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Okay I realize my username isn't the best for this topic... anyways :woot: Let's talk about marijuana. The fact that it's illegal is mindblowing. Let's ban a plant but not life crippling... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    Quote from subee
    This has nothing tibdi with the argument whether nurses should be using while working ...
    I may have got sidetracked in to the opioid crisis and the possible benefits cannabis may have.

    I think we all agree neither should be used at work, nor should alcohol for that matter.

    BTW, what's tibdi?
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    tibdi = to do

    I speak DYAC
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    Thanks, klone. Is that a Star Trek language?
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    Quote from wondern
    Thanks, klone. Is that a Star Trek language?
    Can't tell if you're joking.

    DYAC = Damn You Autocorrect
  5. by   mmc51264
    My question is not for use in patients. We get pts that are prescribed marinol occasionally.
    If nurses can use medications for chronic pain, and they live in a state where it is legal, would they be able to use it for medicinal purposes. There are plenty of edibles, so no smoking.
    I have issues with cigarette smoking as it is the most detrimental thing to complicate everything from ortho healing to diabetes to cardiac issues.
    If a person can get a prescription for a scheduled pain medication and are able to work, why couldn't the same be done for marijuana?
    Being an ortho nurse, I see SO many people with chronic pain. We can't medicate them beyond what they take, other than ketamine while they are in the hospital. We also use regional nerve blocks when appropriate.
    I think the evidence is starting to point toward benefits of marijuana. I think we should take a serious look.
    BTW, I live in a state where it is not legal, I do not smoke it (or ingest it in any form) As a teenager, I never liked the way it made me feel. I am old now. I just think we need some new options. Take away the opioids that are prescribed and watch the heroin use go sky high.
  6. by   Lala18
    I can say YES!! Lifespan in RI, a gold star hospital has verbiage that specifically states "lifespan hospitals are tobacco and drug free. We do not hire users if tobacco, illegal drugs or NONMEDICAL marijuana." So I would yes if this major hospital group allows it others will eventually follow suit.
  7. by   subee
    I'm still laughing but what is DYAC? I apologize for fat thumbs.
  8. by   Wisco50
    "Everyone knows medical marijuana dispensaries" are really a joke for people who want to use recreationally? Proof? Statistics?
  9. by   Ruas61
    Till the Feds make it legal, you are playing with fire.
  10. by   JulsGirlBoss
    Quote from cardiacfreak
    Since smoking cigarettes is frowned upon in the medical arena (there is another thread on AN supporting my observation) I doubt if smoking joints or blunts will be acceptable.
    There are many more options than "smoking" that are found to be very beneficial.
  11. by   wondern
    Quote from Ruas61
    Till the Feds make it legal, you are playing with fire.

    That reminded me of a song...