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  1. duckboy20

    Labor epidural lawsuit

    Mike I think that is probably a good idea to do. I will probably start doing the same myself.
  2. duckboy20

    IF I work part time, is "1 year ICU exp" still 1 year?

    I was not referring to working while working on your BSN from your ASN. I am not working at all finishing up my CRNA degree. However, Only part time ICU experience for only 1 year is probably too little experience entering CRNA school. And I imagine most schools would agree with me. I am no expert though
  3. No one says we aren't 'Nurses'. when we graduate we are called Nurse Anesthetist's. Not an anesthesia nurse which is quite demeaning seeing the degree and all the training we have been through. I am still a nurse yes, but I find it very demeaning to be called a 'anesthesia nurse'
  4. duckboy20

    IF I work part time, is "1 year ICU exp" still 1 year?

    I agree, I think there is a minimum of hours also so going full time would benefit you the best, also, if you are only working part time and only for 1 year before you apply that is probably too little experience.
  5. duckboy20

    Labor epidural lawsuit

    We let 2 family members in at the time we are placing an epidural. When we place it I pretty much always tell people if they feel light headed to sit down in that spot immediately. I personally do not feel the law suit will go anywhere, I could be wrong but it could mean a change of standards for hospitals around the country.
  6. duckboy20

    1 year ICU experience

    To me it seemed like they were looking for being able to perform under pressure. They know that everyone is most likely nervous going into the interviews but they want to see how much you really know. The application you give them won't tell them anything about your knowledge. That is what the interview is for and to me that is 90% of getting in to school
  7. duckboy20

    1 year ICU experience

    I was accepted one year out of school with only that year working in the ICU. Depends mostly it seems on your interview.
  8. duckboy20

    Last Words before Induction.......

    before I go back to the room I tell the patient what to expect once we get to the room, ie. hooking up monitors, letting them breathe oxygen while I get ready to put them to sleep. Right before I start pushing the drugs I tell them they will start to get sleepy, just take some big breaths of the O2 and when they wake up we will either be on the way to recovery or in recovery. I have had no complaints.
  9. duckboy20

    Which bank is best for alternative loans?

    Big Dave, what kind of origination fee did you have with that loan? I just got approved for a 20,000 dollar loan through bankone but the origination fee was 2,400 dollars.
  10. duckboy20

    anesthesia for organ harvest?

    I have only had one case of a live organ harvest but like sonessrna said, I also like to run my anesthesia to take care of the vital organs that they are harvesting. Amnesia is not a concern since the patient is brain dead. You are concerned about homeostasis to the best you can get it and will spend a lot of time possibly trying to keep the pressure normal etc..... And yes, I did find it sort of eerie just turning off my machine and walking out of the room instead of wheeling my patient to pacu
  11. duckboy20

    TWU-Jonesboro interview--who's going?

    they are accepting 5 spots from the interviewing class to go to St Bernards.
  12. duckboy20

    Texas Wesleyan University Roll Call

    If I could give anybody a recommendation for TWU, especially those who will not be staying in Fort Worth for their phase II. I would stay in the dorms on campus. I know it doesn't sound fun but you will be suprised at the number of people who do stay there and the ease of studying with groups. Almost everyone of us in my class who stayed in the dorm made straight A's that semester we were there. Coincidence, I don't think so because we could walk across the hall and ask someone about a question we might have. Just my 2 cents. Congrats to all who got/will get in. It is a rollercoaster ride which is a blast!
  13. duckboy20

    Numbing Your Butt!!!!

    take an aspirin and call me in the morning
  14. duckboy20

    Still waiting to hear from TWU

    i would not expect to hear before the end of march or april. that is when I heard. Good luck!!! Hope you get in here!
  15. duckboy20

    Texas Wesleyan University Roll Call

    Dr Reinke is HARD. Like I have told everyone else who has asked, the class is very doable. You just have to commit to it. When you take the first test, realize it will be the hardest test you have ever taken probably, not that the material is so hard but that there is a lot of it and he asks questions differently than you will suspect. Not straight memorization for the most part, he likes for you to think through his questions which in all reality is good for you even though it sucks at the time. Anyhow, if I can make it through, anyone can! Good Luck!