Who do nurses make more than?

  1. Im passionate about this field, but let's be realistic here..I want to have a good job in ALL aspects aha I mean do nurses get bragging rights I mean what can a nurse actually do or buy?? I live in phila pa and want hmm lets say a really nice apartment in a building that has a pool gym etc etc just a really nice one maybe cost about 1k a month or a little more also I want to be able to afford my car payments and insurance plus internet, cell, clothes for me AND my daughter will I be able to give my daughter almost whatever she wants ( I have just one child) with that being said I want to do all that and have money in my pocket at all times ..So my question is will being a nurse cover all that? I want to help people I want to be that good nurse caring understanding gentle nurturing BUT i also want to make a living ya know SURVIVE ahaha is it possible and please dont tell me to cut my expenses I will not! SO give it to me straight lol will nursing cover this and oh yah I also want to vacation at LEAST once a year LETS NOT FORGET BABYSITTER almost slipped my mind aha and I would also like to be able to buy things at the spur of the moment or just all of a sudden go out to dinner at a nice restaurant worry free!!! is it possible basically I wanna know the real deal about the money part thanx in advance
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    Are you married or single? If married, does your husband work? If single, do you get child support? What about childcare? Do you pay for that, or do you have family volunteers?
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    You want to buy your daughter whatever she wants? Well, does she have expensive tastes?
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    And just an FYI, it's possible to live beyond your means on ANY salary. Whether that's advisable is another story.
  7. by   checkmarks0725
    It just depends on your situation. I lived in Philly, just me and my hubs, we both worked fulltime and it was reallllly hard to pay the bills.

    We now live a few hours away in a much cheaper area and are doing fine.

    I wouldn't go into nursing expecting to be rolling in cash. It's not that great of money, especially in Philly, from my experience.
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    Refusing to cut your expenses, no matter how much you make, is a good way to go into massive amounts of debt. Nursing pays well, it's true, but not as well as other professions and not as well as we nurses likely feel it should.

    Can you support yourself and your child? Absolutely. But the question you need to ask yourself is do you really want to be a nurse? If so, then go for it.

    I don't know what your work history is, but I'm afraid your outlook on finances seems a touch fanciful. You may have to settle for not having name-brand everything or having to save up for special things. If this bothers you, then maybe you will have to aim your sights a little higher -- though keeping in mind that unless you plan on marrying a millionaire, that's going to require a lot of work.
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    omg guyssss dont beat me up!! Anyhoo thanx for all your replies ...I dont think Im asking too much though!! I mean what about the apartment?? Or the random dining outs or the random Im going shopping moments Is any of that possible?? I am single and a single parent I didnt actually mean whatever she wants but ya know maybe random spur of the moment toy store stops and stuff I don't know maybe you guys dont want to answer me specifically to what I asked and thats ok thanx anyway ahaha StILL want to be a nurse
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    You know, Amber, it's against TOS to post in text-speak. And you'll get better replies if you're more clear and coherent.
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    I think you can. I mean, I don't live in Philly or a big city at all so maybe I'm unrealistic. Then again, I'm not bein paid what nurses in Philly are paid. So, it's all relative.

    Personally, I plan on keeping the car I have now (which is old and nothing fancy) because I'd much rather have money in the bank vs. "money in my pocket" which is different.

    My kids already get and have always gotten pretty much whatever they want, but they are young, so their wants aren't all that expensive. I do plan to help them get a car when the time comes, and I know I'll be able to do that as an RN. I also don't have $1,000 rent or a car payment.

    I definitely don't/won't have to think twice if I want to go to a nice restaurant or something like that. I'm planning on taking my kids on a really nice vacation this upcoming summer which I'll be able to afford....so you could probably afford to take one and pay a babysitter.

    It's really hard to answer a question like that for someone else. I know a young nurse who is always saying she's "broke" although she has no kids. BUT her boyfriend doesn't have a job and both of them drive brand new cars which she pays for. She lives in a condo that's way too big/fancy for two young people IMO. Plus, she's always buying really expensive shoes and purses which is something I couldn't care less about.

    If you're responsible with your money then an RN salary should provide a nice lifestyle for you and your child. I would definitely worry more about saving up some money for the first year or so at least instead of immediately improving your lifestyle.
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    I don't think you'll find an apartment with a pool for $1000/mo. Much less one that is larger than an efficiency. I'd focus on saving $ so you can buy a house and stop wasting money on rent. Right now, I earn $27/hr (give or take), put 30% into retirement (I missed my younger years, so have a lot of 'catching up' to do). After METRO costs, taxes, insurance (self), I take home between $1000-1400 every 2 weeks. My student loan payments are like $500/mo. My phone is like $100/mo. I live with my husband, I basically pay the groceries and some random expenses (getting car fixed), all the eating out and some extras while on vacation. But, money gets spent quite quickly. If you live cheap, you can probably do it. If you plan on buying stuff you can't afford (an expensive car, etc), then probably not. Please don't neglect your future to fund your present.
  13. by   Amber215
    I already have a car and plan on keeping it for a very long time its not old 2010 but surely not new
  14. by   KelRN215
    I am single. I own a house and drive a new car (2012). I pay several hundred dollars in student loans every month, internet, cable and phone and still manage to go out regularly. I also work 2 jobs and work, on average, 51 hrs/week and do not have children. I do not think it's possible to live in the kind of apartment complex you describe for $1000/month. When I was renting, I was paying that for a studio that had nothing other than a coin operated washer/dryer in the basement.