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i often wondered why some people choose to become an lpn verses an rn, or why go for a 2 year program and just not go for 2 more years to get your bs? especially with the threatened lpn layoffs, the... Read More

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    Originally posted by Susy K
    Hey Angie!
    Yes talk about kicking a dead horse. READ THE THREAD AND NOTE THE DATES BEFORE YOU RESPOND.

    Open mouth, insert foot.
    Hey Suzy,
    I think the horse was dead 20 years ago! 3 is NOTHING in this case. Your posts have a condescending tone to them I feel. I wonder if the responses you received 3 years ago gave you ANY perception to begin with. Ahh well....R.I.P. dead horse and Good night Suzy.

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    Go to bed, Angie.
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    Guess who's still awake?

    Didn't mean to annoy you there Susy. I wasn't offended at all by your question. I simply responded with what I had to say. I was aware of the date when I posted b/c I didn't think you would start a thread so soon or at all after last weekends LPN vs RN thread which right away made me check the original date. Now...the date on which you posted this thread really didn't matter to me b/c whether you posted it almost three years ago or yesterday I still would have given you the same response which was, "I chose this route because I wanted this route and I'm happy with this route and no need to move on to RN." I wasn't eliminated by my facility...thank God, but then again, I don't work in a hospital setting, I work in LTC. Now how did that annoy you? Do I sound offensive? If so, I didn't mean to come across that way. Relax hon, you've got awhile to go yet.
    Buh-Bye now!
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    OMG! I cannot believe this thread...it was not condescending...it was not meant to start a fight, it was not meant to make anyone question their choices...it was a sincere enquiry...

    Let it go!
  5. by   cna on her way
    I am currently a CNA and have been for about 3 years. I am 29, have two kids (one with special needs), a full time third shift job and a husband. So the answer is simple to why I am choosing the LPN program which is one year over the two or four year degree. I want to do pediatric inhome care for a service such as Bayada or Pediatric Services of America and the pay is about $16.00 per hour first shift.
  6. by   CougRN
    Why go for RN vs LPN?

    Good question. For a lot of people it has to do with opportunities. As an RN you are more likely to work more independently. Any ICU I have ever worked in does not employ LPN's. So being an LPN could prevent you from moving to an ICU. There are other positions in healthcare that LPN's can't work and RN's can. So if you want more flexibility are choices then becoming an RN may be better for you. This is also why some RN's chose the BSN route. More opportunities. Once you have your BSN you are more likely to be hired into management positions. You don't have to return to undergraduate courses if you chose to get an MSN.

    I don't think this was ever to question the skills of any nurses. Just why would one choose one over the other. So my answer is CHOICES!
  7. by   andrewsgranny
    I have been an LPN for almost 13 yrs. When I started, I was working full time in a popular resturant in management. I thought I could go to school full time 8am-2pm Mon-Fri. work 3-11 at the resturant raise 3 kids ages 2,5 and 6 plus a husband. Well I couldnt. Ended up having to quit my job,moving into a smaller cheaper home, and filling bankruptsy, all to follow my nursing dream. Now my kids are older, but I am still gun shy. I cant quit my current job with great pay to sell out again and go back to school. And my only reason would be for the initials behind my name. My pay would stay the same. And I cant go full time and work too. I WILL NO FILE BANKRUPTCY AGAIN!
    One day I do plan to take a class here and there to slowly do the RN thing, but Then what about clinicals?
    I Dont know the answer to the dreaded question. I only know how it works for me. Right now I have a daughter in college that I pay dearly for and a son who will be a freshman in highschool next yr. and eagerly wanting to continue his education. Its all about where our priorties lay, and mine are with my kids. I have already had to move them once because of my dream, the left their friends and school, done without so much, had free lucnhes and now I have to concentrate in their avenues.
    Just my 2 cents here but......we all have different reasons for what we do. And I'm proud of my choices. I am a good NURSE.
    and a good mother.
  8. by   baseline
    I am again going to say how interesting I have found some of the responses on this thread. I know that my path into and through nursing has almost always been directed by circumstance, and my life at the time opportuities arose.........

    I think it is facinating to see how others came to be where they are now.

    Again, I ask you to not turn this into another whiney US vs THEM.
    Susy asked how you came to your decision. If you don't want to answer, please don't attack.
  9. by   MishlB
    Can't this thread be closed? Like you said, it is OLD, and the comments keep coming in.
  10. by   Furball
    Kinds reminds me of some tribe I saw on TV the other week where they dig up bones from relatives graves and chew on them.....geesh
  11. by   baseline
    Ok, fine. I won't look in here again. But for all of those who bothered to read and then respond to susy's actual question with your wonderful stories.... I for one enojoyed and appreciated them!!!!

    Thank you! and good nite gracie.
  12. by   Brownms46
    I too have enjoyed reading the responses that have been thoughtful and open on this thread. I feel that continued reflection on this subject is viable, for a much needed understanding between the different distinctions, that exist in the nursing community. I would like to see those who are new on this board, or those who haven't responded, be able to present their thoughts also without distraction.
  13. by   bella548
    I was wondering.....even though this has been dicussed many times and there is plenty of thoughts on this in the archives....why can the question be posted again for the newer members to respond to and if the more senior members are not interested in it why do they respond?????????Is there some sort of regulation on this?