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Ok this is not a cut down in any way, shape or form on the site. I think Brian has done an excellent job with it, and I like it alot. This is just a curiousity question? I have a few reasons, but... Read More

  1. by   CEN35

    I don't mean to keep saying "this might be dumb". I guess I have seen so many people in here slamming one another, arguing, ******** etc. When I say that, it's like my own self preparation for someone to come in and say this is stupid, or dumb, or how lame, anything better to do with your time? Unfortunately for me, I tend to feel like people are my friend (like here......byut it's hard to tell), and then seems like they are not. I am glad to see somebody else out there actually considers others here, as the bud or friend, etc.

  2. by   maikranz
    Actually, I'm looking for a date....
    (Just kidding!)
    I keep thinking I'll see a post from a friend or an old nursing school classmate.
    Plus, it's interesting to listen/read what everyone else has to say about stuff. We are all so very much alike. It's just something we have--but I digress.

    now, about the date.......

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  3. by   jkh
    I like coming to this site beacuse it is so well organized. It's quick and easy to pick and choose the threads you want to read or not read. The icons that let you know if there is new postings or not. Brian Short does such a nice job of changing it to meet our needs such as starting this new off topic thread. I enjoy reading what is going on out there in the rest of the world even though I spend more time reding that commnenting.
  4. by   Q.
    I come to this site, Rick, to see YOU!!!!

    Ha! Actually, I stumbled onto this site and I can't remember how - and at the time the topics were pretty interesting and there were some pretty provoking posts that I felt I had to respond to. Then there was the conflict that MADE me come back - and now it's a way to relax. Plus I've feel like I've made some friends...like Kristina definitely, got to see a hysterically funny side of Brian and Wildtime, got to flirt with Kewlnurse, and..met you Rick. So that's why I come back - for the laughs for sure. I love to laugh and don't get to enough.

  5. by   ndstc
    I love the fact that it isn't talking "shop" all the time. Man o' live you'd think that nurses didn't have a life outside our careers!
  6. by   cargal
    Sometimes I come to this site just to relax and see what's happening. Sometimes to learn, to vent, and more recently laughed hysterically on the "What freaks you out post". Try sharing that one with a non-nursing loved one. Or not!!!
    I love the exchange of ideas, and I have recently watched the evolution of conflict.. impressive- some own up and alot meet on middle ground.
    Also- got in touch with an old bud on this site-went to school with her and spent some pre-family time with her, too- hehe Zee! Wonderful beyond words!!
    Rick I know how you feel, there is a certain amount of vulnerability posting on the internet to the entire world. We have to get over this "we all have to be witty and intelligent posters" all the time mentality.Sometimes we just post and veg, sometimes not. We all have something to offer or it just goes to the bottom- justified or not. Keep up the posts Rick- I enjoy your input immensely and would love to work with you.
    ******I feel this site will be instrumental in revolutionizing the face of nursing and patient care. ********Its time for our voices to be heard. Keep up the great work, Brian and all you great nurses!

    Suggestion for the chat room- predetermined times to discuss such issues as salary negotiation, assertiveness training and stress management. We could have experts volunteer their time. Could we do this somehow without being overwhelmed? Or could we have planned sessions on the bulletin board, once again with experts in the field leading the discussion and answering questions.

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  7. by   CEN35
    Well I never expected the type of responses I have recently. Brian made this link... "off topic" after my thread about getting to know everyone. I am glad he did! I am glad it worked out so well, because yes we have llives outside of nursing and nursing discusiion, yet we all have a bond. I have met some people here, that I actually am feeling like they are my friends, which I like alot!

  8. by   princessangel
    hi i can't remember how i found this site but haven't found anything else like it and like it a lot. I nurse in UK and am having fun trying to unravel the americanise ! like the chat room but when i'm awake everyone else seems to be asleep - should be used to this by now as am a night worker and usually out of synch with the world !
  9. by   CEN35
    I popped into the chat room and you left Princess.......LMAO!

  10. by   Cafe
    I found this site while our Union was workingo on our contract, out of curiosity, to see what other nurses were making across the US> I found the same common problems throughout our country, shortages, mandates, frustrations and definitely POOR WAGES for what we do, need to know, and are expected to keep current with along with a mounting amount of paperwork- every day a new form to document what the heck we are supposed to be doing. OK, I will get off that topic.
    Now I keep coming back, sometimes just to read the posts, because they give me a laugh at times, make me feel good about what I do, and share with like minds. I also am leary of making connections on the internet because you don't know who you will be communicating with, I feel this is an area- site- that you can feel ok to talk, post, and enjoy each other's company. So Thanks!!!
  11. by   hollykate
    OK, I once again get sucked in to this one!! I actually try to limit my computer time and spend time outside where the sun shines this time of year- so those of you in the triangle area (Raleigh,Durham, Chapel Hill) We should get together and go out and have a meal at Michael Dean's The rest get to be jealous.
    Why do I come here: I found this board while panicking about my NCLEX results. Been a great support for me as I have done a lot of changes in nursing. Plus, I just LOVE to talk... lets see what else. - perhaps some day I'll get a date as well (ha ha!!) Love your posts Rick, but I am a little concerned about your self esteem- since I can now coach people (see the other get to know you post), drop me an email and we can fix the "this is a dumb post" thing forever!!
  12. by   Jenny P
    I come here when I need another nurse to connect with on my time off and it's probably 1- 3AM and people at work are working and don't have time to chat. My hubby is fantastic at listening to me talk about nursing, but some of the stuff I'd like to talk about may not be healthy for him to hear because of his (so far) trust of us nurses! LOL!!

    Working nights, I don't like to mess up my sleep and waking schedule too much, and there isn't much I can do in the middle of the night (thank goodness I can't vacuumm then- that's what I should be doing more of!) without disturbing the rest of the house.

    I enjoy the discussions but not the personal attacks. I don't mind some of the controversy, but really hate the fighting. There is a difference; it would be nice if we could keep topics interesting instead of spiteful.

    I haven't found any other site as easy to use nor as well laid out. Brian has put some real thought into making this site as user friendly as possible. And there are a few sites out there that won't let iMac users post replies.

    I also feel like I've found some friends among the posters here. It would be fun to meet some of you face to face; I'm just wondering if we'd recognise each other because I bet our mental pictures of each other isn't the same as what we really look like. (After all, who would guess I'm tall, blond, athletic, and blue-eyed---NOT!!!)
  13. by   kjmta57
    I like seeing nurses post from all over the country. And even though there is tension sometimes between everyone we all seem to face the same problems no matter what state, or what kind of nursing you do (or what license you hold)I actually have learned quite a bit from everyone and it makes me want to stay pro-active in the political spec of nursing because we have a long road ahead of us to improve things. I think nursing is long overdue for a change and everyone here makes me relize just how overdue we are. Good post rick.