Where do I belong?

  1. I really don't know what to do anymore. I've decided Med-Surg is way too crazy for me. Money was great, but the stress! Any nurses out there with idea's as to what area in nurs. is doable without all the stress? Thinking about urgent care or clinic. Any opinions? Appreciate any input. Thanks.:roll
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  3. by   FTell001
    The money..unfortunately will never compensate for the stress!
    The "supposed nurse shortage".........you know ..the one where they tell you there just isn't another nurse available to staff the unit this shift.....
    That tune gets old real quick!
    I left the hospitals...just recently and if it becomes necessary for me to EVER go back, I'll be doing something entirely different then nursing.
    You might check into home health....the pay isn't as good as the hospitals......but then again..the STRESS level is NOT as it is in the hospitals either.
  4. by   Genista
    Have you floated to any other units within the hospital that seemed less crazy? Just a thought. I'm about to switch both floors & shifts pretty soon. I'm going to a "mellower" unit, swing shift. I have floated there several times & know it's generally better over there (acuity not as high, for one). Plus, I'm going to be a little glad to get away from the chaos of day shift (I have worked all three shifts now). I agree with the above post. The pay just isn't worth it. But look around...do some informational interviews. Urgent care or clinic nursing might be good, as you mentioned (less pay, but regular hours).

    I'm trying to work through some burnout myself. The hospitals are going to have a real mess on their hands if they don't start staffing appropriately. I don't care how much you pay the nurses, if it's too stressful & unsafe we are going to leave! Personally, I'm working on going back to school for another non nursing career. My "new career" pays a GREAT deal less, and it has it's stresses too, but the idea of continuing on in nursing is unbearable to me.I need to do something that gives me joy, too. And I hardly ever feel "joy" at work anymore (maybe once in awhile!) I've been waiting for the nurse patient ratios to push through since 1999, and I'm still waiting (here in California). I won't wait forever. Don't get me wrong, I think nursing is great. There are all kinds of options out there for you. Look around. But the stress is high, and you might get to a point where money doesn't matter anymore.

    Good luck! If you find a good area, let us know!
  5. by   Pamelita
    I hear you.. I am thinking about working in a nursing home or being school nurse. It may still be hectic but I am tired of families, managers, PT, OT, speech, etc. etc....
  6. by   kids
    Originally posted by Pamelita
    I hear you.. I am thinking about working in a nursing home or being school nurse. It may still be hectic but I am tired of families, managers, PT, OT, speech, etc. etc....
    LOL...I left nursing homes because of families, managers, PT, OT, ST etc. (and wouldn't do school nursing for love or cheese cake for most of the same reasons).
  7. by   SandyB
    Have you ever thought about mental health nursing? Pays good and I find it is way easier than med-surg. The biggest stressors are when patients "go off" but everyone works as a team and it usually turns out just fine. I can even get three admits at the same time and not freak cuz hey, they aren't in any danger of dying...so I just take my time with the paperwork, one at a time.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an ER nurse which is pretty stressful and am pursuing more education too since I feel pretty powerless to affect change. I've been a nurse for ten years and feel the stress anywhere I've worked. And...school nursing in our area just got eliminated!!!!
  9. by   BBnurse34
    Have you thought about well patient health? Postpartum or newborn nursery are very rewarding with less stress (I think) and they give you a great opportunity to educate the patients.
  10. by   BBnurse34
    BTW. I really do believe that med/surg nursing is the most stressfull.. lots of patients with lots of different diagnosises. Sounds tough.
  11. by   researchrabbit
    If you live in a larger city or near a university, research is a great way to go. You can't be a procrastinator, though, and you have to like paperwork as well as patients. But you schedule all your own stuff yourself. Some times are very busy but others are very slow (feast or famine, really) and few holidays or weekends, depending on your projects.
  12. by   sjoe
    check out the thread: "Beyond the hospital" for lots of good information.
  13. by   Q.
    Clinic for me was a wonderful escape to normal life.
  14. by   kirby
    I would look into bloodbank nursing. There is the opportunity to work with well donors, but therapeutic apheresis is also available, where you would actually treat patients. It is way less stressful than any hospital and the pay can be very good depending on where you live.