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Have you ever been inspired? WHO has inspired you the most? This was a hard question for me to ponder, and then decide upon. I have been inspired by alot of people: Yuri Gagarin, Michael Faraday,... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    The one person who has inspired me the most is....my Mother.
    She has always stood by me through thick and thin, never doubted me or my abilities in whatever I chose (or if she did, she never let on).
    She raised my brother and myself alone, at times working two jobs to make ends meet. She made a success of herself and made my brother and I believe that we could be successful in life if we chose to be also.
    She is a beautiful woman
    I love her.
    My Mom.

    I love you MOM!!!
  2. by   Jayonoway
    I wish I had a long list, but mine is relatively short.

    I admire/idolize my husband. He who was told he wouldn't make anything of himself took up the challenge and now is an officer in the Navy. He struggled up each "rung of the ladder" and has never forgotten where he came from. He is fair, loyal, honest and one of the hardest workers I know. He takes care of those that work under him and with him. In my humble opinion, a true hero to myself, his daughters and his peers.

    Also, about 5 years ago when I was a unit sec on an ICU unit there was an older nurse who had been a LPN for about 20 years and was told to either finish her education to RN or be removed from working in the ICU. She continued to work full time and go to school and never once was mean spirited. She always took the time to explain to me any question I had until I understood. Now the great part, I will return to this hospital this coming monday as a new nurse! She truely inspired me to follow my dream and I have.

    That about sums it all up!
  3. by   biscuit_007
    I admire the best Nurse i have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has helped me grow into a godd man as well as a good nurse. He challenged me when i quit school by telling me that i probably wasn't smart enough to be a nurse anyway. Boy did that motivate me like only he knew it would. When i was but a lowly stretcher pusher when first starting school he took me under his wing and showed me all the ins and outs of trauma nursing. ( i had expressed an intrest in this from the very begining). When i hit burnout after possibly the worst year on the most horrible unit he convinced me not to take that truck driving job and try out peds since "its really different and hey your just a big kid yourself". And when i finally pass the RN boards after 10 years that included 4 colleges, 1 LPN school, a wife and 2 great kids for the FIRST time in my life told me he was proud of me.

    My Idol is really easy to choose, He is my Dad. An RN and a hell of a good man.
  4. by   pama
    My grandmother, who will be 85 this month is my greatest inspiration. She has a 9th grade education, married at 15, had two children and was a widow by the time she was 19. She went to work, saved her money, opened a business, assets grew, and continues to work today.

    She is the true inspiration behind my hard work. She encouraged me to get an education. Just think what else she may have accomplished if she were able to continue her education.

    She has a strong faith in God, believes in helping her fellow man, and a deep sense of family. All in all, she is a remarkable woman.
  5. by   Huganurse
    All children inspire me. They are resiliant, adaptive, and are able to show love and appreciation through touch and simple words. Children are cute and funny. They make me laugh and make me cry. They usually live in their own little worlds full of imagination and creativity. Children make me feel great inside when they run up to me calling my name with arms streached wide while I brace myself for the upcoming slam, squeeze, hug or, like today, having a big group of them call out to me and wave with big smiles on their faces! Too cool! Nothing inspires me more than children. I will always idolize children for they are our future. They, will take care of us when we get old. My own young children have made me smile on days that only sorrow would normally be felt. They are amazing to me... I love them all.

    Side note: Did you notice I said "young" children. I also have a teenager! Ugh, something unfortunatly happens to humans when they become adults and it is not a pretty sight. Too bad we humans are unable to keep the good qualities of children and still become responsable and intelligent adults.
  6. by   GPatty
    Hey Huganurse~
    Saw your post and couldn't resist....

    In the famous words of Mark Twain...
    When a child turns 13, he should be put in a barrel and fed thru a hole.
    When the child turns 16, plug the hole.

    I too, have teens, and I have to admit...Mr. Twain was a very smart man!

  7. by   mario_ragucci
    My original post was too open ended. I figured weed all hit only on idols, or sources of inspiration, that are legendary and very famous. Now that many folks have included people they have actually known personally, mario has to as well. This is a easy one, and includes three people: Mom Dad and me.

    My father would answer any question I asked him. We spent alot of time together, and I would ask him questions constantly. I can remember, he always answered me - always. I mirror him. My mom taught me love like you can't imagine. She would listen to me anytime and always made me feel special because I am, thanks to her. Life is love, and love is life, those two immortal giants taught me that. I inspire myself because of my parents, and the love they inspire within me. Things i think up come from the base they provided me. I have no problem telling you how much I love and inspire myself, because they love me. With this, I can do anything, and always be happy.