing work in other parts of the world and to try to improve our lives at work. Out of the negative will come positive change. There is a huge shortage of nurses willing to work in hospitals and nursing homes. In my opinion, this is directly related to the negative work environment health care exec foster. So when you graduate come to a hospital setting and try to do what so many of us on this BB are trying to do: Make nursing a better profession with good working conditions and salary and benefits befitting our expertise.
    Good luck with school! Rethink that research stuff. We see life everyday at work. SOmetimes it breaks your heart and sometimes it makes you laugh out loud!
  4. by   P_RN
    AMEN to what Nancy said.
  5. by   MPHkatie
    I second Nancy, we have research nurses who often volunteer to assist in the ED, because they miss it. Although I am going on for my MPH, I will never regret my time in the hospital, as I have gotten so many opportunities to make a difference in so many ways. I consider it an honor to share some of the experiences I have with patients. (and then of course, there are those days where everything is like garbage, but hey, it's the ED.)
  6. by   fergus51
    Ditto! I hate some things at the hospital, but I can't imagine not doing patient care! It's why I went into nursing in the first place.
  7. by   moonshadeau
    I don't think that this bb is terribly negative. I have to agree that we all vent on this board, because only a nurse understands and wants to hear about all the gross, unbelievable crap that a nurse goes through in a day. Your family unless they are in the medical field won't understand and will stop listening to you. In my humble opinion. Hospital nursing is not bad. I choose it over nursing home anyday. But the thing to remember about nursing, and this is the reason why I went into nursing is that there is a specialty made just for you. Cardiac happens to be mine. But thank God that there are OB nurses, Psych nurses, ER nurses, Hospice nurses out there doing the job that I am not good at. You just have to find your niche. You have to form your own experiences and not always believe those on the bb. Plus you will find that the negativity goes in cycles. I have been on this board for almost two years. I don't reply to everything but I read everything. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  8. by   l.rae
    These posts are right on the money! Nancy, you are always so eloquent....very well said. I find this BB very cathartic... truly enjoy everyone on it and find all the contributions meaningful in some way, even if I'm not in agreement. This has been a very supportive arena no matter weather your up or down at the moment. You know when another nurse says, "I know how you feel,"........They truly do know........ and you are right Moonshadeau......non medical people do not know and do stop listening.......My family thinks I'm totally warped! Good luck to you. I hope you decide to try hospital nursing.....It's a dose of reality from many different walks of life....an education you will NEVER receive in school....Leaves you with a deeper level of knowlege regardless of the nursing path you eventually persue. PEACE........LR
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    Doesn't seem as much negative as useful for experience and sharing. Nursing has its negative points and the hospital is a tough place to be BUT it bonds you and there are so many more good experiences than bad. Do the research thing but unless you also do the nursing thing involving patients at the bedside, or a like environment, you will have no idea what we mean by being a nurse...Good luck and good fortune at whatever you do...Most challenges have some negativity attached...Thats called life....
  10. by   hoolahan
    Even if you wanted to go rith into research, most places will want you to have at least some clinical experience. Otherwise why even bother with nursing school? Any Bacc degree in science is usually enough for a research position.

    Ask yourself what made you want to become a nurse in the first place? Maybe more posts seem negative b/c we don't come on here and say WOW! What a wonderful day I had today!! We usually only post to vent and ask for advice. We usually don't need advice for having a good day!

    Agree with Nancy 100%
    And I agree with hoolahan 100%

    Well said hoolahan!

  12. by   teamrn
    There's a lot of venting and blowing off steam:imbar by people on this board. However, if you read closely, many of the posters have positive things to say about their nursing experience. The passions that nurses have are, unfortunately diminished/colored by experiences over years in varying surroundings. It's tough to remain the eternal optimist , when for years, you assume change is coming, then change is promised by management or other 'powers that be', and then it NEVER comes.

    However, we all went into nursing for a reason;mine was because I enjoyed people, health care fields, social work and science. After 20+ years as a nurse in hospitals and hospice, I'm no longer doing a whole lot of complaining. I try to do the advocating for a profession who's JOB it is to do patient advocating
  13. by   bhppy
    All points well taken! I enjoy reading all of your posts and I'll just keep my mind focused on my becoming one of you, because when it all comes down to it, it is what I really want.

    To hoolahan: You're right, why would any of you want advice on day that's gone well!

    Thanks to all who kicked me back into perspective!

  14. by   LasVegasRN
    My father has a saying "the best steel has to go through fire". The very core of nursing starts from care of the patient at bedside. Each and every one of the nurses on this BB have gone through the fire and are of the best steel. There are a lot of positive posts on this BB also about "Lovable Loonies", "Would You Pray if your Patient Asked?", "Practical Jokes at Work", etc. that really speak to the heart and soul of nursing. Yep, we whine, stomp our feet, and grumble about a bunch of things, but in all, we want the best for our patients - that never changes. :angel2: