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I have a question, I just found out that whan I graduate from school IF I stay with my current employer I will make $20.50 a hour as a new grad LPN. The RNs where I work make $22.50 an hour. So my... Read More

  1. by   BBnurse34
    WOW! untill I got my RN last year I was making 11$ an hour. It was a huge difference when I started getting 20$
    I am not sure that I would have gone back to school if it was only a difference of 2$
    To me a nurse is a nurse..LPN or RN
  2. by   Grace Oz
    Regardless...there can only ever be so many chiefs. EVERY "tribe" has to have it's indians.
    Not everyone is wanting to reach management level in nursing. For many & varied reasons, some people choose to become Enrolled Nurses ( LPN's)as opposed to R.N's. What matters is that as nurses, we all respect each others role within the profession & work together for the greater good.
    Cheers from "Down Under".
  3. by   biscuit_007
    Instant credibility. For some reason the day after i became an Rn everyone assumed I was such the better nurse. It doesn't make any sense but that is the way it is.