Why Whites ?

  1. On our unit , staff is only allowed to wear whites or a heart pattern top with white pants. Rumor has it that patients find whites more professional. Our staff is wanting the freedom of choice and is faced with the task of convincing management to have an open mind and give us a little leeway. Any suggestions ??
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  3. by   Babs750
    Yes, I have wanted to see nurses return to wearing all whites for some time now. I have spoken with numerous patients and people who are not patients and the consensus is: Nurses look much more professional when wearing white, and it is easier to know who the nursing staff is when all white is worn. I was told that the reason hospitals wanted nurses out of the white uniforms was so patients and their families would not know who was giving their care. This is just my personal opionion from feedback I was provided.
  4. by   mopsi
    White is an identifiable uniform standard....I also understood that when the change to eclectic colored scrubs was allowed it gave the illusion thru confusion that there was alot more medical personel on hand....This was why there was such a push to have nurses stop wearing hats....I realize male nurses never wore them..but they were even commonly mistaken for MD's.even better...The wearing of hats amd whites identified the nurses as just that,,nursing assitants, and all ancillary personel had to identify themselves and were never assumed to be nurses..It is to the employers advantage to have tons of people in multi-color scrubs running around hither and yon.. I have tried little social experiments on my own...I can go to the same place with the same level of grooming(hair, makeup,nails ,jewelery ect) and behave with the exact same skill level, manner, attitude....If I'm wearing one of my colorful non-traditional scrub outfits..I generally do not command the same respect and air of authority that I seem to receive when I have on all white...very interesting..this goes to the families.patients, even the Doc's and other Nurses...I'm trying to get up the nerve to walk around with my hat on to see what effect that gets...other than hysterical laughter from the other nurses and maybe even some attitiude..you know "How dare you try to be different" or "What are you ,nuts? Why would you try to bring that crap back?"Another cost plus to all whites..everything goes with everything....none of this "Oh crap, I only have this green and pink flowered top and bright blue pants clean.They don't match so I can't wear this.."If that half of closet was ALL WHITE at least it would all go with each other..So what do you think????Should I trot into work in a all white outfit..maybe even a dress with white stockings and my big winged nurse hat on.Or would people think I was on too much Prozac and suffering from delusions that I believed it to be Halloween????LOL
  5. by   live4today
    "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" When working for a particular hospital, dress as their policy requires.... Otherwise, move along little nursie!

    When I worked in military hospitals, white was required, and the uniforms were issued to the civilian nurses free, to be returned at the end of one's employment there. When I worked civilian hospitals, some allowed colorful tops/print tops with white pants, some allowed color scrubs, some were stuck on the white uniform -- however, they did not issue those white uniforms to the nurses, you bought those expensive darn things, cleaned your own uniforms, and threw them out if the stain just wouldn't come out of the garment.

    I think if hospitals want white again, let them pay for them, clean them, and re issue them to each of their nurses as needed. I prefer to go to work in street clothes, and change into work clothes, then dispose of those dirty bacteria infested uniforms AT THE HOSPITAL, change back into my street clothes and go home at the end of each shift worked. I hated wearing those uniforms home to my family, and further more, it was expensive to clean the ones that became soiled on the job with blood, or other organic substances.
  6. by   dawngloves
    I think if hospitals want white again, let them pay for them, clean them, and re issue them to each of their nurses as needed.
    Uniforms AND dry cleaning them is tax deductable.
  7. by   dawngloves
    I hate white because I'm such a slob! At the end of the day I look like Pig Pen! I have ink, feeds, Betadine and lunch down the front of me!:imbar
  8. by   pama
    At least when we wore whites and caps the patients and families would knew who the nurse was when they came into the room. Now they don't know the nurse from the house keeping staff. This is very sad.

    I always loved wearing a white uniform, and also a nurses cap. I know many will not agree, but we looked much more professional when white uniforms were standard.

    Scrubs are functionable, however they are not professional looking. Just my opinion.
  9. by   hogan4736
    A nurse's color of uniform should not matter. It is the confidence and attitude that should identify us.
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    I WANT to wear whites, and I hope my hospital requires them. I've seen all the different designer scrubs and it looks kinda whacked out, IMHO. Cartoon characters here, fusia there, stripes here, hearts there... for a semi-colorblind male we're talking confusion.
  11. by   jshudson1
    I think nurses need to do something to identify themselves, however, studies have shown that white is startling to the elderly and certainly not stimulating to the young.
  12. by   RoaminHankRN
    Funny, no one has mentioned a couple of things. First what year is it? Second, what about NAME BADGES? How many times do you see people without them or ones you can barely read. My feeling is to have a badge that identifies your picture, name and title, CLEARLY. And to act professional. Who cares what color scrubs you wear. Look at MD's. Did not at one time they wear white jackets and carry a little bag. Times change. I could be wrong, but you'd be hard pressed to find nurses of the younger generation willing to wear hats and some of the silly uniforms you had to in school. That is where it should end. As a house supervisor, we wear white. Does it make me more recognizable or feel more professional?
    What about surgery staff, OB and peds. Heck most pysch nurses wear street clothes. And then what about administration? There are all levels of nursing. Some with patient care, some with out. You can't standardize it all.

    Also as a male, my personal thoughts about whites... no thank you.

    Just my thoughts

  13. by   prmenrs
    If I showed up at work w/all whites on, they'd promptly escort me over to the psych unit, and LOCK ME UP!! :roll
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    I disagree with nurses wearing all white. White is so hard to keep white! I too am a slob and end up with ink, yellow highliter, tube feed, etc on me at times.

    A patient should be able to identify their nurse not because she or he is the one wearing all white but because that person has introduced him or herself to the patient as such at the beginning of the shift. When I first go into the rooms of my patients, I introduce my self. "my name is Kelly and I will be your registered nurse for the night". Of course the confused patients will forget but I still introduce myself just the same.

    I agree too with the name badge issue. Mine is constantly getting flipped around so that the back of the badge is facing the patient. I wear one that I had made in addition to the one provided by the hospital. The print on those things is so hard to read! How do they expect the elderly to read them!

    I much prefer wearing my cute printed scrubs. I am always geting compliments on how cute they are. I have ones for Valentines Day, Halloween, St. Patties Day, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas!