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I am curious what skill mix others have & what nurse patient ratios are in other hospitals. For those of you who are willing to share: What's your nurse patient ratio? What shift? What... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    7p -7a
    1 nurse, usually me, for 60 patients between 10p and 6a.
    and 1, maybe 2 CNA's.
  2. by   jenac
    I'll throw in another LTC for comparison-on dayshift, we have four "halls, about 100 pt.'s total (25 per hall), four nurses (one per hall, and a tx nurse (part-time). Generally we have 3 CNA's, if we're lucky and everyone is well and there. On days I work tx-I can have anywhere from 15-24 treatments, per day, plus paperwork. Some more intense than others, of course. On the floor- I usually don't get a full 30 minutes for lunch-at times, I can't find five minutes to sit and chart! Some days are worse than others.
  3. by   lee1
    Trauma level I doing heart/kidney transplants
    14 beds but 2 split units---1 -9 beds, the other 5, far enough apart that you can not mix staff except for CCT (techs)
    So, RN ratio 1:2 pts, unless IABP, CVVH, LVAD (if stable LVAD then 1:2) or any other condition that may create 1:1 status---severe cardiogenic shock, GI bleed (that should be in MICU), too many bedside procedures
    1 charge nurse each shift that may or may not have a pt.
    CCTs--2 each shift for the 14 beds
    Unit clerks--1 each shift for the 14 beds
    Hostess druing the daytime to clean rooms/stock supply lockers and we have also pt supply lockers in each room.
    1 daytime pharmacist with tech stationed between MICU/CCU
    MICU is 16 beds

    RN management
    1 day HN
    1 evening HN
    1 Director
  4. by   ayemmeff
    1 Rn + 1 nursing assistant for 12 pre/post op patients, (17 patients on night shift)
  5. by   FullMoonMadness
    Telemetry and hold over from busy cardiac cath lab.on a good day 5-1 with one cna covering floor.on a bad day 7-1.we also have free floating charge nurse. our nurse manager will not allow the house suprvisor to admit more to our floor w/o getting us extra help. it has not always been this way,but its amazing what a few negative outcomes that were undeniably linked to poor staffing ratio can do.These numbers are for night shift and its not unusual for us to intake 3-4 outpatient caths in the am between 6-7 oclock
  6. by   mamabear
    Adult psych, acute. Nothing longer than a 90-day commitment.
    1 RN and 1 psych tech/aide; 2 techs if we have somebody in 4-way restraints/locked seclusion.
    Anything from 1:3 to 1:14
    Our acuity system is a joke!