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I don't know if other people do this - but EVERY single time I have to give a subq/IM shot - i try about 4-5 times (point get, get close, withdraw without touching the skin) before I inject. If I... Read More

  1. by   Aurora77
    Quote from blondy2061h

    ha! that's me! if i hang the bag, i know exactly what to program it for so it runs to the last drop. 1050ml! it drives me nuts when other nurses program it for like 900 "so it doesn't run dry." it won't.
    that's funny. i can't stand when the previous nurse sets the pump for the exact amount of the bag. it always runs dry, then i have to go get a syringe, back prime all the air into it and then go on. nothing like doing that in the middle of the night to drive me batty. plus, i get the fun of the iv pump beeping which is crazy-inducing on its own.

    i also have to have my med cart set up just right. if i float to another floor, i'll find myself reaching for things that aren't there, because the carts are different.
  2. by   nursefrances
    [QUOTE=Dazglue;6060315]My left hand is my "sterile" hand after being washed and I start to eat. If I have to pause, my left hand is sticking up in the air like I'm getting ready to perform surgery.
    I wash my hands before going to the restroom.
    I ALWAYS have to empty a urinal b/c I can't stand the smell of pee and I can just see it being spilled on the floor.
    I clean up everytime I go into a patient's room. I can't stand balled up used tissues/urinals/5 used cups/spoiled food (that the eldery may not realize that's spoiled and may eat) on the bedside table that said person eats off of and doesn't get cleaned until day of discharged....or until I show up.
    I smile to stop my gag reflex when emptying a bucket of vomit....the entire time.

    Yeah, I'm weird. lol[/QUOTE

    Ha..Ha.. I wash my hands before using the restroom too.
    When I am at work, I WILL NOT rub my eyes, scratch my nose, or bite my nails.
    I can't stand it when someone leaves the dynamap vitals machine on and beeping in the hall, or they are getting report and it is on a beeping and they ignore it. I will ask them if I can turn it off. (How do they not hear it?)
    And I am funny about clean hands and eating too. One time a travel nurse who worked in my unit sat at the lunch table with me during lunch. She was eating chicken or some other finger food with sauce and she sucked on/licked her fingers(one at a time-slurp-slurp-slurp..) a few times while eating. It drove me bonkers. ]
  3. by   rnsrgr8t
    Nurses are a quirky bunch aren't we???....

    Here are mine...the mornings I come to work and have office time and do not have patients scheduled, I have the same routine each day.... 1) lock up my purse, check my work email and schedule, go to the bathroom and pee (if I don't I have to pee like 30 minutes later) go down and get a big cup of ice water in the cafeteria, go through all the faxes, review my charts I need to finish/patients I need to call etc. If I do not do it in that order... I feel all discombobulated. If I do not pee, I am up from my desk like 30 minutes later. Now if I have to be in clinic... my routine goes out the window and then for some reason I am fine and can go all morning and not pee. so weird.

    We go through a lot of paper in my clinic (the secretaries print up their last visit for us) so I always am swimming in paper by the end of the day. I have to have work area set up in a particular way. Pile of papers I am done with and that need to be shredded to the right of my computer monitor, patient records, labs that have to be scanned in to the EMR to the left of my monitor, my clipboard to the left of my keyboard, cup of water to the right of my keyboard. We have like 6 computers down in clinic but I like a particular one in the corner.

    When I give IM shots in the thigh, I always use the left thigh...have no idea why.

    When I am cathing an infant, I bring in the 5 french and 8 french kits....always...although I almost always use the 8 but for whatever reason I have to both of them with me just in case.

    I have to wash my hands if front of my patients/families. Even though we have sinks and hand sanitizer outside the exam rooms, I want them to see me actually do it.

    Hand sanitizer does not make my hands feel clean. Have to use soap and water.

    Cannot stand dinamaps...like doing BP's the old fashioned way.

    My cat just got diagnosed with diabetes. The thought of giving him insulin without knowing his BG was freaking me out so I went out and got a cheap walgreens glucometer and use it before I give him his insulin. In animals they give shots and sticks without using alcohol and it took me FOREVER to get used to not alcoholing his skin before I stuck. I still have to wipe the insulin bottle with an alcohol wipe before I draw up his insulin...just cannot do it without wiping it down.
  4. by   That Guy
    I sympathy cough a lot with a patient that has a good roaring Respiratory infecion.
  5. by   NurseCard
    I absolutely, positively, HAVE to have some sort of coffee or coffee drink prior to starting work, and I must drink it in the car on the way to work. Drinking it before leaving the house just will not do. When I worked only blocks from my house, I drank my drink after I arrived to work but it just wasn't the same. Now I work 30 minutes from home; all is well again. =)

    To follow that last paragraph... I must have no less than a 15 minute commute to work, or I just simply am not happy.
  6. by   Jenni811
    i can't stand a messy IV pole. If there are fluids that have been hanging there, or tubing is tangled i make it my daily mission to untangle the patient's IV tubing. i work in a step down unit, so sometimes we get patients who need two "brains" and there will be 8+ drips going. and i'm ALWAYS labeling each and everyone. No IV tubing will ever cross unless absolutely necessary.

    or what is even worse is when the patient is just on Normal Saline and they have insulin hanging for days, dopamine, cardizem, levo, 4 different antibiotics, vit. K, magnesium, protonix and the list goes and and on. (i just made up that list of medications, whatever came to mind!)
  7. by   joanna73
    I don't like doing nail care. Something about dirty, misshapen or uneven nails just creeps me out. But I don't mind vomit, poo, phlegm, or blood. Go figure.
  8. by   DookieMeisterRN
    I always have to recap the used (needleless) syringe immediately after using before I can hook another up to the IV. I absolutely cannot stand to find little plastic caps in my pts bed, floor, bedside table etc. I am a neat freak at work, cleaning my pts rooms, wiping off bedside tables, picking scraps of paper off floors (straw wrappers and tossed gloves are my #1 enemy), untangling IV lines and/or tele wires, wiping out the sink, emptying trash/linen, throwing out used med cups, wiping any splashes off toilet seat, straightening blankets, folding washcloths/towels. It's funny when the pt stinks to high heaven and refuses to bathe but they have the cleanest room.I'm a total clusterf**k unorganized mess at home. My co-workers would be amazed at how orderly I present myself/work area if they saw how disorderly my personal space/life really is.
  9. by   DookieMeisterRN
    Quote from joanna73
    I don't like doing nail care. Something about dirty, misshapen or uneven nails just creeps me out. But I don't mind vomit, poo, phlegm, or blood. Go figure.
    I love doing nail care, suctioning a trach, cleaning dentures (yay or cleaning any body fluid except for the smell of yeasty pannus makes me throw up a little each time in my mouth 😝
  10. by   caroRN
    I cannot stand PIV dressings with gobs of tape on top. If I can't see the insertion site clearly, it drives me nuts! Tegaderm and maybe two pieces of tape only people! And never over the insertion site! Tape the J-loop all you want as long as you don't cover up that Tegaderm. If the dressing is loose at all, I'll change it. That being said, I'm hesitant to change heavily taped dressings that aren't loose because I'm afraid of inadvertently pulling out the PIV while taking off all that tape. My patients are usually all very hard sticks and we can't afford to lose access.

    I have a brain form I made and I have to use it. I feel like I'm missing info if I don't.

    I think I'm one of the few people who document IV starts and discontinues in our EMR. I hate it when they don't show up in the EMR. If it's a PICC or CVC and wasn't documented in the EMR, I'm even more annoyed (even though there is nothing I can do about it). We often have tunnelled IJ's and I hate it when people call them SC.

    I like to use as much of the IV fluids as possible also. There is no reason to program for 900. I always program for 1000 and there's plenty leftover at the end.

    I have a huge aversion to starting NG tubes. I don't mind most other procedures but NG tubes are just not my thing. Once they're started I'm fine.

    I'm also a stickler for doing things the right way and I hate shortcuts or lazy nursing.
  11. by   rnlately
    I absolutely hate when a patient has multiple IVPBs on the pole none of them are in a y-connector or capped; just blowing in the wind. I immediately SNATCH them all down and trash. Then if I have scheduled IVPBs, I start with fresh tubing for each one and make sure there is a means to keep said tubing sterile. Irks me to no end.
  12. by   feisty
    I hate having to triage a patient who has placed their dirty clothing on the bedside table where I place my test supplies. I often go in prior to their arrival and arrange my things to prevent them from using it. LOL

    I cannot stand having drawers or doors left open.

    If one of my babies (okay, their not my babies, but they are assigned to me so...) if one of my babies arrive in the nursery with dirty clothing or blankets I clean them up and put clean clothing on them. Likewise, if their crib is messy I will change the linens and put any unnecessary items away.

    The crew I work with is very OCD I fit in well. lol When we have a new nurse to orient, it drives me crazy if they continuously move from one charting spot to another. It is all I can do to keep quiet if they have charts in more than one area.

    Dirty cows (computer on wheels). Enough said!

    I have a problem with doing just one surgical scrub if we have more than one c-section. I fight the compulsion to scrub before each case. The only thing that prevents it is knowing that my skin will crack and bleed with too many scrubs. It is like my germ-a-phobia tendencies battle one another here. Scrub vs. intact integument.

    I struggle to say that I work a 12 hour shift. I often find myself stating that I work 12.5 hour shifts. The nature of my workplace dictates my availability to my patients at all times. I know it is required by law that I receive my break, but there is always a loophole. grrr
  13. by   Vespertinas
    You're all crazy