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Hi i know this is going to be a wierd question. I am a male asian and am looking to go into the nursing field. My parents heads are back in the 50's and once i told them that i wanted to do... Read More

  1. by   Allison S.
    I'm from Massachusetts. Off the top of my head, I know Filipinos, Japanese and Vietnamese nurses. I can't think how many, and all of them are female. (I work in peds, which I think is female heavy.) I have some friends who are male nurses, and I think they are great, strong men. I wish there were more men on our unit.

    I knew a Chinese male student nurse years ago. Don't know how his career went, but I remember that he was a bright, nice, well-spoken guy. I also know two Chinese male Respiratory Therapists who are knowledgeable, and also very compassionate.

    I was raised by a very progressive family who thought that I could grow up to be president. I think that they were surprised that their intellif\gent, assertive, accomplished daughter decided at thirty to do "women's work" and go into nursing, but now they are quite fascinated by my career. I think that they are more proud of me now than they were when I was a bio researcher or when I was a tech writer.

    I certainly encourage you to pursue the work that you want to do. I suspect that if your folks learned more about what a nurse does in a day, and how hard nurses work, as well as how influential nurses can be, that they might change their minds.

    I also think that, no matter how important family is, a person needs to accomplish work that he or she can be proud of. Just my humble opinion. Good luck to you.
  2. by   Allison S.
    Just saw your question about why so many Filiino nurses. There have been a lot of programs to "solve" the nursing shortage by recruiting nurses from other countries. This is currently happening a lot with the Filipines. Our hospital has a lot of great Filipino nurses, but I wonder what happens to the availability of nurses in the countries we lure them away from. (But I'm getting off topic.)
  3. by   researchrabbit
    I work in a research facility (part of the university). We only have four nurses, all female; one is Asian (Vietnamese). I'm in OKC.
  4. by   liberalrn
    She says that nursing is for women. All she thinks that nurses do is clean crap, puke, and gather up piss from each patient and to get yelled at by doctors.

    What did she do? Read the prospectus? lol. Well, she has some valid concerns, but she also doesn't have the whole picture........
  5. by   RNKerry
    I work with lots of asian nurses most of whom are female but there are also several males. They are all mostly Phillipino or Singaporean.
  6. by   nurseBe
    On my floor there is one male filipino nurse. As far as females, we have Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino nurses. I don't know of any Japanese. I am caucasian and a minority. I think the diversity is great and helps to serve our pt population. I work in San Jose, CA.
  7. by   MJ-12
    Bump up for all the new people that are here.
    Maybe they can also help answer my question
  8. by   ceecel.dee
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  9. by   udontwannabme
    We had one male nurse at our hospital. He was the ICU manager. I live in a small town and we have a very small facility, so he recently left for a better job. Every male nurse that I have encountered, no matter the race, was very good. If that's what you want to do, go for IT!!