Why do nursng students HAVE to have health insurance b/4 they strart cliniclas?

  1. :uhoh21: I was informed recently that I have to have health insurance b/4 I start my clinicals and I can not afford that not even if the school gives it to me for $400.00 a month. My husband owns his owm business so we do not have health insurance and it would cost us over $1000.00 to get it that way and I have 2 young kids and do not work outside the home so no insurance thru a workplace. I need to know the reasoning behind us having to have health insurance as my husband is mad and wants me to quit school now b/c he feels the school just wants more money and theere is really no reasoning behind us needing helath insurance. Any thoughts? I was accepted into the nursing program and am currently in it and start clinicals this fall. It is not easy to get into this school and it is the closest school to me and this is why I can attend. If I quit, there is no saying taht I could get back in later. They only want serious students, not ones who quit half way thru the program.
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  3. by   sjoe
    What reasons did your school give you for having this requirement when you asked them? What kind of alternatives did they offer?

    (BTW this is a very common requirement.)
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    To CYA the school and the clinical sites in case you get sick or hurt.

    400 a month is ridiculous. We only had to have the minimum coverage, the rest was optional. And that didn't even equal to 100 a month.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from sjoe
    What reasons did your school give you for having this requirement when you asked them? What kind of alternatives did they offer?

    (BTW this is a very common requirement.)

    Gosh, you are good!

  6. by   RN 2005
    Talk to your instructor....My husband lost his job right before I started my first clinical semester and we lost our insurance. I explained the situation and they allowed me to sign a waiver stating I released the school of all liability if I should happen to become sick or injured as a result of my hospital rotations. Approach them with this and see if they will allow it - Maybe it will work out for you too! I hope so.
  7. by   bluesky
    Geez you're husband doesn't sound very supportive of your career.
  8. by   angelac1978
    if you don't have to buy it through the school, check out Fortis Health's student plan. I have this plan and it was enough to satisfy my school's requirement.


  9. by   TinyNurse
    most colleges offer it at a discounted rate, as far as I know. However I don't think it was required when I was in school.
  10. by   jzprple
    I think it's also to kinda cover you in the event that you get sick and have to see a DR that way it won't cost you even more. After all, we will be taking care of sick people. Check out these sites--I've found insurance offered through the school is a little more expensive. You can get cheaper student rates at some of these sites.



    hope this helps!! But by all means, don't quit simply b/c you don't want to get health insurance...of all things to quit over, this is nothing. Remember how hard it was for you to get into the program...earn and keep your spot. There were hundreds of other people who would beg, borrow and steal to have your place in the program. In the long run, this one sacrifice will get you a great job w/ health insurance included so buck up and pick your battles!
  11. by   newgrad2004
    Ii Dont understand that. I dont even recall signing a statement that I didnt have insurance, which I did not and still wont until I go to work at the hospital. I think it is ridiculous to ask you to pay 400.00 a month, if you get sick you go to the dr and pay an office visit. If you get hurt on their time, usually they have you go to a dr, and the school picks up the tab, its part of thier insurance, and something that Im sure is included in tuition. Its just like getting hurt at work, they fill out an accident report and send you to a dr. No biggy. I cant imagine schools making this a requirement, since there are a lot of single mothers in my classes. That expense would drive people right out of school.
  12. by   Dixen81
    We're not required to have health insurance. I don't understand why it would be a requirement.
  13. by   sparrowSN
    I also have to have health insurance to be enrolled at state university. It's for all students, not just nursing students. My school offers the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan at student rates and will charge through your student account. This translates to your student financial aid covering it (if you have enough aid). It's $534 per semester in Montana for this plan. I'm not sure what state you live in, Blue Cross is okay in Montana and pretty good in Oregon as far as what they coverage. You also might look into working enough part-time at a hospital that would provide health insurance as part of your benefits package (many facilities are looking for nursing students to be nurse assistants and will be flexible with hours). Although, I will tell you that I could not work the second year of the program because of the class load.
    A person above posted that your husband doesn't sound very supportive of your career based on your comment that he wants you to quit school over this. I'm also concerned for you about this reaction. I'll be graduating in May and trust me, it gets a LOT worse than insurance coverage while you're going to nursing school. If he's already asking you to bail, you might need to have a long talk with someone who's married and has already went through the nursing program or one of the nursing faculty in order to prepare your marriage for what's in store for you. It is an experience that could make or break your marriage. There are two students near divorce in my class and three that quit school to save their marriage. Hopefully, your husband will get the honor of pinning you at your pinning ceremony when your finished. Good luck! You can do it as long as you can see it happening!
  14. by   KibbsRNstudent
    Quote from sjoe
    What reasons did your school give you for having this requirement when you asked them? What kind of alternatives did they offer?

    (BTW this is a very common requirement.)
    They did not give a reason yet. I have to call then tomorrow.