Where is the Unity in Nursing

  1. It is funny to me how independant nurses are. Many times in the hospitals you find 'aged' nurses who are weary of new nurses and almost hang the new nurse out to dry. On this nursing board I find that there are a lot of attacks on different people. Anytime a person has a question about something another person said the response is usually a 'flame' at the person. And again with the ANA, I know there is not a lot we can do about it unless we band together, but it seems that they help make up regulations or sponsorships that most of us do not necessarily agree with
    I am tired of all the bickering that goes on. Unity is the only way we are going to further our profession. Who cares if a person is a ER Nurse, Psych Nurse, Home Health Nurse, ICU Nurse, CRNA, APN, whatever. The people who are in these particular specialties more than likely love the area they are in and would not trade it for the world. You also see for example ER Nurses who you could not pay to go to Home Health because that is not the environment they like. That is an example but you often see people thinking they are better than other nurses all because they are in a certain specialty.
    For the sake of each other and the profession lets join as one group and profession instead of multiple groups thinking they are superior. It is a great way to get things accomplished!
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  3. by   Quicksilver
    IMHO it has to do with nursing still being a predominately female profession. I read somewhere that one big difference between men and women is that men are naturally "team players" where women are more into themselves . I know that doesn't apply to everyone but in general. I think we really need more men in the nursing profession to help even things out. Having a bunch of hormonal,stressed out women working together is pure hell. I know I've worked on units where you thought the nurses were going to scratch each other's eyes out. On units where there was a mix of male and female nursing staff, people worked together better. Things are changing but we've still got a way to go. Somebody's probably going to attack me for this one, but it's just the way I see things.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NO attack meant, but I am sorry to me, that is simplistic, and sexist.

    blaming the female aspect of our profession is soooo tired and old. and I don't buy it, I am sorry. I think it's more complicated than that and the reasons have been hashed out here before.
  5. by   Tweety
    Every now and then I'll come across someone who thinks they are superior. In the stress of hospital life there is going to be some bickering between departments, and between levels of nurse RN to CNA, etc.

    But for the most part I don't see much of what you're talking about. I guess I have my rose-colored glasses on tonight. If I look for the bad in life I find it. If I set the example of teamwork, equality and cooperation then it spreads.
  6. by   bellehill
    The group of women on my floor are great team players for the most part, the ones who aren't wouldn't be anywhere. Keep in mind that before being female we are human and stressed out. Everybody thinks they are superior to others that is human nature and when we are stressed out we bicker and fight sometimes.

    Everybody talks about how nurses eat their young and to be honest, I haven't seen it. The new grads on my floor get the best treatment and special treatment. If someone is rude or mean to them then they are that way with everyone. There are always going to be some people who can't play nice.
  7. by   fergus51
    ooooohhhh nooooooooo, not the women are catty thing again I just don't agree, know plenty of men who aren't team players.

    Anyways, I do agree that nurses need to respect other specialties and eachother. I suppose I have been fortunate because I do see that here. There is a sense of teamwork among MOST of the nurses I work with.
  8. by   sjoe
    Duck writes: "Many times in the hospitals you find 'aged' nurses who are weary of new nurses and almost hang the new nurse out to dry. On this nursing board I find that there are a lot of attacks on different people. Anytime a person has a question about something another person said the response is usually a 'flame' at the person."

    This topic has been hashed and rehashed numerous times on this BB, and basically to no productive end. Like many other things in nursing it seems to be simply a matter of opinion, second-guessing, old-wives'-tales (and yes, I know some people think that is a sexist hyphenated word), prejudice, and uninformed self-righteousness.

    Some people think the problem is largely gender-based, others do not agree.

    Some people think the problem stems from the profit-centered, capitalist structure of our health care system.

    Your post suggests it is age-based, which notion no doubt few people would support.
    As to whether the response to questions on this BB are "usually" flames, I don't notice that myself--but then again, having been accused of flaming others on more than one occasion myself, pehaps I just wouldn't notice this being the "usual" response.

    If you can offer a useful and accurate analysis of this problem, and perhaps suggest some concrete steps that nurses (or administrators, or whatever) could take to resolve it, please feel free to offer it here.
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  9. by   Chaya
    I see the back-biting thing more as a response of perceived powerlessness than a gender thing. Women have more often been in positions of powerlessness and may be more likely to perceive themselves as being in a situation we can't change whether or not that reflects the reality. Hopefully we can change our thinking to attempt positive change when we are dissatified with a situation, before lashing out, which is at best non-productive and at worst, destructive to ourselves, our fellow workers, and the profession as a whole.
  10. by   rpbear
    I was scared of this happening when I started nursing (I am a new grad) but it is just the opposite on my floor. Everyon is so helpful and they go out of thier way to help others (not just the new people). They find me when there are procedures so I can watch or participate, they make sure everyone gets a break, they are some of the best team players I have ever seen.

    Attitude is everything and attitiude is contageous, if someone gives you attitude you want to give it back to them and everyone just feeds off it. If you get a good group of people the "bad" ones will either be a part of the team or be weeded out. JMO!

    I have noticed a lot of flames on the boards lately, I hope it stops soon!
  11. by   unknown99
    At the hospital where I work, the only people who think they are better than anyone else are a few of the doctors(male & female), and a handful of patients.
  12. by   duckboy20
    I guess one of the things that brought this to my attention were these boards. I have seen a lot of flaming going on on here unfortunately
  13. by   jkaee
    I have to say that I feel that the "nurse eating their young" thing has gotten better in the past several years, at least in my experience. When I first graduated, I worked with some very strong personalities, who groaned when they found out the had to train a new nurse. I'm surprised I'm still in nursing after some of the experiences I had. But I've never encountered that problem in recent years, and find everyone I have worked with to be if not enjoyable, then at least tolerable. So I'm happy with the changes I've seen.

    As for the BB's, I don't know, maybe I don't see all of it, but I don't think the boards have been all that bad. There are some posts that I don't particularly care for, but I try not to let it bother me. That doesn't mean I won't post my opinion respectfully, of course!

  14. by   Spidey's mom
    I've said this before . . . I really don't understand this "flame" thing. If someone responds to something you've written and disagrees with you, that is not a flame. I guess I think a flame is someone calling someone else names . . something that is against the TOS.

    How can we have conversations if we aren't able to respond?

    I myself haven't noticed anyone but the usual suspects being rude and at the moment I can only think of one.

    For the most part, people here have been wonderful. Look at all the support Russell got when his wife's dad died.

    The glass is half full folks.

    And thank you all for how great this BB is.

    As to the OP's point about uniting . . . . I'm not sure how that can happen since we don't completely agree on the problem.