Who's working all of the holidays?

  1. We just got our draft schedules for Thanksgiving thru New Years. I'm scheduled to work Thanksgiving, Xmas Day and New Years Day. We all had to give our preferences which of the holidays we preferred to work and which we would like to be off. I chose to work Thanksgiving and New Years and have Xmas off if possible, now I see I'm working all of them. It's supposed to be a 'draft' so I asked my NM if I could be off at Xmas and she said no......left no opportunity for discussion. I've not been in the US very long and still feel like the 'new nurse' so just wondering how assertive I should be. Should I try to discuss it further with her, let her know I'm disappointed? It wouldn't bother me so much if the other nurses were having to work all 3 holidays, but it's just me I feel a little let down because I've always obliged when asked to work extra days due to staff shortages, and this is the first time I've requested anything specific.
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  3. by   miko014
    I once picked up someone else's shifts for a month while they were in the hospital. I was only supposed to be part time then, but I picked up most of her shifts, and worked my own in addition. That put me up to full time and sometimes overtime. One time it put me at 8 days n a row. They changed my assignment on day 8 of 8, and when I said something about it, my assistant manager told me "well, it was your choice to work so much". From them on, I decided that, if that's the way they feel, then I'll pick up when it's convenient for me. Apparantly they can get by without me, so I have let them. Do you know they never even said thank you??

    I would be a little bit more assertive and say something. I would not be willing to work all three holidays. I don't know which one(s) I have this year, but you'd better believe that I won't have all 3! I don't care how new you are, that is not fair. I would say something like "I understand that I am new here, and that everyone has to work holidays. But I don't think it's fair that I should have to work all three of them, especailly when nobody else does." You deserve time off also! Then just ask them to take a look at the schedule and see what they can do. At my hospital, we have a policy that everyone works either the day before, the holiday, or the day after. They don't let us take long breaks over the holidays unless someone else agrees to pick up our shifts for us. If ntohing else, maybe you could talk to your coworkers. See what they think, and if they have any advice for you. Good luck!
  4. by   Tweety
    The fact that you've worked extra and helped them out really shouldn't be a consideration.

    The fact that you have to work Christmas doesn't bother me either. What does bother me is that you're working all three. They should have given you another day off if they couldn't oblige Christmas.

    I think getting Christmas off is not going to happen for you, but you should at least ask for one of the others off.
  5. by   neetnik461
    I would be honest and tell your manager that you are dissapointed and feel that it is unreasonable to be expected to work all three holidays when none of the other nurses are doing so. Obviously having Christmas off is an impossibility, so I would tell her that you are willing to do your part and work two of the holidays just as the other nurses are, and that she should decide which of the other two holidays you will have off (unless you want one off more than the other, then request it).

    My only other question would be, are you working part time during these holidays (4-6 hours), while the others are working full 8 or 12 hour shifts? If so, that might be why you are scheduled for all the holidays.
  6. by   Cherish
    You should ask to see if you can get New Years or Thanksgiving off. Most people request to take Christmas off so obviously you probably will work this day. It seems very unfair to have you work all three!
  7. by   letina
    Quote from neetnik461
    My only other question would be, are you working part time during these holidays (4-6 hours), while the others are working full 8 or 12 hour shifts? If so, that might be why you are scheduled for all the holidays.
    I'm working my regular 7a-7p (which in real terms means 6.45a-8p on an average day, but that's another story)
  8. by   JCRN
    I would definitely say something. This was not an unreasonable request. IMHO, if you just let people take advantage of you once(which I feel they are), they will continue to do so. At my hospital, we work every other holiday-no exceptions-and it switches every year. The only way to get out of it is if you find someone to work for you. That seems like the only fair way to me. I would not work all three-ESPECIALLY since nobody else has to. Also, if that doesn't work does your employer have a "call off" list for those who are working but don't want to? Our census usually gets so low on Christmas that some of the people that are scheduled end up getting the day off anyway (or put on call).
  9. by   AdobeRN
    One place I worked at gave us the option to have either Thanksgiving holiday (thur, Fri +weekend) off or New Years EVe & day off + weekend. Everyone had to work christmas Eve or Christmas Day - you couldnt have both off.
  10. by   Celia M
    Letina, So sorry you are in this position. As a manager I try to avoid this unless a person volunteers for all 3. Insist that you have Christmas Eve and/or Boxing day off as it looks like you'll have to work Christmas, request first standby for Christmas Day. Ask around and see inf someone will swap or even work half a shift for you. I really think that you need at least one of those holidays off. good Luck Celia:spin:
  11. by   Mimi2RN
    Letina, are you working days or nights?

    I work night shift, and we count Thanksgiving eve ( the night before the holiday, that counts for our Holiday pay) and Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day (holiday pay again on the eve), and New Years Eve and Day, again, Holiday pay on the eve. We have to work one eve and one day, every year. We do keep track, so no-one always gets the same holiday off.

    I'd say something to the Manager, that's not very fair for you.
  12. by   MIA-RN1
    I am a newbie in my place and I am working Christmas Day, and one day on either side of it (not sure if I will get my choice of the day after Christmas or not. I hope so since I now work 11a - 11p) but I do have Thanksgiving and New Year's off but again, have to work one day on either side of the holiday.
    I would ask your manager. Probably what happened is that your request to get Christmas off wasn't approved and they 'assumed' you wanted to work the other two holidays.
    At my work we get an extra holiday day, whether we work the holiday or not, to be used within 30 days of the holiday.
  13. by   angel337
    what kind of manager could schedule a nurse to work all the holidays and not care one way or another about it? i think this says something about how they feel about their employees. is she there all 3 holidays? of course not. she'll probably be on the couch with a second helping of green bean casserole while you work your butt off. it's bad enough that every year we have to flip flop our schedules to accomodate work and family during the holidays, but i think this takes the cake.
  14. by   icugirl33

    That is just crazy that they would make you work on all 3 holidays. I would actually go to her boss and get the issue resolved but that's me. I have become very assertive after years of being stepped on. Life is too short to let people take advantage of you like this.