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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   tetitto
    I'am a RN from Mexico, but I am not in currently working in Nursing since I'm in the process of getting my license in USA. However, I got a sort of bonus from the CEO & President of the company where my husband works. It is a USBank debit gift card loaded with $250.00, :Holly1: he says it is a company tradition to reward the wives for letting the hubby work M-F from 9am to 7pm ,so far I am rethinking Nursing............. Well not actually, I love:heartbeat Nursing specially bedside care.
    With this token I will purchase more nursing software to my personal device any suggestion?.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  2. by   FutureNP-PA
    I got a $500 bonus. Which is fabulous because I work about 15hrs every pay....so that's like a month's salary for me! :icon_cheesygrin:
    BTW, I work for a worker's compensation company not a hospital.

    I'll trade that bonus for my RN in a heartbeat.

    137 more days AND I'll graduate!!!!!
  3. by   RNOTODAY
    We got a christmas party at a banquet facility, employees free, a guest $15, the whole hospital got a prime rib meal, and our department got a catered luncheon.
  4. by   MartyLPN
    yes you do have to know what true double time and a half is. as you pointed out....and as i said, my facility pays double time and a half. if we take a paid day off for the holiday, we are paid time and a half for the day off. this is thanks to a strong bargaining unit contract.

    nurse have to be careful when they say they are getting "double time pay" for working christmas day. in reality, all they are getting is a normal day's pay and here's why; most hospitals pay for christmas whether you work or not, as its a federal government mandated holiday. you are truly getting double time if the end result in your check is two times over the rate of normal pay, not including the pay for the holiday, you would recieve even if you are working or not. say if your normal payrate is $25/hr, then you would have to see $75 per hour in total if you are really getting double time time. figure the holiday pay if you work or not($25/hr), plus double your pay rate($50) = $75/hr(true double time). always subtract the automatic hospital pay from your holiday pay to tally your true payrate if working a holiday!! not to say its bad if you want to work a holiday like christmas, just be aware of what payrate you truly are receiving. i never work the holidays if asked because the va hospital(federal goverment) never pays true double time, they only give you an extra day's pay. i would rather have the time off since i am getting payed anyways. when i worked in heavy construction and the merchant marine before returning to nursing school, we were truly payed double time for working a holiday such as christmas as in the end we ended up with 3 times our normal hour pay scale in our check. i am surprised some nurses think they are getting double time on christmas when in reality all they getting is an extra's day's pay,,,,new hospital legalese i guess,,,[/quote]
  5. by   cowboyRN
    Last year a $25.00 gift certificate for the grocery store, this year nothing, administration stated we might use it to buy booze or cigarettes.
  6. by   melrina75
    We got a hospital cafeteria turkey dinner with stuffing and greenbeans. Sodas we had to pay for!!!
  7. by   Ebon510
    We got $12.00 to purchase a turkey and $20.00, making it a total of $32.00.
  8. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from melrina75
    We got a hospital cafeteria turkey dinner with stuffing and greenbeans. Sodas we had to pay for!!!
    Ooh, green beans! They really went all out for ya!
  9. by   trgrahek
    Last year $1200, this year $499.
  10. by   KaroSnowQueen
    My main job, hospital, telemetry, non-profit, but obviously with money to burn since they are building a nice new hospital over by where all the rich doctors live -- zippo. De nada. Not one thing. Had a free meal on a day I was off, and therefore I got nothing.
    My LTC four days a month job, I got a Fifteen dollar coupon off a brand name turkey, a facility t shirt, and a handmade bracelet and handmade ornament made by the DON and Admin.
  11. by   willie03
    We got gift cards to local grocery stores. The amounts were based on the number of hours worked during the year. Mine was for $100.00. That is the most generous the facility has been in a long time. We also have a very nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner every year.
  12. by   suzziees
    Holiday Bonus $10.00 walmart gift card with the reminder we can all be replaced
  13. by   mandykal
    mine is $60.00 with a note of appreciation. Only, they forgot to add the bonus to my check. Will see tomorrow....